A Beer Lover’s Paradise: Prague’s Best Brews for Every Palate

Prague's Best Brews

Beer connoisseurs will find the best beer in Prague because of the city’s timeless love affair with beer and an extensive beer selection that takes the craft to a new level. Strolling along Czech capital’s historic cobblestone streets, we sample some of the best beer in Prague—each one a monument to the artistry, history, and liquid grace that went into making it.

Thanks to their long history of beer making, the Czechs have established themselves as a major player in the international beer scene. 

The ambiance of the pubs in Prague makes drinking Czech beer more than simply a pleasure; it’s an opportunity to experience the city’s rich history through a symphony of flavors. Drinks in Prague are an adventure in rich liquid beauty

U Zlatého Tygra

As you wander the cobblestone streets and ancient squares, best bars in Prague offer more than a drink—they offer an entire experience into the city’s beer culture. This tour takes the beer enthusiast through Prague’s greatest bars showing its vibrant and sociable beer culture.

U Zlatého Tygra: A Historic Gem

Beer lovers flock to U Zlatého Tygra in Old Town, a hidden gem. Famous writers like Havel and Hrabal frequent this typical Czech tavern, which serves Pilsner Urquell only. The simple but historic atmosphere is great for visitors wanting an authentic Prague beer experience.

Lokál Dlouhááá: Modernizing Tradition

Lokál Dlouhááá mixes modern and old on Dlouhá Street. This trendy Czech pub chain offers Pilsner Urquell in a pub-like setting. If you want true Czech beer, Lokál Dlouhááá is a bustling spot with fresh, local ingredients.

Vinohradský Pivovar: Craft Beer Paradise

Vinohradský Pivovar encourages craft beers enthusiasts to explore the scene with its ingenuity. A variety of house-brewed beers from this Vinohrady microbrewery showcase the brewers’ creativity. Visitors seeking unusual and innovative brews should explore the industrial-chic environment.

U Fleků : Living Beer Legend

As a living icon in Prague, U Fleků is more than just a beer destination. This Prague brewery has served black lager for generations. With its extensive beer gardens and authentic Czech food, U Fleků provides a typical Prague beer experience rooted in centuries of brewing history.

Zlý časy (Bad Times): Ale lovers’ paradise

In Nusle, Zlý časy offers a broad assortment of ales to ale connoisseurs. This tavern encourages discovery with a rotating tap variety of local and foreign craft beers. The small, laid-back ambiance is ideal for beer lovers who like complex flavors.

Unveiling Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Bars with the Best Beers

Lesser-known bars provide the best beer in Prague and unique atmospheres. This guide reveals Prague’s best-kept secrets, highlighting off-the-beaten-path bars that offer great beer experiences.

Beergeek Bar: Craft Beer Haven

This quaint location offers a relaxed setting with rotating local and foreign craft beers. For beer lovers looking to try new brews, Beergeek Bar is a hidden gem with knowledgable personnel and a changing beer menu.

Pivnice Jamajka: A Caribbean Twist

This hidden gem has a laid-back attitude, reggae music, and a variety of Czech and international beers. The riverside environment makes Pivnice Jamajka a relaxing getaway for beer lovers.

Vzorkovna: Bohemian Underground

Discover Prague’s bohemian underworld at Vzorkovna, a hidden tavern in the Old Town cellars. Locals frequent Vzorkovna’s eccentric setting with graffiti-covered walls and mismatched furniture. The broad beer selection, including lesser-known Czech microbrews, makes this hidden gem appealing.

Zlý časy v Bráníku: Neighborhood Charm

In the picturesque district of Bráník, Zlý časy v Bráníku offers a neighborhood charm that attracts guests seeking a genuine experience. This lesser-known Zlý časy location offers a cozy atmosphere, a garden for sunny days, and a carefully curated craft beer variety. Local favorites inspire exploration outside the city center.

Na Parkáně: Riverside Retreat

Na Parkáně, a riverside resort on the Vltava River, offers a calm getaway from the tourist crowds. This bar offers a variety of beers, including local Czech favorites and lesser-known treasures, in a peaceful setting by the water. Na Parkáně is perfect for a relaxing beer-drinking experience.

Czech Beers Beyond the Bar: Unique Drinking Experiences

The Czech Republic provides several distinct drinking experiences beyond pubs in Prague. Discover new and delicious ways to enjoy the best beer in Prague, each one a chapter in the rich history of Czech brewing tradition.

Beer Garden: Outdoor Drinking

Join Prague’s lively beer gardens for social drinking. Locals and tourists meet in large green places like Riegrovy Sady and Letná Beer Garden. In the shade of trees, enjoy Czech beers from kiosks or pubs in a sociable atmosphere. Beer, sunshine, and fellow enthusiasts make it a relaxing experience.

River Cruises: Sailing with Suds

A beer boat on the Vltava River combines Prague’s landscape with beer tasting. Many operators provide cruises with Czech beers, letting you enjoy the beverages while passing by the city’s sights. A unique and enjoyable beer experience is enhanced by the boat’s gentle sway.

Beer Celebrations: Flavor Festivals

Attend one of the numerous Czech beer festivals. Prague’s Czech Beer Festival and Pilsen’s Pilsner Fest showcase Czech beer diversity. Sample many beers, even limited-edition ones, for a sensory experience. Beer festivals also celebrate companionship, music, and new flavors.

Castle Cellars – Underground Sips

Castle cellars offer atmospheric beer tastings. Visit Český Krumlov Castle and Loket Castle for medieval beer samples and cellar exploration. The history, architecture, and beer make a magical experience that takes you back in time.

Beer Spas: A Soak in Suds

Visit a Prague beer spa for the ultimate beer wellness experience. Enter a cedarwood tub filled with beer, malt, and hops. Free beer on tap while you soak. Warm water and beer may condition skin, giving a pleasant and scented retreat from the city.


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Brewery Tours: Visual Brewing Experience

Grow your beer knowledge by studying Czech beer culture! Sample 12 Czech beers, try traditional beer munchies, discover every beer secret, and have fun!


  • 12 Czech beers to try
  • Enjoy Czech beer snacks.
  • Discover the culture and etiquette of Czech beers
  • Explore the hidden local microbreweries

What is Included in the ticket

  • At least 12 taster glasses of top Czech craft beer
  • A vegetarian version of traditional beer appetizers is available.
  • Cancellation is free
  • Reserve  now then pay later
  • The excursion takes 2.5 hours.
  • Starting at €86.50 per person.
  • English professional tour guide 
  • Wheel chair-friendly
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