A complete guide to the accommodation in Prague

Guide in Prague

Accomodation in Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is surely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and should be one of the first choices for a visit to the old continent. Prague has it all really, you can spend big or have careful budgeting, but either way, you won’t miss out on what the city has to offer!

Located on the banks of the Vltava River, Prague is divided into 10 districts identified by the numbering Prague 1, Prague 2, Prague 3, and onward. However, the most common method of finding your way around the city is to familiarize yourself with the proper name of the areas such as Stare Mesto or Vinohrady.

The main attractions of the city are located in the Old Town, and it’s, therefore, the most sought-after area for accommodation in Prague. The most centrally located areas in Prague 1 include Stare Mesto, Mala Strana, Josezov, and Hradcany.

Taking into account the excellent public transport, both by subway and bus or streetcar, choosing any of these areas won’t hamper your ability to visit the other ones.

You can find practically any price range for accommodation, and whether you’re in the mood to do pub crawls, visit medieval castles or amazing restaurants, let us guide you on your way to finding the best accommodation for your visit. First, let’s get to know the most hospitable parts of Prague where you will find the best tourist amenities and attractions:

1. Stare Mesto, Prague Old Town

Stare Mesto Old Town in Prague
Stare Mesto Old Town in Prague

Stare Mesto, also known as Old Town, is the authentic historical center of Prague. It’s where you will find all the medieval ambiance and most of the main tourist attractions such as the Old Town Square, with the Town Hall and its famous Astronomical Clock, the Powder Towers, amongst others.

It’s a very well-equipped area with all kinds of services and its many restaurants, bars, and stores are all surrounded by cobbled streets and stunning Gothic architecture.

When deciding on accommodation in Prague, Stare Mesto should be top of the list, however, the area also demands higher prices and it will be harder to book during peak seasons. So keep that in mind.

2. Josefov, Jewish Quarter

Josefov is the Jewish quarter of Prague. It’s actually located inside Stare Mesto. However, it has a very distinct personality that differentiates it from the rest of the Old Town.

It’s an excellent option to stay in Prague because it’s very central and is an interesting and peculiar neighborhood. The most worthwhile attractions in the neighborhood are the six synagogues (High, Spanish, Klausen, Maisel, Pinkas and Old-New), the medieval cemetery with its impressive tombs, and the Monastery of St. Agnes.

Its streets are well endowed with restaurants, and it’s a very good place to try kosher food. It’s ideal for those who want to stay very close to the center, without having to endure the busyness of the more crowded surrounding areas.

3. Mala Strana, Prague Lesser Town

Mala Strana, also known as Lesser Town, is separated from Stare Mesto by the Vltava River but connected to it by the Charles Bridge. It’s centrally located and embellished by multiple palaces and historic buildings.

Mala Strana is a very elegant neighborhood, one of the most exclusive of the city, where you will find several official buildings such as ministries, the Czech Parliament, and multiple embassies.

Located at the foot of the Castle (Hradčany), it has many tourist sites, such as the churches of St. Nicholas and Our Lady of Victory, which houses the famous statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague that gets visits from many pilgrimages every year.

It’s much quieter and doesn’t have the nightlife of the Old Town. This, together with the fact that you are close to everything and the neighborhood doesn’t lack any type of service, makes it one of the best options for families with children when visiting Prague.

4. Hradcany, Castle district

Hradčany, located on the other side of the river, is home to the Prague Castle and is the quietest and calmest area to stay in Prague. There is hardly any traffic around the area, and there are no nightclubs or nightlife. Due to the proximity to the Castle, there aren’t many restaurants or bars either though, so be aware.

Hradčany would be the best place for travelers who prefer a relaxed atmosphere. While you’ll find accommodation in all price ranges, if you’re looking for luxury and exclusive accommodations, the castle district is the place to find it. You’ll be able to stay in medieval buildings (with renovated interiors, of course). Apartments are also popular, ideal if you like to cook or want to save on restaurants.

Although it’s the furthest district from Prague’s Old Town, Hradcany is well connected by streetcar and metro lines and you can easily walk to all points of interest in the center.

5. Nové Mesto, Prague New Town

Hradcany prague
Hradcany in Prague

The New Town, or Nove Mesto, is one of the best options to stay in Prague. If you stay in this area you will be a few minutes walk from Stare Mesto but without the hordes of tourists that invade its streets.

A much newer area than the old town, with wider streets and more modern buildings, it’s a big shopping and business area where you can find practically anything! You can stay here for a much cheaper price than in the areas mentioned above. The streets around the square are full of bars, clubs and discos, so it has a very active nightlife.

Nove Mesto extends from the old town to the area of the Vysehrad Castle, another important attraction of the Czech capital. The further you move away from the old town and closer to Vysehrad, the quieter the neighborhood becomes.

If you’re traveling with a group of friends with the intention of enjoying Prague’s nightlife, we recommend you to look for accommodation near Wenceslas Square. There are plenty of hotels and hostels here, so it’s very easy to find one that fits your needs.

Pricing and accommodation types in Prague

Options are plenty! In Prague you can find these types of accommodations:

  • Standard hotels
  • Budget hotels
  • Boutique or design hotels
  • Guesthouses
  • Hostels
  • Apartments

You can find bunk beds in hostels for about 16€ (or less) and also renowned luxury hotels where you can spend big if you so desire.

In general, Prague has quite cheap and affordable accommodation, in general, much cheaper than compared to other European cities.

For example, for a double room, with a good rating and excellent location, you will pay about 40/70€ per night. Of course, there are cheaper options (from 25€/night) and some more expensive ones (there are very good hotels for about 100€ or less a night).

As always, it will depend on what you’re looking to get out of your trip, you can go for more expensive but centrally located places, or get out of the way a bit for a more relaxing experience but a bit farther away. In either case, Prague is very well connected and easy to move around in, so you really can’t go wrong!

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