Botanical Garden in Prague

botanical garden

Prague Botanical Garden

Czech name: Botanická zahrada Praha

One of the must-sees in the city is the Prague Botanical Garden, located in the Troja Chateau (Trojský zámek) section of the city. The garden was first established in 1969 for scientific purposes but is now open to the public. The garden covers about 4.5 hectares and is located close to the Prague Zoo. A day trip to the garden and the zoo would be a perfect opportunity for a sightseer. 

Location of the Botanical Garden Prague & How to Get There

Garden is located at Troja – right next door to Prague ZOO and the Troja Palace. Visitors can get to the garden via a few bus lines. The 112 bus from Nádraží Holešovice (Metro line C station) to either Zoologická zahrada or Botanická zahrada Troja stops takes one to the garden. Another option is the 236 bus from Zámky (ferry) bus stop to Na Pazderce bus stop. A third option is the 144 and 102 from Kobylisy (Metro line C station) to Na Pazderce stop. There are also ferry and steamer options, as well as on foot. 

Troja chateau, Prague
Troja chateau, Prague

Opening Hours of the Botanical Garden of the City Prague & Entry

Entrance to the outdoor expositions costs 100 CZK for those aged 16 and up. Children aged 3 up to 15 are 45 CZK. Students with a valid student card or ISIC card are also 45 CZK. Fees for outdoor exhibits and the Fata Morgana Greenhouse are slightly higher. Children under 3 and individuals with disabilities with ZTP/P certification are free.

Guided tours of the gardens are available in both Czech and English for an additional fee. The Botanical Garden of Prague and the Fata Morgana Greenhouse are closed on Mondays. March through October the gardens are open from 9 am until 8 pm, Tuesday Sunday. November through February the gardens are open from 9 am until 6 pm Tuesday Sunday.

The lovely garden is laid out over almost 30 hectares
The lovely garden is laid out over almost 30 hectares

What to Do & What to See at the Botanical Garden of Prague

The garden is broken up into three sections, the outdoor exhibitions, the Fata Morgana Greenhouse, and the St. Claire’s Vineyard. Plants from all over the world are found in the greenhouse. One section includes succulent plants from Africa, Madagascar, and Mexico. The Lowland Rainforest section has plants from South America, Australia, and Central America. Plants from Asia, Africa, and the Americas are found in the Cooled Section. 

The outdoor exhibitions allow visitors to experience many different climates and plants. The forests of both East Asia and North America have sections. In addition, there is a North American Praire area, a Peony meadow, and a honey plant section to attract honey bees. There is a playground for children and several gardens. Specifically themed ones include an Ornamental Garden, a Japanese Garden, and a Rock Garden. 

History of the Botanical Garden of the City Prague 

The St. Claire’s Vineyard is one of the garden’s hidden gems. Visitors can tour the baroque chapel and see a 19th-century winepress. The St. Claire’s vineyard was established in the 13th century during Wenceslas II. The vineyards wine cellars underwent extensive modernization in 2009 which allowed for wines to be processed from the vineyard itself. The vineyard allows for spectacular views of the city below. The St. Claire’s Wine Shop sells wines from the vineyard. The entrance fee to the entire Botanical Garden gives you access to the vineyard.

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