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Using Public Transport in Prague: A Handy Guide on Public Transport Tickets in Prague


When in Prague, your go-to modes of transportation will be any of the following: the Prague Metro, buses, or Prague tram lines. They’re all efficient and reliable for getting you to your next destination, whether it’s within the city or on the outskirts.

Aside from its integrated and well-organized public transportation system, another thing that we love about Prague is how easy it is for both locals and tourists to purchase public transport tickets.

Purchasing Public Transport Tickets

Metro Prague
Metro in Prague

Tickets can be purchased from yellow ticket vending machines found at metro stations or transit stops. You can also find them in newspaper shops, select points of sale, and information centers. You can even buy tickets through the PID Lítačka app (tickets purchased through the app need to be activated before being used for travel) and in trams (only available via contactless credit or debit card).

Ticket Types

  • Short-term tickets

Short-term tickets are ideal for short-term travels in Prague. They can also be used for traveling to and from the Prague airport (available only for buses 119 and 100 and not on Airport Express buses). You can choose from four short-term ticket types: 30 minutes, 90 minutes, 24 hours, and 72 hours.

  • Long-term tickets

If you’re planning on staying in Prague longer, you might want to make use of long-term tickets, which can be used on all public transport types. Long-term ticket types include: monthly (30 days), quarterly (90 days), and annual (365 days).

  • Discounted or special tickets

You can purchase discounted tickets from vending machines, where you can also buy tickets for your luggage or your dog. To purchase a ticket, press the “DISCOUNTED” button before selecting a ticket type.

Important Considerations

  • Ticket prices can vary, so it’s best to check for the cost of Prague public transport tickets online on the PID website.
  • Note that the ticket vending machines can only accept coins. Some places, such as metro stations or the airport, have machines that accept cards.
  • Ticket validity is limited based on ticket type (for short-term tickets). However, transfers are unlimited, regardless of the ticket type.
  • If you’re traveling with kids or with older adults, it’s worth noting that children under 6 years old and adults aged 70 years old and above can travel for free. You may be required to present documentation to prove your companion’s age.

Using Public Transportation in Prague

Prague Public Transport

Prague’s public transportation includes the metro, the funicular to the Petrin Tower, trams, and buses.

Keep in mind that prior to your journey, you need to validate your ticket. You can do so by punching it in one of the ticket validation machines found at metro station entrances or in trams and buses.

Check the public transport in Prague map here.

Because of how convenient it is to purchase public transport tickets and get around The City of a Hundred Spires, using public transport in Prague is surely one of the experiences you’d come to love. Use the Prague integrated transport system to see popular attractions or to do some shopping.

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