Krizik Fountain

Krizik Fountain, Prague

Krizik Fountain, Prague

Czech name: Křižíkova fontána

Known also as the dancing or musical Fountain, Some even refer to it as the Krizik singing Fountain. The Krizik Fountain is a technological marvel and must-see destination in Prague’s historic exhibition grounds. Famous for its breathtaking shows of water, light and music, this impressive outdoor amphitheater plays host to a variety of evening concerts and ballet performances tailored to diverse audiences. Including the four multi-purpose pavilions that surround the Fountain, the total area of Krizik is 5,488 square meters. 

Krizik Fountain Prague was originally built in the late 19th century with only fifty multicolored reflectors in the bottom of its Fountain plate, but today the remarkable construction contains as many as thirteen hundred reflectors to create its mesmerizing displays.

Location & How to Get To the Krizik Fountain Prague

The Krizik Fountain is located in the Prague Exhibition Grounds at Výstaviště, Prague 7. 

If traveling by public transit: Take the metro C (red line) to Nádraží Holešovice station, then transfer to tram no.1, 12, 15 or 25 and take it to the next stop, Výstaviště Holešovice. You can also skip the transfer and walk 10 minutes from the metro station to the exhibition grounds. If arriving on foot, the Krizik Fountain amphitheater is just north of the Industrial Palace.

If traveling by car, paid parking lots are available around the exhibition grounds.

Opening Hours & Entry into the Krizik singing Fountain

Krizik Fountain is open daily from 7pm – 11:45pm. The Krizik Fountain Prague price or ticket price is 230 CZK. This  Krizik Fountain Prague ticket price applies to every visitor who decides to grace the Krizik Fountain show.

Ticket prices and times for live shows vary, but can typically be purchased at the door. Please visit the official website for the most up to date information.

What to Do & What to See at the Krizik Fountain

Attending the Krizik Fountain show in the evening is a must for visitors. The Krizik Fountain show features elaborate displays of color, light, and sound are one of the capital’s most popular attractions in the spring and summer months.

There is more to see in the area as well. The exhibition grounds encompass a number of other site-worthy landmarks, including the Industrial Palace, The Lapidary of the National Museum, a 40-meter tall pyramid used for exhibitions, Marold’s Panorama, and SeaWorld Aquarium. Trade fairs and cultural events are held at the site throughout the year, including the Matthew Fair (Matějská pouť) in the spring.

History of the Krizik singing Fountain

The Krizik Fountain was built by the Czech inventor František Křižík and revealed to the public on May 24, 1891 during the General Land Centennial Exhibition. The Fountain was one of many structures built for this world’s fair. In spite of his impoverished beginnings, František Křižík is celebrated for his technological innovations. These include an improved arched lamp, the first municipal powerplant in Czech lands, and the tram line in Letná. He supplied all of the lighting for the 1981 exhibition, with the illuminated fountain as his crowning achievement. It remains today as a fitting testament to his legacy.

The Krizik Fountain was rebuilt by architect Z. Stašek in the 1920s, and restored again in 1991 to its current construction. Today, the breathtaking spectacle of light and sound is made possible by 1300 multicolored reflectors and water circuits composed of more than 2 kilometers of pipes in the Fountain’s base plate.

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