Archa Theatre in Prague: Home of Modern Performing Arts

Archa Theatre in Prague

If you’re looking for a break from the classical, head to the cutting-edge and original performances at the Archa Theatre in Prague.

The Archa in Prague is the single most significant element in liberating Czech theatre from the constraints of communist-era norms and introducing cutting-edge creativity to its own country.

This alternative theatre caters to a discerning and critical audience as the epicentre of genre-bending performance art. Archa theatre in Prague CZ is renowned as a forward-thinking and prominent cultural force where art is not just displayed but also developed, thanks to its many cutting-edge projects.

There are a number of possible uses for the distinctive multipurpose facility, which includes two auditoriums. There are two auditoriums available, each with a seating capacity of 200 guests, that can be merged or subdivided as needed.

A brief History of the Archa theatre in Prague cz

©Wikipedia - Exterior of the Theatre
©Wikipedia – Exterior of the Theatre

In 1994, Min Tanaka and John Cale gave a performance together to launch the Archa Theatre in Prague, and their collaboration hinted at the playwrights’ intended dramaturgy for the years to come.

The meeting of the Japanese performer and the American singer represented the joining of two different artistic disciplines and, by extension, two different countries. 

You’ll meet new people when you go to the Archa theatre in Prague cz

It is hoped that participants will come away from these discussions with a deeper understanding of the power of art to transform lives at the turn of the millennium.

In its 28 years of operation, Archa Theatre in Prague has hosted many famous artists. Prominent directors and corporations are among them.

The Archa Theatre in Prague is affiliated with the IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts and the Czech Association of Independent theatre.

Why Visit The Archa Theatre in Prague?: Ten Good Reasons To

  1. Contemporary stage art of many genres can be seen at Archa.
  2. To put it simply, Archa Theatre in Prague is a production facility for showcasing and producing works of modern art.
  3. Without a permanent band, Archa develops its own performances in the form of projects.
  4. Performing artists from all around the world can come together to compete at  Archa theatre in Prague, CZ.
  5. At Archa, people from all walks of life come together.
  6. Archa stages its own productions both within and outside of traditional theatre settings, such as in parks and other public areas.
  7. Archa theatre in Prague, cz gives both the artistic and social aspects of theater equal weight.
  8. Archa develops projects both on its own and in tandem with other like-minded entities in the Czech Republic and outside.
  9. Archa caters to a sophisticated and analytical audience.
  10. Archa Theatre in Prague functions as a discussion forum accessible to the general public.

Location and Operating Hours of Archa Theatre in Prague


The Archa Theatre can be found on Na poříčí in Prague, the capital and largest city of Central Bohemia. The Archa Theatre is conveniently located close to both the Pota Praha 02 Post Office as well as the Motel One (Prague).

Operating Hours 

The Archa Theatre in Prague is open to the public from Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm, as well as for two hours before the commencement of each show.

Archa Theatre in Prague is Worth a Visit

If you’re looking for a venue in Prague to breathe current culture, obtain inspiration, acquire motivation, and fulfill your desire for mental relaxation, look no further than Archa theatre in Prague. You’ll eventually leave the building with lasting memories of what you’ve just witnessed.

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  • Enjoy a unique black light performance at the world’s first black light theater.
  • Watch floating figures and see the magic of colors and contemporary stage effects.
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What is Included

  • Entrance ticket
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