National Technical Museum, Prague Czech Republic

National Technical museum

National Technical Museum

Czech name: Národní technické muzeum

Prague sightseeing will be interesting and educational at the National Technical Museum, the largest institution with extensive collections that, since 1908, has preserved artifacts and information relating to the history of technology, the development of the technical fields of natural and exact sciences, engineering achievements, and the past and current industries of the Czech Republic. Much information is in English as well as in Czech. 

Location & How to Get to the National Technical Museum Prague 

National Technical Museum is at 42 Kostelní street near the beautiful Letná Park.

If you take public transportation, get off the tram at Letenské náměstí. The nearest underground station is Vltavská on line C or Hradčanská on line A. Continue by tram until Letenské náměstí. If you drive yourself, paid parking is in front of the attraction. 

History of the National Technical Museum, Prague Czech Republic

The National Technical Museum in Prague was established in 1908. It was born from an initiative of technical intelligence in Prague. The National Technical Museum of Prague opened its first public exposition in 1910 and since then it has built an unique collection documenting the development of many technical fields, exact and natural sciences and industry.

National Technical Museum Prague Opening Hours & Entry 

The National Technical Museum is closed on Mondays. The National Technical Museum Prague opening hours are listed below:

Tuesday- Friday: 9 am- 6 pm
Saturday- Sunday: 9 am- 6 pm 

National Technical Museum, Prague price

The National Technical Museum Prague price, or ticket price into the technical museum sells for 150 CZK, while the reduced ticket costs 80 CZK. While the National Technical Museum, Prague tickets for an entire family costs 300 CZK.

National Technical Museum, Czechia
National Technical Museum

What to Do & What to See at the National Technical Museum, Prague 

The fantastic large building with 14 expositions over three floors is filled with an amazing displays of everything from exhibits of impressive bikes, motorcycles, cars, trains, airplanes, engines, and more in the Transport Hall. Other exhibits include photography improvements, holograms, lasers, historical math devices, architecture, astronomy, chemistry, printing, design, television, radio, appliance innovation, washers, stoves, and sewing, photography, clock making, and others. 

You can visit a mine and experience what it would be like to work as a miner. One section at the National Technical Museum of Prague is set up for children to play and build things. The astronomy exhibit features telescopes, celestial globes, and sundials and gives the opportunity to touch a meteorite that was found in 2005 at Argentina’s Campo del Cielo. 

The transportation history exhibit in the “transportation hall"
The transportation history exhibit in the “transportation hall”

A Remarkable Tour to the National Technical Museum

The museum has been amassing extensive collections for over a century, chronicling the evolution of numerous fields of technology, natural and precise sciences, and modern industry across what is now the Czech Republic’s territory. You can avoid waiting in line by purchasing your National Technical Museum admission in advance. Explore the museum’s collections and cutting-edge exhibits at your own speed after a brief introduction.


  • Buy a ticket to the National Technical Museum in Prague and explore its many exhibits.
  • Get oriented with a short video before entering, and then take your time exploring the exhibits on your own.
  • There is a museum cafe where you can purchase snacks and drinks.
  • The ticket is only valid for one day.
  • Cancellation is free.
  • Starting at € 19.50 per person
  • Except for Monday, the museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Bilingual descriptions in Czech and English accompany the displays.
  • One admission gets you into any of the rotating exhibits as well as all 15 permanent displays.
  • Join your guide outside the museum for a quick English-language introduction to the exhibits you’re about to view.
  •  Proceed by yourself to the museum’s one-of-a-kind exhibits.
  •  Learn about the significant impacts of technological development, natural science, and industrialization in the Czech Republic.

What is Included

  • Admission to the National Technical Museum
  • 20-minute English intro
  • A small group of no more than ten people
  • English greeter or host
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