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Need recommendations for the best Prague coffee shops? The coffee culture in Prague is just as lively as the city’s famous architecture and historical landmarks. In this piece, we will explore some of the best Prague coffee shops, where visitors and locals equally may have tasty coffee while taking in the city’s ambience.

There are a lot of coffee shops with different kinds of speciality brews and interesting ambiences tucked away among the old buildings and cobblestone streets.

So whether you’re looking for a classic coffee shop in Prague with a rich history or a trendy establishment selling forefront coffee creations, Prague offers it all. The coffee shops included in this guide are only a small sample of the city’s thriving coffee culture. Exploring Prague’s coffee culture is a delightful journey full of distinct flavours, cosy atmospheres, and amazing experiences. 

The Culture of Coffee Drinking in the Czech Republic

The cafe culture in the Czech Republic is second to none, and the Czechs are passionate coffee drinkers. There are plenty of cafes to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in Prague, from lively establishments in the Staré město to cozy kavárna in the suburbs.

Prioritizing quality over quantity is a defining feature of Czech coffee culture. In contrast to its reputation as a stimulant in many nations, coffee in the Czech Republic is enjoyed slowly. Café culture allows locals to lose track of time while they savour their coffee, converse with friends, or read a book in peace.

To be sure, the coffee is important, but the ambience is also crucial. Czech cafes have a reputation for having a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes people want to stay for a while.

The cuisine should also be mentioned. Czech cafes are famous not just for their high-quality coffee but also for their mouth-watering cakes and pastries. There is an abundance of delectable pastries to pair with your coffee, ranging from fluffy croissants to rich sacher torte.

Best 5 Coffee shops in Prague

Prague’s top coffee shops offer wonderful drinks and a charming atmosphere for both locals and tourists. The best Prague coffee shops zahrnují:

Café Louvre

This historically significant business was established in 1902. It has an Art Nouveau design and a relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy the best espressos in Prague and cappuccinos while learning about the café’s history.

The photo comes from the official Facebook page of Café Louvre ©

Café Savoy

This top cafe is a renovated Art Nouveau establishment. A variety of speciality coffees are served at this sophisticated café. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon treat with coffee pastries and desserts.

The photo comes from the official Facebook page of Café Savoy ©

Espresso bar EMA

This is a popular choice for locals and visitors in Prague, with many locations. EMA Espresso Bar utilizes local roasters and experienced brewing to ensure quality and sustainability. Beautifully modern interiors make for a great cup of coffee.

The photo comes from the official Facebook page of EMA Espresso Bar ©

Kavárna Pražírna

This is a charming café and roastery in Prague’s Žižkov district. It delivers freshly roasted beans and beautifully made coffee. The roasting process can be witnessed while enjoying the rich scents of freshly ground coffee. Coffee drinkers love the café’s relaxed vibe and courteous personnel.

The photo comes from the official Facebook page of Kavárna Pražírna ©

Cafe Místo

This minimalist café located in Karlín is recognized for its Scandinavian-inspired decor and environmental focus. To ensure quality and freshness, the café buys coffee from local farmers and roasters. Sip coffee on the balcony or relax in the pleasant interior.

The photo comes from the official Facebook page of Cafe Místo ©

Finding Your Perfect Coffee Spot in Prague According to Your Taste Buds

Hledání best Prague coffee shops for your taste buds includes assessing ambience, coffee quality, menu selections, and location. This guide will help you choose the perfect coffee shop for your tastes:


Choose cafes with comfortable seating, gentle lighting, and possibly background music for a relaxing setting.


Coffee lovers should visit speciality coffee cafes for expertly crafted coffee made from high-quality beans.

If you want to pair coffee with pastries, cakes, and small meals, choose a cafe with a varied menu.


Decide if you want a lively city centre or a quiet local coffee shop.

Cultural Experience

Prague coffee shops with rich histories are worth visiting for more than simply the coffee. 

Famous or Historical Cafes in Prague Worth Visiting

In addition to serving great coffee, the Prague cafés on our list have a long history of showcasing the city’s artistic and cultural heritage. These famous cafés in Prague offer a one-of-a-kind experience for history fans and coffee lovers, whether you’re looking for a bohemian vibe, live music, or sophisticated decor.

  • Café Louvre (1902)

            Umístění: Národní 22, 110 00 Nové Město, Prague

  • Café Slavia (1884) 

            Umístění: Smetanovo nábř. 1012/2, 110 00 Nové Město, Prague

  • Café Savoy (1893) 

            Umístění: Vítězná 124/5, 150 00 Malá Strana, Prague

  • Café Imperial (1913)

            Umístění: Na Poříčí 15, 110 00 Nové Město, Prague

  • Grand Café Orient(1912) 

            Umístění: Ovocný trh 569/19, 110 00 Staré Město, Prague

  • Café Montmartre(1911) 

            Umístění: Ulice Michalská 12, 110 00 Staré Město, Prague

  • Café Ebel (1996)

            Umístění: U Milosrdných 10, 110 00 Staré Město, Prague

  • Café Trieste

           Umístění: Na Pankráci 877/16, 140 00 Praha 4-Nusle, Czechia

  • Café de Paris (1904)

            Umístění: Velkopřevorské nám. 4, 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia

  • Café Kafka

            Umístění: Široká 12, 110 00 Josefov, Czechia

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