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If you’re visiting Prague and looking for a unique theatre experience, be sure to check out Laterna Magika. 

This innovative theatre company combines live performance with film projection and other multimedia elements to create an immersive show unlike anything else. Trust us; it’s well worth checking out!

Interesting facts about theatre you must know


The theatre has been around for centuries in some form but there are still plenty of interesting facts you may need to learn! 

For example, the earliest example of theatrical performance dates back to the Ancient Greeks, who used complex stage machinery such as crane-rented helicopters to deliver special effects and surprise their audiences. 

In Japan, a form called ‘Noh’ theatre combines singing, dancing and narration in a type of musical play that has been popular since its invention during the 14th century. 

Also, did you know that in London’s Globe Theatre, the management employed an official person known as a digger to hurl old vegetables on stage during performances? 

Theatre has contributed much to our culture over the years – next time you attend a show at your local theatre, make sure to explore further into its fascinating history!

Introduce the Laterna Magika Prague Theatre and its unique history

the Laterna Magika Prague Theatre. Copyright
Laterna Magika Prague Theatre. Copyright

The Laterna Magika theatre in Prague is renowned as one of the most inventive and creative theatrical companies in the world.

 Founded in 1958 by Josef Svoboda, this Czechoslovakian avant-garde theatre uses a mix of traditional theatre, dance, music, films and recordings to create an experience like no other.

Additionally, it has been an integral part of Czech cultural life ever since its inception, earning Josef Svoboda the title of “Father of Multimedia” for his pioneering work. 

The innovative use of technology throughout the productions makes Laterna Magika both unique and exciting to watch, with each story crafted from art forms both, old and new.

Whether you’re a seasoned theatregoer or it’s your first time watching a performance, you’ll love Laterna Magika!

The magical experience of attending a show at the Laterna Magika Theatre in Prague

Attending a show at Laterna Magika Prague theatre is an unforgettable experience! 

It’s a combination of drama, dance, and astonishing visual spectacle set to pulsing music and sound effects; this unique theatrical venue creates an experience unlike any other. Along with slick production values and jaw-dropping sets, the cleverly synchronized use of props and stage machinery creates the full multi-sensory performance Lateana Magika is renowned for. 

The theater offers many different performances using high-tech instruments along with traditional elements that really take guests on a psychedelic journey – you’ve never seen anything quite like it! 

For those looking to truly explore what Prague’s theater scene has to offer, Laterna Magika is guaranteed to be an awe-inspiring thrill.

Laterna Magika Prague Theatre – final overview


The Laterna Magika Prague theatre is a truly unique performance space with something to offer audiences both young and old. 

Its decades-long history sets it apart from other theatres in the city, allowing guests to experience art that generations have enjoyed  before them. Laterna Magika’s signature combination of theatre and modern dance uses both light and music to tell enchanting stories that connect deeply with viewers.

Additionally, its production team strives for artistic innovation by regularly hosting special screenings featuring both classic Czech works and experimental pieces from up-and-coming artists. All of this comes together to make Laterna Magika Prague one of the most magical places to watch a show in the city.

When visiting Laterna Magika, why not check out other amazing shows?

Prague is a city that offers a variety of unique and interesting attractions for visitors to experience. The renowned Laterna Magika brings theatre, dance and music together like no other show can. 

But that’s not all the city has to offer – there are plenty of other performances and activities on offer in theatres such as the National Theatre, Estates Theatre, or even the Black Light Theatre

Also, visitors can travel across the centuries on a sightseeing tour, enjoy a symphony from some of Europe’s finest musicians, or explore different artistic styles at The Museum Kampa’s twentieth-century art gallery. 

So whether you want to make your night out unforgettable with an electric performance at Laterna Magika or take your time exploring its culture through its vast array of attractions, Prague has something for everyone.

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