Marvel at Franz Kafka’s Rotating Head’s Beauty

sculpture-kafka head

Franz Kafka’s rotating head sculpture is more of a technical beauty, although it is among the most popular tourist destinations in Prague. David Ern designed this contentious piece of art for the Quadrio commercial and office building on Národní třída. Ern has previously employed this technique in other works.

This mirrored sculpture of Franz Kafka – rotating head was placed in a highly trafficked area of the city and turns regularly to show the author from different angles. With its 2014 installation, the revolving head of Franz has drawn tourists from all over the world.

Stores, cafes, and even shopping centers have grown up around the Franz Kafka rotating head sculpture in Prague to capitalize on the growing popularity of the piece. In reality, the prominence of Wenceslas Square, a street not far from the statue, had increased.

Wondering what the  Franz Kafka rotating head statue represents or why it was erected in the first place? To learn everything about this, keep reading.

About the Head Sculpture

Franz Kafka monument
Franz Kafka monument

Who was Franz Kafka?

Originally from the Czech Republic, Franz Kafka became a famous author in his own right. 

While his contributions to Czech literature are unquestionably significant, many of Kafka’s works are challenging to read and comprehend because of this fact. 

The stories are bizarre, full of fantastical ideas and strange themes. Not an easy book to get through!

Franz Kafka wrote a bunch, but supposedly 90% of his work was trashed as he didn’t like it.

He passed suddenly in 1924 at the young age of 40.

What Material is used to make the Head Sculpture?

Franz Kafka’s massive bust sculpture is mounted on a mirrored surface created from 42 sheets of stainless steel operated individually. With a total mass of 45 tons, the Franz Kafka rotating head is able to move and turn at the hands of built-in motors.


What Does the Statue of Franz Kafka Represent?

This bizarre Franz Kafka – rotating head statue is dedicated to the city of Prague’s most beloved literary son.

The Franz Kafka statue was the first to be erected in his home city, and it portrays the writer’s moment after his first published narrative, “Description of a Struggle.”

How Frequently Does Franz Kafka’s Head Turn?

The Franz Kafka – rotating head rotates for fifteen minutes at a time, stopping at the exact position twice an hour. This whole choreography lasts approximately 40 minutes, as the head turns 15 times. The people in charge of the sculpture’s choreography can alter its movement depending on how the sequencing is configured.

When Should You Go to View Kafka’s Moving Head?

Arriving at the top of the hour, from 8 a.m. to 7 or 10 p.m., is ideal (but this depends on the season).

The square rarely sees significant crowds, so you can arrive whenever you like.
Sit tight until the display ends (around 15 minutes past an hour) or arrive around 30 minutes after every hour if you’d like to take Franz Kafka – rotating head’s photo without a lot of onlookers.

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