Entdecken Sie die besten Bierbäder in Prag


Envision yourself soaking in a tub of hot, frothing beer in a beer spa in Prague while having two taps of refreshing cool brews within easy reach if you are wondering what to do in Prague in winter. Does that sound like paradise? In any case, if you find yourself in Prague this winter, ensure you make this fantasy a dream come true in a beer spa in Prague.

Because beer plays such an important role in Czech culture—Pilsner was initially brewed in the country—it should be no surprise that Prague’s beer spa is the best in the world.  As a nation, the Czechs take great pride in their status as the world’s largest consumers of alcohol per capita. Prague beer is even more affordable than water, so stock up if you’re going there.

The brewing of beer dates all the way back to 993, first at Bevnov Monastery which is today the Czech Republic.

Pilsners, a kind of pale lager, are among the most popular in the Czech Republic. They have a high froth content, golden transparency, and a milder flavor than darker beers.

Big names in Czech beer include Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen, and Budweiser Budvar. Famous names like Krusovice, Starobrno, Březňák, Zlatopramen, Lobkowicz, Bernard, and Svijany also do well.

Experience the Beer Spa in Prague

So after visiting the city’s famed monastic brewers, picturesque beer gardens, and hidden subterranean bars, a trip to a beer spa in Prague is just what the doctor ordered.

Beer tasting
Beer tasting

Beer Spa In Prague: Top 5 Reasons To Visit

It’s not just you who thinks a hot tub full of classic Pilsner sounds like heaven. Every year, hundreds of beer-obsessed visitors flock to the Czech Republic. 

However, unlike popular belief, a beer spa in Prague treatment does not involve immersing oneself in a tank full of pilsner. Hops and yeast, two essential beer ingredients, are mixed with steaming water and used as a bath soak.

Many health advantages

Numerous health advantages, including cleansing, hydration, and enhanced circulation, are attributed to hops and yeast components, making them ideal for stress relief and general well-being

A beer bath in Prague is a medieval medical practice that was used to purge the pores, boost pulmonary circulation, rejuvenate hair and skin and energize the nervous system.

Unlimited Beer

A beer bath in Prague typically lasts between thirty minutes to one hour, and the best part? You’re welcome to consume as much beer from the tap  as you’d want during that time. You can leave your belongings in a locker while you relax in a spa robe and sandals.

The Price Is Fair

It’s well worth every coin. In particular, since it has so many positive health benefits. You can relax with a beer and an optional massage treatment or a sauna and a light dinner at a  beer spa in Prague.

Taking some time to unwind in a beer spa in Prague should be on everyone’s list of things to do when visiting Europe.


You’ll have the whole place to yourself, the service will be top-notch, the building will be spotless, and the silence will do you good. There will be no interruptions during your period in the room as soon as the timer goes off and the door is locked.

It’s fun and brings people together!

To be honest, relaxing in a tub full of Prague beer with loved ones is just as pleasant as it sounds. I mean, why couldn’t it be? Regardless of whether you are a big beer lover, you’re going to enjoy the bonding session so get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience  with a group of pals,  in a room with a private bathroom.

Unlimited Beer Spa in Prague with massage

Enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity as you soak in Bernard’s beer. It’s a Czech treat that’ll quench your thirst and leave your skin feeling smooth. Enjoy free alcohol on the tap, heated bed, personal tub, and optional massages.


  • It takes 60 to 90 minutes
  • When you get to the spa, the staff will give you a tour. 
  • Relax with a bottle of Bernard beer in an endless tub. 
  • Get some more beer and kick back on a heated bed. 
  • In rooms, have an unforgettable experience with loved ones, or by yourself
  • Experts oversee bathing in the special tubs. 
  • Beer massage treatment adds 30 minutes towards the experience.
  •  You’ll get a certificate and a bottle of Bernard Beer after your stay is over.
  • Die Stornierung ist kostenlos

Was ist inbegriffen?

  • Separate, secluded treatment
  • Beer Availability without Limits
  • Soaking in a tub of beer
  • Chill down on a comfy  bed
  • Linens (including towels and sheets) and footwear (including slippers)
  • Go home with a bottle of beer

A trip to the Czech Beer Museum

You want to learn more about Czech beer? What is the process of making beer? Then a trip to the Beer Museum is in order. There are more than 400 square meters devoted to beer.

Beer tasting at the Czech Beer Museum

This 90-minute Czech Beer Museum tour starts with a brewing history summary. As from the Golden Era of Czech beers to now.Then, you’ll learn how Czech Beer is made with distillery and malthouse models. 


  • It’s a 90 minute tour
  • Starts at € 17 per head
  • Get to see how ice was mined throughout the 13th-century vaults,and preserved before refrigeration. 
  • See the thousands of historical items on display. 
  • Take in the authentic scenery and audiovisual presentations that will complement your tour.
  • Taste Four Czech beers at two bars from the 1920s and the 1980s.
  • Inside the bottling chamber, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind souvenir of Prague. You’ll be handed a bottle to pour  beer and seal yourself. 
  • Lastly, you’ll design a label and put it on the bottle.
  • A complete refund is guaranteed if you cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled activity.

Was ist inbegriffen?

  • A ticket for the museum’s exhibitions
  • Four Czech beer samples
  • One-of-a-kind beer in a bottle

A Beer Spa in Prague is Worth it!

Rather than using massage oils or heated stones, you can enjoy unlimited beer from the tap, a heated pool filled with boiling hops, and beer-themed skincare products. 

Beer baths at beer spas in Prague have been shown to be healthy by researchers so next time you are in Prague, consider having one and in case it rains, we have activities for rainy days.

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