Tschechiens legendäres Getränk im Absinth-Museum in Prag erleben

alkoholisches Getränk

A trip to the Absinthe museum in Prague is a must for every Prague visitor interested in sampling absinthe the old-fashioned way.Some say that if you drink absinthe in the Czech Republic’s capital, you’ll meet several green fairies, so keep reading to find out why the Absinthe museum is so popular with tourists.

You will find a variety of genuine and ancient original absinthes in the Absinthe Prague museum.

Many different preparations of absinthe are available at the bar next to the absinthe museum, including the traditional French way of dripping water over a sugar cube before adding it, absinthe-based cocktails, and, notably, the Czech approach of putting the absinthe on flames and letting it caramelize in the mouth.

Additionally, the absinthe museum in Prague chronicles the liquor’s past and showcases prized examples of the beverage. Visitors who still think of absinthe as a simple way to get drunk would benefit greatly from learning more about the drink’s actual history, tradition, and heritage through the documents.

History of Absinthe in Prague

Absinthe Epicier
Absinthe Epicier

Absinthes crafted in the contemporary Bohemian style draw inspiration from an older tradition of absinth popular under the First Republic between 1918 and 1938. Absinthe was popular at that point in Prague, particularly in the Slavia Café, which is depicted in Viktor Oliva’s iconic “Absinth drinker” picture. Therefore it’s no surprise that the city has acquired the moniker “Absinthe City.”

It was common to find Czech writers Jiri Wolker as well as Vitezslav Nezval drinking absinthe in the Daliborka tavern in Prague 6.

Staroplzeneck absinthe (produced by L’or special drinks) & Hills absinthe were both the initial and most popular absinthes available following the revolution in 1989.

Why Visit the Absinthe Museum in Prague?

  1. Learn More About the Czech Traditional Drink.

Legends, false beliefs, and distorted portrayals in popular culture abound on the proper absinthe preparation and consumption method. The museum and bar aspire to educate visitors on the distinction between fact and fiction.   

  1. Great Menu and Helpful Staff

The menu includes absinthe ice cream, chocolates, coffee, and alcohol. If you need help deciding between the one hundred different kinds offered or have any questions about how to drink responsibly, feel free to ask any of the helpful employees. 

  1. Pick the Best souvenirs.

You may also pick up some unique souvenirs for the booze connoisseur since the gift shop features a wide range of bottles and barware that have some historical significance.

How is the Absinthe Consumed in Prague?

Sugar-burned absinthe
Sugar-burned absinthe

Authentic Czech green fairy drink is available in Prague in both its purest form and in a more diluted form. 

The Absinthe’s purest form is ideal for learning about absinthe and gaining a sense of its distinctive flavor. 

If you’re a seasoned expert on the topic, you can choose between traditional (sugar-burned) and modern cocktails.

Bartenders in the Absinthe Museum in Prague light a little bit of sugar that has been soaked in Absinthe with a match and place it on a spoon; customers then whisk the sugar into their glass of Absinthe then pour water over the top . While the use of light and fireworks may amaze onlookers, they have nothing to do with the classic method of making Absinthe.

Go to The Absinthe Prague Museum For a Memorable Experience

Visit the Absinthe Museum in Prague to gain insight into the history of the city’s most famous drink and see a demonstration of the preparation process. Later bottles, gift packages, and even absinthe fountains can all be purchased in the shop near the absinthe prague museum to commemorate your love of the green fairy.

Die Absinthe Museum (Prague) address is at Jilská 7, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia. There is much to see and do in Prag, and we can help you find the best activities.

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