The Best Places Not to Miss for Drinking in Prague

Best Places for Drinking in Prague

Learn about the history of brewing art and the best places to drink in Prague, where you’ll be pleasantly surprised with every sip. Prague is a veritable paradise for libation enthusiasts, with its medieval beer halls resonating with centuries of tradition and fashionable rooftop bars offering panoramic views of the city. Read on to discover the rich history of Prague’s drinking culture at some of the best places to drink in Prague that we will recommend.

Each of these carefully selected spots provides a one-of-a-kind drinking experience, and together they constitute the pinnacle of Prague’s nightlife. 

Take advantage of our Prague ebook as you wander the streets, stop by these best places to drink in Prague and discover a city that truly appreciates the finer things in life. Drinking in Prague is like raising a glass to the city’s rich history, skilled artisans, and the pleasure of sharing a drink with friends.

Unveiling the City’s Top Spots: Best Places to Drink in Prague

Beer Garden In Prague
Prague Beer Garden

For beer connoisseurs who want to sample the whole range of Czech brewing styles, Prague is the place to go. There is a wide variety of places to raise a glass in this city, from trendy craft beer havens to classic beer halls that radiate centuries-old charm. Prague is home to a rich brewing history and welcoming culture, and our list of the best 10 spots to sip a beer is a tribute to both.

  • Strahov Monastery Brewery
  • Beer Museum
  • U Medvidku
  • Pivovarský dům
  • U Fleků
  • U Tří růží 
  • Craft House Prague
  • Břevnov Brewery
  • Dno Pytle
  • U Zlatého Tygra

After sampling any of the above mentioned best places to drink beer in Prague, visit a top beer spa that specialises in wine and beer for a tranquil experience, perfect for couples, friends, or solo travellers.

Experience the Beer and Wine Spa in Prague, Featuring a Salt Cave!

Relax in style at Prague’s brand new beer and wine spa, which can accommodate up to 20 guests in 12 standard rooms and 4 suites. Relax by the fire in the largest salt cave in the city while enjoying a wine or beer bath treatment.


  • Relax with a glass of wine or beer in the tub and forget about your problems.
  • Indulge in the health benefits of all-natural substances and extracts from herbs.
  • While you’re doing it, quench your thirst with a glass of wine, beer, or prosecco.
  • There is a long history of Czech bathing rituals that people still do today.
  • Stop at Prague’s largest salt cave.


  • Each individual can choose to have three glasses of beer.
  • One or two glasses of wine or prosecco (wine option available)
  • A relaxing bath
  • Reach the salt cave
  • Towels
  • Data sheets
  • Slippers

Raise Your Glass: Top 7 Spots for the Best Places to Drink Beer in Prague

Like its architecture, Prague’s drinking scene is eclectic. We reveal Prague’s top breweries and drinking spots, where every venue tells a story of Czech brewing culture and conviviality.

  1. U Fleků: Brewing Tradition Since 1499

Enjoy a historical experience at U Fleků, a brewery serving consumers since 1499 making it the best place to drink beer in Prague. A medieval beer hall serves dark lager in this Prague brewing legend. Traditional Czech folk music, wooden furniture, and centuries-old brewing create an unmatched environment. U Fleků offers insight into the history of brewing excellence, not just a place to drink.

2.Lokál Dlouháááä: Real Pilsner Pleasures

Visit Lokál Dlouhááá in Old Town for a true Pilsner Urquell experience. This lively tavern evokes a Czech beer hall, making it ideal for enjoying Pilsner Urquell. In its boisterous atmosphere, Lokál Dlouhááá portrays Czech beer-drinking habits.

3. Letná Beer Garden: An Oasis with a Spectacular View

Atop Letná Park, Letná Beer Garden offers a getaway from city life. Prague’s skyline and Vltava River are visible from this outdoor retreat. Locals and visitors love Letná Beer Garden for its variety of beers and grassy space for group drinking.

4. Nota Bene II: Scenic Craft Beers

Maximilian Hotel rooftop bar Nota Bene II is one of the best places to drink beer in Prague. This secret spot has handpicked artisan beers and stunning city views. In the evening, Nota Bene II becomes a refined spot where customers may enjoy a unique blend of beer and aesthetics in Prague’s historic setting.

5. Vinohradský Pivovar: Microbrewery Magic

Immerse yourself in the world of microbrews at Vinohradský Pivovar, located in the center of Vinohrady. This craft beer bar’s house-brewed beers demonstrate the scene’s creativity. Industrial-chic decor modernizes brewing.

6. Pivovarský Klub: Culinary Symphony of Beer and Food

This is one of the best places to eat and drink in Prague. Pivovarský Klub invites you to explore the world of beer and food pairings beyond the typical pub experience. A symphony of sensations from beer and gastronomy awaits visitors at this dining destination with an extensive beer menu featuring Czech and international brewers.

7. The Hemingway Bar: Classic Mixology

Hemingway Bar in Old Town offers classic cocktails from the cocktail era. A classic setting and expertly made cocktails await at this classy bar. Hemingway Bar offers imaginative and tasty drinks with a poetry-like menu.

Cheers on a Budget: Exploring the Best Cheap Places to Drink in Prague

Not only does Prague have beautiful buildings, but it also has a wide variety of affordable bars. The city is filled with quaint, low-cost locations where you may enjoy a delightful drink without breaking the bank. Discover the best cheap places to drink in Prague:

  • Anonymous Bar
  • Cobra Bar
  • Hostinec U Vodoucha
  • Prague Beer MuseumBukowski’s Bar
  • Popo Cafépete
  • Kozlovna Apropos

Sip Through History: Best Places to Drink in Prague’s Old Town

In Prague’s Old Town, you can find a wide variety of pubs and cocktail bars serving anything from classic drinks to more contemporary creations. We’ve compiled a list of the best places to drink in Prague Old town to quench your thirst.

  • U Zlatého Tygra
  • Hemingway Bar
  • Anonymous Bar
  • The Black Angel’s Bar
  • U Zlaté studně Hotel Terrace
  • Tretter’s Bar
  • Klub Architektu
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