Petrin Lookout Tower – the best viewpoint to see Prague

Petrin Lookout Tower

Petřín Aussichtsturm

Tschechischer Name: Petřínská rozhledna

Prague’s miniature version of the famous Eiffel Tower of Paris sits imperiously over the city. Clear days allow visitors to view the Czech Republic’s highest peak, Sněžka, which is about 93 miles away! This location is a necessary stop for any Prag besichtigen adventure, not only thanks to the view but also the many little attractions that await you at the top.

Location of the Petřín Tower & How to Get There

Blooming Petřín Hill
Blooming Petřín Hill

The Petřín Lookout Tower famously stands at the top of Petřín-Hügel. The easiest way to reach the top to tour the tower is to take the Petřín Hill funicular, which is a type of railway that makes regular trips from the Újezd tram stop. The Petřín Tower funicular price is 24 CZK and is part of Prague public transport. Or if you have the physical stamina, you can walk 30 minutes along the steep path to the top. The tram stops from Pohořelec and Kleiner Stadtplatz (Malostranské náměstí) are also options for when the funicular is out of order. Take Malostranské náměstí via Tržiště and Vlašská streets and Pohořelec via Strahovská or Úvoz streets. 

Opening Hours & Petřín Tower Entry Fee

The Petřín Tower opening hours vary according to the season. The Petřín Lookout Tower is open November through February from 10 am to 6 pm every day of the week. You can visit it in March and October every day of the week from 10 am to 8 pm. From April through September, the Prague Towers are open the whole week from 10 am to 10 pm. It is closed during December. The basic Petřín Tower ticket price to enter the Petřín Tower is 150 CZK, but there is a reduced Petřín Tower fee of 80 CZK. A family entrance fee of 350 CZK allows two adults and two children admittance to this landmark. 

Entry Ticket To The Petřín Lookout Tower And The Mirror Maze 

Take your time and see everything on your own schedule with this admission to the Petn Lookout Tower and the amazing Mirror Maze. Take a trip to Petrin Park’s lush greenery to experience the intriguing Mirror Maze in a tiny castle and take in the cityscape from among the nation’s main vantage points.

The lookout tower sits atop Petn Hill, approximately 1063 feet above sea level, thus offering an ideal vantage point from which to observe the surrounding area from a distance of 190 feet. The view from the top is worth the 299-step climb. 


  • Kostenfreie Stornierung
  • Charges start from € 10 per head
  • The ticket is valid for a day.
  • Book now, then pay later.
  • Visit the exhibition at the Tower’s base to find out more about the structure’s background and how it is related to Paris and Prague. 
  • Learn about the revolutionary effects of ironwork in the nineteenth century. 
  • Take in the views of the Vltava River, the famous Prague Castle, and the enchanted Old Town, which can all be seen from here on a clear day.
  • Go inside the little castle and navigate your way through a maze made entirely of mirrors. 
  • Follow the path through the maze to the fascinating diorama depicting the 1648 combat of the Charles Bridge between the Czechs and the Swedes. 
  • Poke fun at your own reflection as you wander through the “hall of laughter,” which is filled with distorted mirrors.

Was ist inbegriffen?

  • Entry ticket to the Petřín Lookout Tower 
  • Entry ticket to the Mirror Maze

What to Do & What to See around the Petřín Lookout Tower

This tower, made entirely of steel, is around 208 feet tall but sits on top of the 1043-foot-tall Petřín Hill. A total number of 299 steps (or a modern elevator) lead up to the top. You cannot find a better place in the entire city of Prague to observe the city and the surrounding landscape. And if you choose to walk up the steep path, you will pass through dozens of apple and pear trees. The real draw, however, is the incredible view looking out over the city. You can see the famous Prager Burg (Pražský Hrad) below, as well as the Die Karlsbrücke (Karlův Most).

Even the lower level of the tower offers fun for visitors. A simple museum offers an exhibition about the history of the Petřín Tower and the hill over the years, and a cafe provides welcome refreshments near the entrance. Other attractions include the nearby Spiegellabyrinth nehmen and the peaceful rose gardens surrounding the tower itself.

History of the Petřín Tower

Beautiful Petřín Hill and typical red roofs of old buildings in Prague
Beautiful Petřín Hill and typical red roofs of old buildings in Prague

The Petřín Lookout Tower was built just two years after the erection of the Eiffel Tower to celebrate the General Land Centennial Exhibition, also known as the World’s Jubilee Exhibition. Construction for the Petřín Lookout Tower started in March 1891 but finished a few short months later. 

The inspiration came directly from the Paris landmark. A group from the Czech Republic visited the world exposition and came home to raise money to create a fitting symbol to represent the beautiful country of the Czech Republic. Numerous technological advancements and reconstructions have led to the current tower, which is operated by the City of Prague Museum.

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