New Town Hall

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Czech name: Novoměstská radnice

Known in Czech as the Novoměstská radnice, the New Town Hall in Charles Square (Karlovo náměstí) has a tower that offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city. If you want a stunning view of Prague with tons of history behind it, this is where you want to start your Prague sightseeing adventure. We’ll cover how to get there via the metro system, what you will need to pay to enter and what awaits you when you arrive.

Location & How to Get There

If you’re using the public transportation system, take the metro red line to the Karlovo náměstí station or tram number 9 or 5 from the direction Hlavní nádraží station to Lazarská station. From here, you want to take a short walk east to Vodičkova Street and turn right. Walk one block, and you’ll see it on your right-hand side.

New Town Hall
New Town Hall

Opening Hours & Entry

The town hall is open and accessible to the public during the summer tourist season from April to November. Its opening times are from Tuesday – Sunday (closed Mondays) from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Here are the ticket prices to enter:

  • Basic Package – 60 CZK 
  • Reduced Price – 40 CZK 
  • Family Ticket – 130 CZK 

What to Do & What to See

Once you arrive, you’ll notice a few things that make it a wonderful place to visit. Here are some things that set this attraction apart from others here in Prague.

Take in the panoramic views of the entire city.

When you arrive, the first thing you’ll notice is the 70-meter high tower you can walk up and take in the view of the city. This building dominates the largest square in Prague, today’s Charles Square Karlovo náměstí.

Climb up the 221 steps from inside the tower, and you’ll find a breathtaking panoramic view of Prague in all its glory.

Enjoy this historical gem of Prague without the massive crowds.

You will see far fewer crowds here than in the Old Town area. You can relax and enjoy your time here without feeling like you’re trapped in a sardine can.

Check out upcoming local events.

If you’re interested in partaking in local events, the town hall is a great place to learn about upcoming local events. If you’re here for more than a few days, take a look at upcoming events here to experience more about the local culture than you could on a regular guided tour.


Construction of the town hall started in 1348, shortly after Emperor Charles IV. founded New Town. It served as the administrative center of the Nové Město, until 1784 when all four Prague towns became connected as one town council.

The First Defenestration

On July 30, 1419, during the final days of Wenceslaus IV’s life, the town hall was where the first of Prague’s three defenestrations took place. Hussite preachers Jan Želivský and Jan Žižka led a procession demanding the release of their imprisoned followers.

The procession turned violent after someone from the town hall threw a stone at the crowd outside. The crowd broke into the town hall and threw two of Wenceslas VI’s Catholic counselors, the burgrave and many burgess representatives out of the main hall’s window to their deaths.

This event would serve as a precursor to the Hussite Revolution.

Completion of the Tower

The 70-meter high prismatic tower, built between 1451 – 1456, served as a critical vantage point. Two small flats at the top of the tower allowed the tower keepers to view the entire city.

This view allowed the tower keepers to see over the city walls to detect and warn citizens of fires, advancing enemy troops and other emergencies. Today, this tower is a great place to take in the city and spot some other landmarks to explore during your stay in Prague.

Reconstructions of the Town Hall

The main building and the tower were reconstructed several times over the centuries. The most recent reconstruction took place in 1976 – 1996, where the premises were updated to suit the Prague 2 Municipal Office’s needs.

Due to its immense historical value, it was declared a national cultural monument in 1962.

While there are many breathtaking and historical sights to see in Prague, nothing beats starting your stay in Prague with an unbeatable view to witness its beauty all at once. Once you step off the plane and check in to your hotel or apartment, hop on the metro red line and come straight to the town hall tower.