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Bustouren in Prag, Tschechische Republik

Prague bus tours

You have no excuse not to step out and sightsee when vacationing in the city. Not interested in a walking tour? How about going on a boat cruise. Not a big fan? Then a bus tour should be right up your alley. Bus tours in Prague are an attraction and cater to tourists from all over the world. They are also the most common mode of transportation for tourists when sightseeing. According to many locals, the best way to get around the city is on foot. However, bus tours are a more relaxing way to tour than walking tours that leave you tired and worn out. Also, they are inexpensive, so you will still be within your budget for the rest of your stay.

Prague tours an exciting way to do sightseeing in Prague

Bus tours in Prague
Prague bus tours

Prague bus tours: See The Major Attractions

If you are looking for a cost-efficient way to do sightseeing in Prague may we suggest joining a bus tour? Compared to other modes of transit like boat tours, bus tours are an inexpensive way to go sightseeing. Bus tours in Prague are reasonably priced and fun, especially the double-deck open bus tours. Also, it covers more routes so you will be able to visit all the historical places in no time.

Joining a Prague bus tour will save you a lot of time to do other things on your vacation. The buses arrive and leave on time.

Bus tours are a lot more exciting than going on a walking tour. Imagine being in a group where the children and elderly may be too tired to walk all the way hence cutting everything short. For people touring with kids or the elderly, a bus tour will be the safer and more convenient option. Going on a bus tour at the beginning of your vacation will introduce you to the city, so you know your way around.

1-Hour Bus Orientation Tour of Prague

Experience the wonders of Prague on an hour bus trip that covers the city’s highlights without requiring passengers to step off the bus. Travel by bus via the three towns of Old Town, enchanting New Town, and Lesser Town. Enjoy the tremendous audio commentary, translated into 26 different tongues.

  • Experience the beauty of Old Town, charming New Town, and Lesser Town in Prague.
  • Choose from 26 different languages for the audio commentary
  • Take advantage of several departures each day.
  • Check out some different styles of architecture, like the Gothic Church of Our Lady before Tn as well as the Old Town Hall.
  • Take a trip down to Malá Strana (Lesser Town), an area of Prague that German-speaking people once ruled. 
  • Experience a plethora of Baroque-era buildings.
  • A quick bus tour will take you through the city’s highlights, so you can admire them without interrupting your day.
  • Cancel your reservation at no extra cost. 
  • This trip will take one hour.
  • Place a reservation now and pay for it later.
  • Gather at the information counter/ticket booth located at No. 1 Parizska Street in Prague’s District 1.
  • Prices start at €15.30 per head.
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  • There are audio guides available in 26 different languages.
  • Tour by bus

Historical Tram Hop on Hop off Prague

Prague has an extensive tram network and its trams are the oldest mode of public transport in Prague (Established in 1891). This ticket allows you to board and hop off whenever you like on Line 42 which is the most popular line due to being tourist friendly and covering all the main sites.

A Hop-on, Hop-Off Tram Ticket For Line 42 in Prague’s Heart

Ride the vintage trams of Line 42 and experience a trip back in time as you pass some of Prague’s most famous landmarks. Trams used on this route have been in service since the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and continue to operate into the 1960s.

  • Step back in time as you ride the vintage ‘Line 42’ trams through the streets of Prague.
  • Take in several of the capital’s most stunning sights as you stroll along the route, such as the Vltava River, renowned Prague Castle, Námst Republiky, the famous Powder Gate, and lovely Wenceslas Square.
  • Cancel for no cost at any time!
  • Start service at Dlabaov at 10 a.m. and end at 6 p.m.
  • Once the trams have completed an entire circuit, they will stop for 30 minutes there at the Dlabaov terminal.
  • The final departure from Dlabaov is at 5:20 p.m.
  • Due to restrictions, there may be adjustments to the line’s path.
  • To make a reservation and pay at a later date
  • Get unlimited use of Prague’s Line 42 trams for a full day.
  • Get off at any stop that interests you and truly get a feel for the city that way.
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  • The Line 42 tram ticket is valid for one day.
  • Startin’ at 10 Euros per head

What is the price of the bus tours in Prague?

The cost of bus tours in Prague depends on the tour. Some bus tours run for long hours while others are concise, which affects the price. There are several bus tours held in Prague, they include;

Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

Hop-on Hop-off bus tours make 15 stops at popular sites, including Republika Square, Old Town Square, the Dancing House, etc. The tours are available in 14 languages, including Japanese, French, English, and Russian, so you do not have to worry about being confused while on tour. Many Prague bus tours usually use open double-decker buses so you can watch the city up close. You can also cancel your tour tickets 24 hours before the due date for a full refund. Most bus tours start around 9 am and wrap around 5 pm.

24-hour tickets sell for €23,20 for adults and €11,58 for kids

48-hour tickets sell for €29,98 for adults and €15,18 for kids

Prague Bus Tours has three routes: green, red, and orange. The green tour runs every 10-20 minutes.

On the other hand, the orange and red lines run every 30-45 minutes. The green line tour centres around Kampa Island Charles Bridge, including the Dancing House.

If you choose the orange route, your guide will take you to Old Town Square, Republika Square, and more.

Prague: 24-Hour or 48-Hour Bus With “Hop-on, Hop-off” Service

The Prague Hop-on Hop-off sightseeing buses are a convenient alternative to time-consuming and crowded scheduled group tours, allowing you to experience the capital at your own leisure while gaining access to each of the town’s major attractions.

  • The hop-on, hop-off bus service in Prague allows you to see the city at your own leisure.
  • Take a boat ride along the Vltava River and gaze up at Prague Castle.
  • Stop by the Resslova dancing house.
  • Kostenfreie Stornierung
  • Put down a reservation and pay later.
  • Starting at € 29 per head
  • Daily, between 9:10 a.m. and 4:40 p.m., buses operate on the green route at 15-minute intervals.
  • There are 35-minutely bus departures from 9:35 a.m. to 7:10 p.m. every day on the red route.
  • The tour takes 1–2 days.
  • Go sightseeing in Old Town, where you can see the Astronomical Clock and other historical landmarks.
  • Kampa Park is a great place to take in the Charles Bridge.
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  • English-speaking presenter/Host 
  • Includes an audio guide available in 17 different languages.
  • A tour bus service where riders can get on and off at their leisure
  • Boat trip along the river (depending on the chosen option)

Where can you quickly find information about bus tours in Prague?

Many tourists do not have the whole sightseeing experience because they do not know where to find information about bus tours in Prague. We compiled a list of credible sources that provide information on bus tours in and around the city.


TripAdvisor needs no introduction. It is a well-recognized travel website that has helped hundreds of millions of travellers find vital information about the country they are travelling to. You can use the Tripadvisor site or app to figure out where to stay, the places to go sightseeing, and where to eat. All the information is factual and comes from people who have stepped foot in the country you plan to visit. TripAdvisor should be your go-to for the best accommodation deals, book the best bus tours, reserve tables at Michelin-star restaurants. The significant part is Tripadvisor’s content is available in over 22 languages and 43 markets, so no matter your country, you can still plan your trip well.

If you are travelling to Prague, you can find information on legit touring companies on the website. The touring companies listed on the Tripadvisor website and app provide more details on how you can book a bus tour in Prague. How much it will cost, the sites you will visit, and many more. Using Tripadvisor as a guide allows you to compare the prices from several tour groups. You can also read the reviews to make an informed decision.

Tourist Information Centres In Prague

Tourist Information Centres In Prague
Ansicht von Prag

Who better to give you information on bus tours other than the people in charge of Prague’s travel and tourism industry. The Prague tourist information is the official tourist website. In Prague, you can find general information on events, tourism, accommodation, art exhibitions, festivals, etc. The website also offers information brochures about the country for free all you have to do is download them. You can also buy tickets from the website for art shows, concerts, festivals, and social events. Stay up to date with Prague sightseeing tours, boat cruises, bus tours, etc. Looking for accommodation as a foreign exchange student or tourist? They offer information on accommodation in all categories, i.e., student dormitories, AirBnbs, hostels, etc.

Do not leave Prague without buying a souvenir or a keepsake(s). Get limited edition traditional gifts from the tourism centre.

Another source you can rely on when seeking general information about Prague and tourism is The website acts as a travel guide to help you enjoy your stay in Prague. Every piece of content, blog, or video, is created and written by Prague residents. So know that every info is from real-life people who are credible sources. Wondering what you can see and do in Prague? What time and seasons is it best to travel to Prague? has the answer to all of your questions. You need help when planning a trip to a foreign country, and no information is seen as too small or irrelevant. They also extend assistance when buying tickets and making hotel reservations.

Also, has an extensive library of information on tours, for example, boat cruises and food tours.

Your bus tour guide will explain the history behind many Prague tourist sights and attractions. So you can fully appreciate the stunning gothic renaissance structures and architecture. It is just like time-travelling into the mediaeval ages. If you just landed in the city, we recommend a short tour around the city. It usually lasts for one hour, and it gives you an overview of the sights in the city. It is a cheap round trip which costs 12 Euro and a great way to ease into life in Prague. Also, bus tours done at the beginning of your vacation will leave you more room to engage in other fun activities.

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