Warum lohnt sich eine kulinarische Tour in Prag unbedingt?

Prag Essen Tour

Food tour in Prague

Czech cuisine a top culinary experience

It is almost a sin to be on vacation in Prague and leave without having a food tour around the city. If you want the whole Czech traditional experience, a good place to start is getting a taste of Prague’s delicacies. Czech cuisine is unlike anything you have tried, but unfortunately, it has not gained international recognition compared to other European countries, and this article hopes to change that.

● Every Czech cuisine is rich in history, and having a meal is sharing and experiencing the culture of the Czechs.

●  Every dish is finger-licking good and filling.

●   Are you veganen, or are you on a strictly gluten-free diet ? There is something on the Czech menu for everyone.

Why you should go on a Prague food tour

tschechische Küche
Czech cuisine, Prague

 Instead of wasting whatever vacation time you have left searching for great places to eat, how about creating a food adventure for you and your family by joining food tour groups around the city.

We have all been there. You make an itinerary of everything you will do when on vacation, but you can’t find the time to do everything for some reason. Food tour groups offer an all-in-one experience. So while you taste delicious foods and experience culture, you get to see a lot of tourist attractions. Also, food tours will take you around the city and to places that will never have been on your radar.

●     Experience a traditional Czech cuisine differently

Trying new foods can be nerve-racking because you may not like them, and there is nothing worse than spending money on food you do not like. We offer a better alternative food tour groups organize food tastings of local dishes at a discount. So instead of spending a lot on a plate of food, you get to try different dishes at a sitting for half the price. Food tour groups put their best foot forward, so be rest assured you are only eating from the best restaurants and cafes. Now, you will know where to get the best goulash and recommend the best street vendors to your friends.

●     Get a break from the classical sightseeing

I imagine after visiting tourist sites and basking in the country’s ancient history and culture; you are yearning for more. How about experiencing more culture through the ultimate food tour ?

Best food tours in Prague

Socializing may be the last thing you are looking for if you are traveling with a group of friends. But if you are a solo traveler, taking a food tour may be a great and safe way to meet other travelers and make friends. Plus, you get to enjoy a good meal with like-minded individuals.

We have compiled a list of food tour groups offering top dining and cultural experience for visitors. Here are some of the top food tours in Prague in no particular order.

Prague Food Tour

George and Leona, two foodies, run the Prag Essen Tour together. They are food lovers who started a food tour agency to share rich Czech dishes with visitors. Their food tours incorporate Czech traditions and culture and aim to make you feel connected to Czech history.

They organise different food tours, namely:

Delicious Food Tour

You will be introduced to traditional Czech cuisine and local cuisine in this food tour. The tour will last for four to five hours; you will have ten different food tastings, including alcohol tastings. It will cost 2600 CZK / 103 EUR per person to participate in the delicious food tour, a great deal if you ask me.

Scrumptious Food Tour

We highly recommend joining the Scrumptious Food Tour if you want to try delicious Czech pastries and pub food. The tour lasts for about 3-4 hours, and it is usually held in an up-and-coming vicinity. Join 6 other guests to try 8 different Czech dishes and alcohol. It costs 87 EUR per person to have this dining experience.

Taste of Prague Food Tours

Die Taste of Prague Food Tours started with six friends in 2011. This foodie group gives every visitor a personalized dining experience in Prague. So, not only are you stuffing your face with food, you will be having a great time with other foodies.

Some food tours they hold

Traditional Czech Food Tour
Traditional Czech Food Tour Prague
Traditional Czech Food Tour Prague

It is a four-hour tour spent with a local Czech foodie who knows their stuff. Think of it as a visit to your grandma. You will spend the time eating delicious Czech food (there will be at least 10 12 different food tastings). In addition, there will be a fun history lesson on some of the traditional dishes. The maximum number allowed on this food tour is 10, but some adjustments can be made if you have a large friend group. Also, it costs CZK 2,500/ 100.34 EUR per person to participate.

Prague Dinner & Cocktail Tour

Do you want the ultimate dinner and cocktail experience where your drinks and food are prepared in front of you? Do you want an exclusive behind the scenes and a chance to talk with the chefs? Say no more. This food tour is a four-hour experience of great food, incredible drinks, and recipes you can try at home. The tour charges 2,700 CZK/108.35 EUR per person.

Secret Food Tours

They are a well-recognized food tour in Prague with reviews and collaborations with Buzzfeed, BBC Good Food, and many more. With food tour guides across the globe, the Secret Food Tours delights in sharing finger-licking foods with tourists. In addition, they know where to find the best Trdelnik and will let you in on some secret food spots around the city.

Food tour they organize

Prague Food Tour

It is a four-hour food tour that explores well-known spots in the city for the best dining experience. Your food tour guide will teach you essential parts of the Czech food culture. You will drink lots of beer, enjoy some desserts and have a great time. Secret food tours also allow private food tours for individuals and couples.

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