Is Prague Safe To Visit?

prague main place

Travelling to Czechia can be an exciting and memorable experience, whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning to explore more of its rich culture and stunning scenery. However, it’s important to make sure you’re adequately prepared before embarking on your trip. One key aspect to consider is travel insurance. Having travel insurance can provide peace of mind and financial protection in case of unexpected events such as accidents, illnesses, or trip cancellations.

How Safe Is Prague For Travelers?

The Golden City of Prague welcomes millions of visitors all year round. Its storied castles and cobblestone streets give visitors a taste of their ancient architectural style, but that’s not all. Massive structures such as the Astronomical Clock, the Spanish Synagogue and St Vitus Cathedral are wonders to be seen. The local cuisine is exceptional, but what really makes Prague stand out is the excellent hospitality and traveler’s safety. 

Prague Street View
Prague Street View

Prague’s hospitality starts from its variety of accommodation options. You can get either a luxury, comfortable or cheap accommodation in Prague. Most accommodation options in Prague are close to the city center, so you won’t miss out on all the fun places to see and things to do. 

Beyond the great accommodation options you’d find, the people of Prague are known for being hospitable. From restaurants to street vendors, hotels to rental properties, you’ll find that travelers are treated well in Prague. It’s easy to ask for directions in Prague, and if you sprinkle a bit of Czech into your conversation, you’d receive more enthusiastic help. 

But then, in the midst of gems, you’ll often find blemishes. Prague is great in terms of hospitality, but there are miscreants who often try to exploit travelers. Pickpockets, forex scammers, and petty thieves often mar the image of Prague, but they’re not as rampant as you may think. In fact, Prague is one of the safest cities for travelers, and has a low crime rate.

Is it safe to travel in Prague? Safety Rules to Keep In Mind

Traveling generally is fun, but no matter where you are, you still have to abide by some safety rules. Although Prague is one of the safest cities in the world for travelers, it’s important to play safe. 

To ensure your safety, making use of an Uber to get around the city is an option that should be on top of your list. Now you may be wondering , Is uber safe in Prague? Uber is one of the safest means of transportation in the city. The city features variants of Uber such as UberPOP, and UberBLACK , which a lot of travelers have reviewed to be totally safe and affordable. Uber driver’s movements are also tracked by the company in order to keep riders safe and sound.

The police force in Prague is also largely responsible for handling crimes and keeping the public peace. You can actually count on the Prague police force to handle your case with professional courtesy. However, before you have to involve the police, here are some safety rules to keep in mind:

Book Your Accommodation Early To Avoid Scammers

If you’re trying to avoid being scammed in accommodation, then you shouldn’t leave booking to the last minute. Book your accommodation early, double check on the location ahead of time so you won’t get stranded at the last minute.

Look For Somewhere Accessible  to avoid Prague pickpockets 

Night time in Prague is very active with lots of pubs, clubs and joints open nearly throughout the night. Although you may enjoy taking a stroll or partying at night, you have to be able to find your way back to your hotel or apartment. To avoid unsafe scuffles at night, it’s wise to book an accessible accommodation you can get to easily even at night. Play it safe by partying or taking a stroll within your accommodation’s neighborhood. 

Change Your Currency In The Bank

One of the most frustrating things a traveler can experience is to have unusable money. Unfortunately there are lots of scam currency exchangers who’re ready to exploit your need for local currency. So, it’s advisable to visit a bank’s ATM to change your money into the Czech Koruna. Avoid currency exchangers (forex) who claim to have juicy offers. Always collect your receipt, double-check the amount you’ve been given before you leave.

Stay Safe And Keep Your Items Close

There’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy your stay in Prague. But to really enjoy your stay, you have to be safe. Avoid scuffles and keep your personal items close. If you’re walking on a busy route with lots of people bumping into each other, hold firmly to your items. Don’t leave anything in your pockets – that’s where pickpockets target. You’d be better off with a pack you can lock and strap firmly across your chest.

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