Public Transportation in Prague

Public Transportation in Prague, Czechia

If you want to take in the views of the city, you can take a bus or a tram to get to your destination. Rail transport is also available, but this mode of transportation is ideal for long-distance travel or if you’re going to suburban areas. If you want a more laid-back means to go around Prague, you can also travel via ferry boat that courses through the Vltava River. Whatever transport system you decide to take,make sure to check out the public transport in Prague map to make sure you’re using the transport system that is best for you. You must also check out the Prague public transport times so as to make sure you don’t miss your ride. 

Where to Purchase Tickets for Public Transport in Prague

Bus in Prague
Bus in Prague

Prague public transport is an integrated service, which means you can use the same tickets for the metro, trams, buses, funicular, and even the ferryboats. 

Prague public transport is an integrated service, which means you can use the same public transport group tickets for the metro, trams, buses, funicular, and even the ferryboats.

You can purchase the Prague public transport tickets online, or purchase the Prague Integrated Transport (PID) tickets from vending machines located at the entrance of metro stations and some bus or tram stops. PID tickets are also available at train stations, but only in stations that are larger and closer to Prague.

Keep in mind that for the Prague Integrated Transport (PID) tickets to work, it must be validated using the stamp machine or validator that you can find near the vending machines. If you’re taking a bus or tram, you can see the stamp machine inside. The stamp machine has a slot where you must place the ticket for it to be stamped and validated. When you hear a beep, that means your Prague Integrated Transport (PID) tickets have been validated. After removing your paper ticket from the stamp machine, always check if there’s a stamp of validation on it to avoid paying for violation fees. PID tickets only need to be validated once.

You can purchase PID tickets or the Prague public transport tickets online on the Litacka app. Do note that you need an internet connection to purchase tickets and have them validated. One advantage of using the Litacka app is that it only shows which trains and buses are integrated into the PID network. This is more convenient as some buses and trains, especially coaches traveling long distances, don’t accept PID tickets or the public transport group tickets.

The The price of a PID ticket depends on the number of hours it is valid and the number of zones you can travel using the PID ticket. There are 13 zones in the PID system.These 13 zones are made up of the Prague public transport zones and that of the central Bohemian region. 

The Prague public transport zones alone cover four tariff zones, while the remaining nine zones cover areas in the Central Bohemian region. For example, if you plan to travel within Prague, you can purchase the PID ticket with a 90-minute validity and coverage of four zones. It costs 40 CZK for adults (18 to 65 years) or 10 CZK (6 to 18 years old, students up to 26 years old, and seniors 65 to 70 years old). If you plan to travel longer within these zones, you can purchase a ticket with a longer validity period. PID tickets are free for children under six years old and adults above 70 years of age.

Traveling from the Airport to the City Center

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Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, the international airport in Prague, is about 17 kilometers away from the city center. There are no subway lines that travel to and from the airport. To get to the city, you can take a bus, hire a taxi or Uber, or book a private car from the hotel you’re staying at.

Taking a bus is the least expensive option. You can choose between two routes. The first one is via Bus 119, which takes you from the airport to Nádraží Veleslavín metro station (line A). The second route is via Bus 100 that travels to Zličín metro station (line B). You can find both buses at terminals in the Prague airport.

If you want to take a faster route, you can take the Airport Express bus that brings you to the Hlavní Nádraží station (main train station) in about 33 minutes. If you’re traveling at night, you can take the Bus 510 and get off at Štěpánská. You can then take tram no. 51 to reach the city center.

Modes of Transportation

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways for you to go around Prague. You can travel using the integrated public transport system or hire a taxi. 

Prague Metro or Prague Subway is another great option for getting around in Prague

The Prague Metro also known as the Prague Subway, started its operations in 1974, and comprises a total of 61 stations and three lines. To fully understand locations and destinations of each line in the Prague Metro system, it is advisable to make use of the Prague metro map. You will find a detailed list of trains, and the lines of which they operate on the Prague metro map. As an alternative to the Prague metro map, you can also make use of the Prague subway app. The app is available on both android and ios devices.The Prague subway app grants you to access a digitized version of the Prague metro map. You can zoom in and out at will, book tickets and also rate your experience making use of the Prague Metro.

Best way to get around is by using underground
Best way to get around is by using underground

Tourists should however note that the Prague metro cost differs depending on how far your destination is and how much time you spend on a metro line. Securing metro tickets in Prague is also relatively easy, as it makes up part of the Prague Integrated Transport (PID) system. Metro tickets in Prague can also be used on other public transport systems in Prague.

The Prague Metro, which started its operations in 1974, comprises a total of 61 stations and three lines.

Below is a list of the metro lines and tourist destinations along the lines.

Line A (Green) – 17 stations from Depo Hostivař to Nemocnice Motol

The Prague Metro which operates on Line A takes you to tourist spots such as the Prague Castle, Wallenstein Garden, and Charles Bridge. You can also take Line A if you’re going to Old Town, New Town, Wenceslas Square, and the National Museum.

Line B (Yellow) – 24 station travels from Černý Most to Zličín 

If you want to go to shopping areas in the city center, you can take the Prague Metro on Line B to get to the Palladium shopping center, the Nový Smíchov shopping mall, and Petřin Park.

Line C (Red) – 20 stations from Letňany to Háje

You can take Line C if you want to reach the main train station of Hlavní Nádraží. If you take Line C and go down at the Vyšehrad station, you can reach the historic Vyšehrad Castle. 

Transfer stations are located Můstek (Lines A and B), Muzeum (lines A and C), and Florenc (lines B and C). 

The subway operates daily from 5:00 am to 12:00 midnight. Trains arrive at two- to three-minute intervals during peak hours and at four to nine-minute intervals during off-peak hours.

Experience transportation like a local by making use of the Prague Tram

The Prague tram network is about 150 kilometers, making it one of the largest tram networks in Europe. The daytime trams (Tram 1 to 26) run from around 4:30 am to 10 minutes before midnight, while the night trams (91 to 99) begin from midnight to around 5:00 am. The Prague Tram Fares are charged hourly, daily or monthly. For example, the Prague Tram Fare for a 90 min ride is 40 CZK, while it only costs 30 CZK for a 30 minutes ride. The Prague Tram Fare costs about 120 CZK for a ticket valid for an entire day.

Tram in Prague
Tram in Prague

You can visit the Prague PID website, to purchase the appropriate ticket suitable for your tram tour in Prague. You can also secure tickets through the Prague tram tickets sms code.

The following are some of the busiest tram lines and the popular spots that you can visit when you take them during your tram tour in Prague:

Tram No. 9 – National Theater, Wenceslas Square, Lesser Town, Vinohrady Quarter

Tram 17 – Žižkov Tower, Dancing House, Charles Bridge

Tram No. 22 – Prague Castle, Újezd, St. Nicholas Church, Peace Square, Loreta

Tram No. 23 – Vinohrady Quarter, Summer Palace Belvedere


You can take a bus if you’re traveling outside Prague or in areas not serviced by the metro and tram lines. Bus lines operate daily from 4:30 am to midnight. Intervals vary during peak hours, off-peak hours, and weekends.

Peak hours – 6 to 8 minutes

Off-peak hours – 10 to 20 minutes

Weekends – 15 to 30 minutes

Night buses 501 to 513 operate from midnight to 4:30 am and arrive at 30- to 60-minute intervals.

Use the Prague Train or Rail Transit to get around quicker in the city

There are three railway stations in Prague. At the city center is the main train station, Hlavní Nádraží station, which you can take if you’re going to other European countries including Germany, Poland, and Hungary. Three stops from the main train station is the Nádraží Holešovice station, which you can also take when traveling to European cities like Vienna, Berlin, or Budapest. Prague’s older railway station, the Masarykovo Nádraží, travels to towns outside Prague. 

Take note that not all railway trains are part of Prague’s integrated transport system. Only the train lines with the S label are included in the PID system.

Ferry Boat

Waterway transport is part of the city’s PID system, which means you can use a PID ticket to get on a ferry boat. Ferries travel through the Vltava River. Ferries on the P1 and P2 lines operate the entire year, while ferries P3 to P7 only run from April to October.

Petrin Funicular

The Petrin funicular is one of Prague’s main tourist attractions. It is composed of two tracks. One starts at the base of Petrin Hill in Újezd Street, while the other runs from the summit and travels down to the base. Both funiculars make a stop halfway through at the Nobozizek Restaurant. The top of Petrin Hill offers many tourist attractions, including the Petrin Lookout Tower, Petrin Gardens, Czech Hikers’ Pavillion, and the Astronomical Observatory.

The daily operating hours are from 9:00 am to 11:20 pm, with 10- to 15-minute intervals. Since the Petrin funicular is integrated into the PID system, you can use PID tickets to gain access to the cliff railway.


Taxi, prague
Taxi Prague

You can book a taxi by phone or by web. Avoid hailing a taxi on the street, especially if you’re in a tourist spot, as some taxi drivers may overcharge. 

If you’re going to the airport, you can go to the front desk of any hotel and ask for assistance to book a taxi.

Amazing 2–5-Day Public Transport Tourist Pass

You can visit Prague’s museums, galleries, and other attractions with a city card. Enjoy the convenience of unlimited rides on the subway, tram, funicular, local buses, and ferries. Fancy, right?

All you have to do is show your validated pass at the venue of your choice to get in free of charge. Your ticket is important, so please don’t lose it. There is a one-time limit for each location.


  • Prague is full of ancient intrigue and breathtaking beauty; take in all it has to offer.
  • Take advantage of free, unlimited rides on any public transportation, including airport shuttles.
  • Starting at € 75/per person
  • The duration is from two to five days.
  • You can get a complete refund if you cancel at least 24 hours prior.
  • Benefit from the complimentary or discounted entrance to over 60 featured experiences.
  • Travel to Prague and its famous landmarks, museums, and art galleries.
  • Navigate the Vltava River and reap the benefits of the city’s excursions.
  • Visit museums and other sites without spending too much time or money and with minimal fuss.

What is Included

  • Inclusion in about 60 unique Prague activities
  • Public transit
  • Fastest Way to the Airport
  • Prices are reduced for visits to tourist destinations.
  • Portable electronic reference
  • Municipality street map
  • Excursion along River Vltava

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