Planung einer Kulturreise nach Prag

Kulturreise Prag

Can you hear the vacation bells jingle? It’s that moment in time when your vacation dreams leave you smiling each day. And on the night before traveling, your excitement won’t let you sleep calmly you’re eagerly waiting for the morning. Well, there’s no better destination for your excitement than the cultural city of Prague.

Why? Think about all the beautiful places to see, the local cuisines, and sharing your excitement with travelers like you. Across the world, Prague is known for its rich cultural heritage. It’s not just about the buildings and sculptures, there’s definitely food and wine to leave the cultural thrill in you. So prepare your mind for an amazing time on a cultural trip to Prague. Pick a few garlands and hats on your way to the City of a Hundred Spires.

The Czech cultural heritage

As with a ton of countries, Czechia stands on the foundation of Bohemia. It is home to several cultural and historical sites which are open to tourists all year round. Particularly in its capital city of Prague, there are dozens of sites and sculptures depicting the cultural history of Czech. Places such as the Die Karlsbrücke, the Old Town Square, St. Vitus Cathedral, and the gigantic Astronomical Clock among other exciting sites, places Prague on the map as a renowned city rich with cultural history.

Stadt Prag
Stadt Prag

Uniquely, Prague is known as the City of a Hundred Spires thanks to its masterfully crafted gothic cathedrals with spires placed on their tops. Although Prague is not the only city with cathedrals, its own cathedrals are in a class of their own due to their unique structures and history. Take St. Vitus Cathedral, for example, it is home to the Crown Jewels of Bohemia and has a building history of over 600 years.

The Czechs enjoy the title of having the oldest functional clock in the world. The Astronomical Clock which is at least 600 years old is the oldest clock of such size and beauty that is still functional. It is definitely one of the cultural pride of Prague.

Here’s a piece of special information; Prague isn’t just known for buildings and cultural sites. The local cuisines are mouth-watering. If you’re a food lover, then you really should sample Czech delicacies such as the grilovane klobasy, the sauerkraut, or the trdelnik. You’ll not be disappointed.

Discover Prague with guide tours

To really experience the rich culture and history in Prague, you’ll need a guided tour. While it may be fun to get lost in the marveling city, it’s better to avoid potential panic. Getting lost might ruin your plans for Sightseeing genießen, and there’s definitely a lot to see.

The most exciting tours to discover the Czech culture

To get the best out of your vacation in Prague, there are exciting tours you can register for. Some of the best tours to join in Prague include:

Take a trip to the Kutna Hora; known for its Chapel of Bones, Kutna Hora is a small exciting town just an hour away from Prague. You could opt for a one-way trip of 100 CZK and enjoy touring other places like the Sankturin House, Church of St. Barbara, and the Hadrek Castle.

Enjoy the calm of Karlovy Vary; if you’re in Prague then you must treat yourself to a session at one of the world’s best spa cities. A four-hour trip away from Prague would bring you to Karlovy Vary where you can enjoy a soothing bath in any of its thermal baths. Your mind and body would greatly enjoy a dip in any of the naturally warm springs of Karlovy Vary.

The Sázava River calls to you; if you’re more interested in hyperactive fun, then you must answer the call of the Sázava River. It’s perfect for canoeing or just simply riding the trails by the river. After a full day of river adventures, you can relax in any of the cabins along the river. With just 130CZK you can hop into a train or bus heading to Sázava.

River in Prague
River in Prague

Wrap up your cultural tour at the medieval town of Český Krumlov; protected by UNESCO, the town of Český Krumlov takes you back in time to medieval Bohemia with its ancient structures, museums, and street roads of cobblestones. Your cultural tour of Czechia is incomplete without a visit to Český Krumlov.

Where to book a guided tour to learn more about the Czech culture?

Except if you’re an expert on the local terrain, you’ll need to join a guided tour to experience Prague to the fullest. While the day trips around Prague cultural sites are easy, it’s better if you travel with a guide to help you understand and appreciate Czech culture. Remember, the fun is incomplete without learning about the people’s culture.

Booking a guided tour in Prague can be done online or directly at a local touring office.

From ancient sculptures to exquisite wine and tasty delicacies, the City of a Hundred Spires has a lot to share with you. There’s a lot to see, taste, and learn about Czech culture, and there’s no better place to experience all these than Prague.

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