Finding accommodation : what is the cost of an apartment in Prague?

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If you’re thinking of staying in Prague longer, then you might have Googled “Renting an Apartment in Prague: How Much Does It Cost?” Though staying at a hotel while traveling is always an option, costs can add up quickly. Renting an apartment in Prague can be a practical and economical alternative in the long run. 

Prague is an inviting city that’s steeped in history, culture, and innovation. Aside from the historic sites, rich international and local fare, and picturesque destinations, the Golden City was ranked 24th out of 149 countries in a 2019 Quality of Life Index. In 2021, it was recognized as one of the happiest countries in the world, landing in the 18th place. It’s also one of the best cities for expats

Whether you’re traveling for fun or business, Prague has a lot to offer. Enjoy the best of Prague by finding an apartment that can help you make the most out of your trip.  Find the best accommodation with the help of our guide.

The Cost of Apartments in Prague

Just how much do apartments in Prague cost? The city is known to have a high cost of living. While it’s one of the more inexpensive Central European destinations, housing prices are on the rise. Aside from inflation, the city’s real estate supply is perceived to go lower in the coming years, prompting real estate prices to go up. 

When it comes to apartments, the cost of an apartment in Prague can vary greatly depending on the size and location of the unit. For example, if you want to rent a medium-sized flat in the city center, expect to shell out anywhere between $780 and $1,100. Smaller apartments can run from $620 to $860, while larger accommodations can cost you between $950 and $1,300. 

In 2021, rent rates for flats ranged from $650 (40 m2, 1-bedroom flat) to $1,071 (80 m2, 2-bedroom flat).

More recent figures indicate that rent prices in Prague and other cities went up by an average of 2.4%. In Prague, an apartment can fetch more than CZK 300 per square meter, in contrast to November 2021’s CZK 293 per square meter. 

According to the Global Property Guide, Prague apartment rates, as of March 2022, ranged from around $600 to more than $900 per month. Some of the districts that have more affordable rent rates are Prague 4 and Prague 6, at around $680 and $690, respectively. That’s more or less $11 and $12 per square meter per month, respectively. The areas that have the highest rents include Mala Strana, Old Town, New Town, and Vinohrady. 

However, the great thing about apartments is you can split the cost of rent if you’re traveling with friends. 

You can also work with real estate agents or search for a flat yourself to avoid paying for commission. You can start your search on Facebook groups but make sure to keep an eye out for scams.

You can also rent units on Airbnb for as low as $16 per night, with some accommodations listed on the site conveniently close to tram stops and scenic destinations. Others are located in residential neighborhoods so you won’t have to worry about all the noise. You can also get units with basic furnishings and utilities like a sofa, dining table, TV, air conditioning, beds, a kitchenette, and a veranda. Some rental units even come with free parking, which is a great choice if you’re planning to rent a car while staying in Prague. 

If you’re planning on studying or working in Prague while doing some traveling on the side, then renting an apartment is definitely a more economical option. Just keep in mind that you also need to factor in expenditures like utilities and a tenancy deposit.

Best Areas to Find Accommodation

Premium room with balcony in Prague
Premium room with balcony in Prague

If you’re on a budget, one of the best locations to find accommodation in Prague is New Town, Karlin, and Smichov. Other areas with more affordable apartment rent rates, aside from districts 4 and 6, include districts 8, 9, 10, and 7. Regardless of where you decide to choose an apartment, the city’s impressive public transport system will get you where you need to go. 

How to Find an Apartment in Prague

Finding an apartment in Prague can be challenging, given that small flats and fairly affordable units are in high demand. Ideally, you’d want to search for an apartment at least a month before your trip to Prague.

To cut costs, you can rent an unfurnished apartment or sign a longer lease, which can be more practical if you’re planning to stay in the city for longer than a year. You also need to be flexible in terms of the amenities that you want. A flat that gives you a nice view of the city or one that has a balcony may end up costing you more. 

Finding Accommodation: What is the Cost of an Apartment in Prague?

Prague is a safe city that’s full of surprises and great accommodations. Hotels are a great option, but they can be more costly. By renting an apartment, you’re able to maximize not only your stay but also your budget. An apartment lets you enjoy spacious accommodations that give off a homier feel. 

There are plenty of apartments in Prague that offer reasonable rates. We hope that this guide can help you on your journey.
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