National Monument at Vítkov, Prague


National Monument at Vítkov

Czech name: Národní památník na Vítkově

The National Monument at Vítkov in Prague was built in honor of General Jan Žižka, who won a historic battle on the hill in on July of 1420. Like many of the best features of Prague sightseeing, it’s a good walk loaded with amazing views. Also at this monument, you can honor the Czech Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Where is the National Monument located

The National Monument at Vítkov is south of the Vltava River and just east of Wilsonova street. The address is U Památníku 1900, Praha 3. Your driver may be able to get you close, but plan to do stretch your legs to get to the top. Buses 207 and 133 can also get you to the park.

The park features several walking paths and routes to the top where the memorial is located. The statue is easily seen from many points in the park. Give yourself time to find the path that is best suited to your abilities. Once you arrive at the top, you’ll find seating areas where you can linger, rest and enjoy the views.

National Monument at Vítkov – Entrance Fee

You will need to call ahead for opening hours and to book for large groups. Take care to check out their website as to tour availability. The entry fee of National Monument at Vítkov is 120 CZK, reduced 80 CZK. Take care to check out the weather; the memorial interior is not heated.

Bronze Jan Žižka Statue on Vítkov Hill is the biggist equestrian statue in the world
Bronze Jan Žižka Statue on Vítkov Hill is the biggist equestrian statue in the world

What to Do around the National Monument?

From this hill, you can easily see the sights of this remarkable city. As this is one of the largest equestrian statues in the world, you’ll want to carefully study the piece itself from all angles. 

It’s important to note that the beloved city of Prague, or Praha as she’s called by those who live there, has some ancient pathways. You’ll find a lot of cobblestones in this city, so take care to wear very good shoes and be ready for a bit of a hike. If you’re planning to be out after dark, keep an eye on the road for any unevenness.

Praha is also constantly growing, expanding and under repair. A National Monument is planned which will include The Crossroads of Czech Statehood, and a café that will feature views of the city. 

This hill isn’t far from the Vltava River. As you get closer to the river, you’ll find some of the oldest structures in the area. Check out the tiny shops and small cafes in the area. Stop for bread, coffee and preserves or enjoy a beer or wine in one of the many sidewalk cafes near the water.

History of National Monument at Vítkov Prague

For an old city, this remarkable memorial is actually fairly young. The statue was finished and erected in 1950. The Memorial Hall structure behind it was finished in 1932. 

The model for the memorial was sought out by the Nazis for destruction. As the Gestapo searched, the artists and patriots working to save the form cut it up and hid it in several different spots, include burying it under coal.

Praha has seen many forms of leadership, and some neighborhoods and structures suffered neglect and even abuse at different times. However, she continues to grow. The Memorial at Vitkov is a marvelous example of the resilience of this great city.

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