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By locals.

The aim of our website is to present you with a travel guide that is going not only to be detailed and useful but will also provide you with many tips from locals living in Prague all about Prague.

All the articles on our site about Prague are either written by the owners of the website (a couple living in Prague’s most beautiful neighborhood of Dejvice) or by authors that are currently residing in Prague.

Before you travel.

What can you see in Prague? What to know about Prague? What can you do here? Should you come for a week or just weekend? All these questions will be answered. Discover interesting facts about Prague by using our detailed guides to get the most out of your trip and plan it properly before you go. We can also help you to arrange tickets and hotel reservations.

There is literally something for everyone to learn about Prague.. You just need to plan well.

Once you are in Prague…

You just landed or got out of your car… and now what? Where to go for breakfast? What is the best restaurant for lunch? How do you use public transport? Or should I use taxi? We have plenty of information about Prague not only for those planning their trip but also for those who are already in Prague.

How do we make money?

We are receiving compensation for some services we are linking to. Our business model is based on so called affiliate marketing. We are not paid directly by brand or companies. Instead, we chose the companies we work with, recommend their services and receive commission if you purchase something (fly tickets, accommodation, guided tour…). Our services, articles, guides and all other information about Prague are and always will be free for all our visitors.

Write For Us

We are always looking for content writers who can write interesting facts about Prague. Feel free to get in touch with us but keep in mind, that we are only looking for experienced content writers who are either living in Prague or have been living in Prague for at least a few years.