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Museum of Alchemy

Want to hear tales of enchantment and alchemy? Visit the Museum of Alchemy in Prague. This historical gem is located in Prague’s historic Jewish quarter and focuses on the study of alchemy.

The Alchemy Museum in Prague appears like any other building from the outside, so it’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. And due to its stigmatization as an occult practice, alchemy suffered from significant backlash in the 1600s.

It is speculated that Holy Emperor Rudolf II, a recognized believer in the occult arts, secretly engaged the Alchemist in charge of the shop to build tunnels leading to the Imperial Palace (presumably Edward Kelley).

This trip to the museum of alchemy and magic in Prague will lead you through a labyrinth of alchemists’ secret labs and underground vaults.

A Brief History of the Museum of Alchemy in Prague

Guide for the Museum of Alchemy in Prague
Guide for the Museum of Alchemy in Prague. copyright

During the reign of Rudolf II, who invited renowned alchemists to Prague, the city became a hub for the field. Christendom outlawed the use of alchemy by penalty of death. Hence, the alchemy laboratory in Hatalská Street included underground passages leading to the famous Prague Castle and Old Town Square like an escape hatch in the event of an emergency.

In 2002, when a small plaza adjacent to the alchemy museum in Prague crumbled because of severe floods from the Vltava River, the tunnels and the alchemy laboratory were unearthed.

The museum of alchemists and magicians of old (Prague) is located in the residence of Edward Kelley, a well-known alchemist from the sixteenth century who, similar to all alchemists, sought to transform base metals into gold. He said he had accomplished his goal. Indeed, alchemy was the precursor to modern chemistry, consisting of chemical experiments.

 Why Visit the Museum of Alchemy in Prague?

the museum of alchemy and magic in Prague
The museum of alchemy and magic in Prague. copyright
  • See the basement of the museum of alchemy in Prague, which is home to hidden alchemical labs between the 16th and 17th centuries that were constructed by the order of King Rudolf II.
  • See the healing potions made in there by the occultists of the time.
  • Find a shop selling similar potions in the building. These potions are made in a laboratory using the exact formulas discovered here.
  • Participate in a one-of-a-kind tour of Prague’s enchanting sites that are linked to the Speculum Alchemiae museum.
  • Visit Prague Castle, Vysehrad, the renowned Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, and the museum.
  • Learn more about the fascinating myths and traditions that surround the so-called Prague Magical Triangle.

Travel Guide for the Museum of Alchemy in Prague

History of the Museum of Alchemy in Prague
History of the Museum of Alchemy in Prague. copyright

Museum of alchemy Prague Price

Inquiring minds want to know how much it costs to enter the Speculum Alchemiae, the Museum of Alchemy.

Museum of Alchemy in Prague prices range from CZK 200.00 for adults to CZK 70.00 for children, CZK 500.00 for a family of four (two adults and two kids), CZK 150.00 for seniors, and CZK 150.00 for students.

Museum of alchemy Prague Opening Hours

Daily hours are from 10 am until 8 pm.

Keep in mind that regular business hours may change for holidays and other special occasions. In light of this, please call the Museum of Alchemy – Speculum Alchemiae to confirm their hours of operation prior to the visit.

Alchemy And Prague Castle Mysteries: A Three-Hour Guided Tour

Learn about the mysteries of the renowned Prague Castle on this particular evening walk. In addition to learning about the city’s past from your knowledgeable guide, you’ll also experience the captivating beauty of medieval Prague. Check out the city’s best landmarks in the dark!


  • Begin your exploration of Prague once the daytime crowds have dispersed and nightfall has set in. 
  • Start your tour in the famous Old Town Square, and then you’ll walk through streets steeped in myth. 
  • See Prague Castle, which is the highlight of your three-hour trip. See the monastery where the monks used to make sacred beer for the monarch. 
  • Tour the abbey, the New World, King’s Vineyard, and the renowned Charles Bridge at your own pace.
  • Go to Paris Street, the city’s priciest street and a former section of the Popular Jewish ghetto. 
  • Discover who king Rudolph II was and why he settled in Prague.
  • Go on to the beautiful synagogue, where legend has it Ghetto protector Golem is imprisoned.
  • On your way to the Manes Bridge, take advantage of the fascinating corner window that gives access to the Old Town’s lovely underground. 
  • Take a metro to the renowned Strahov Monastery, built in the twelfth century, at the top of the hill. 
  • Take in the sights of the stunning vista of the three peaks of St. Vitus Church.
  • Check out the Wallenstein Castle and the historic Powder Tower, as well as the St. Wenceslaus vineyards, which date back to the tenth century.

What is Included

  • Cancellation is free
  •  Make a reservation and pay for it later. 
  • It’s a three-hour tour.
  • A guide who is bilingual (English and German)
  • A tram ticket
  • Starting at € 24 per head

Take A Trip to the Museum of Alchemy in Prague

Prague is not only an intriguing tourist destination but also a cultural center unlike any other.

Go to the Museum of Alchemy in Prague if you get the chance to go there. As a scientist or nerd, you will be satisfied. Check out our Museum of Alchemy Prague TripAdvisor for new suggestions.

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