Non-touristy activities in Prague

Non-touristy Prague

Unforgettable non-touristy activities

If the thought of living like a local away from home makes you feel like you’re giving up being a tourist, well, that’s not always the case. Living like a non-tourist is a real way to be closer and personal to where you’re touring, and this helps you to actively participate in the local way of life. Read on for the guidelines of the unforgettable non-touristy activities in Prague for you.

Additionally, embracing life as a local positively impacts the travel budget. Whether you travel expensively, moderately, or on a tight budget, whatever the comfort level and facilities you prefer, this style of travel is more cost-effective than average tourist living expenses.

Unforgettable Non-Touristy Activities in Prague

By traveling like one of the locals instead of a tourist, you discover the lesser-known “hidden gems” of your destination and participate in the lifestyle of your host country by socializing with the locals.

Prague is a beautiful city with a lot to offer visitors, but many tourists only see the most popular attractions. If you want to experience Prague like a local, there are many great non-touristy activities to enjoy.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Visit the Rudolfinum Concert Hall for free art exhibitions and workshops.
  • Relax in the peaceful Vojanovy Sady park, home to a flock of peacocks.
  • Explore the Jewish Quarter, including the Old Jewish Cemetery.
  • Take a walk in Letna Park, with stunning views of the city.
  • Visit Jeleni Prokop, a hidden park near Prague Castle.
  • Attend one of the many cultural festivals that take place throughout the year.
  • Go for a romantic walk along the Vltava River.
  • Discover the spooky side of Prague, with its ghosts, haunted forests, and abandoned graveyards.
  • Explore the farthest reaches of the metropolis, with its ancient castles, charming medieval streets, and beautiful natural scenery.

These are just a few of the many non-touristy activities that you can enjoy in Prague. By experiencing the city like a local, you’ll get a unique perspective on this beautiful city and its rich history and culture.

Prague through the eyes of locals

Prague through the eyes of locals
Prague through the eyes of locals

When you view Prague in the eyes of a local, you will be immersing yourself entirely in that environment there; you will learn more about your surroundings and travel and live within a set budget.

This gem’s affordability, recurrent connections to numerous main airports, and incredible architecture attract millions of people annually. There’s a lot more you can discover by exploring like the locals.

The beauty of this town is that you won’t have to pay a thing for the unforgettable non-commercial yet priceless activities you will engage in.

Rudolfinum Concert Hall

This stylish concert hall sits opposite the Vltava river and Prague Castle. It is the home of the Philharmonic Orchestra. At the Rudolfinum Gallery, you will come across free art exhibitions upstairs. The latest ArtPark located downstairs holds free workshops for kids and a range of films intending to explore art.

Wallenstein Gardens

Also, next to the small square of the small town and close to the famous Wallenstein gardens, you will meet a hidden park in the center of Prague, Vojanovy Sady. This small gem provides a rare chance to chill out in a peaceful and well-kept green reserve that hosts a gathering of native peacocks.

Jewish Quarter (Jewish Ghetto)

This gem is centrally located, enclosed by the Vltava River and the Old Town Square. Jews had to abandon their homes and settle in this region of the Czech Republic.

Consider including the Old Jewish Cemetery, Europe’s most extraordinary of its kind, on your visit.

Letna Park

This non-commercial spot sought-after by natives is situated close to the commemorated ancient city center and it’s past the watercourse, enclosed by Stromovka and Letensky Parks. As the park is located on top of the Letna hill, the view is fantastic, especially in summer.

The park’s center is a vast metronome that previously housed a massive Stalin statue. Also, this Park is ideal for most sporting activities such as roller-skating, walking, jogging, or a siesta.

Jeleni Prokop

This hidden spot from tourists is near the well-known Prague Castle, but most people don’t know about the existence of this quiet and eye-catching place.

Throughout Rodolphe II’s reign, in the park, there were many deer hunted for the kitchen and for the pleasure of the Castle. Thus was born the name Jeleni Prikop or Deer Moat.

Whenever you’re in search of a quiet spot away from everyone touring the Castle, you know the right place to chill out a bit.

List of 5 non-touristy things you will enjoy in Prague

There are a few select spots in town that residents acknowledge as the town’s concealed treasures. If you’re in search of locations for relaxing and hanging out that are less crowded, read on to find out.

Around the World Festival

Touring Europe is an opportunity to delight any knowledgeable tourer. Owing to the deep culture and charm packed into this mainland, there are plenty of ways to spend your vacation. Fests are an additional sector where Europe attracts numerous tourers to celebrate their deep culture, craft, and fie tunes.

Since the Czech capital may be a spirited and energetic town better-known for it, it’s a hotbed of year-round cultural festivals that serve entirely different audiences. Festivals in Prague don’t seem to be simply some way of conserving the culture; however, the locals are actively trying to find other ways to push these celebrations to a higher level every year.

Romantic walks around the Vltava river

You can take romantic walks in the river several times, starting from Charles bridge to Jraskuv. The walk is lovely on either side. As a result of various bridges, you’ll be able to cross the river a couple of times.

It’s also lovely to see several impressive buildings near the river. We strongly recommend that you decide to take a walk along the Vltava River. It’s an excellent way to see Prague.

Discover mysterious places in Prague

Prague is also referred to as the Magic City, and it is not surprising. Places linked to myths and mysteries are imprinted across town, and as years went by, people from soccerers to draculas are believed to have come and passed through Prague.

You can discover the spooky and dark side of the Czech Republic! Discover the bold ghosts in the city, where the mystical gates of hell are, haunted forests, voices of undead and draculas, deserted graveyards currently for satanic rituals at night, goblins, weird and strange elves, and more.

Explore the farthest reaches of the metropolis

Prague is a perfect springboard for adventure. Whether you’re in search of ancient castles and charming medieval streets, rich cultural experiences in museums and art galleries, or just the opportunity to explore the landscape, you will discover that’s there’s plenty outside to do

From the ancient churches to beautiful ancient palaces and weird rock formations, the possibilities for day trips from Prague are endless. And other major cities in Europe are Dresden and also within easy reach.

farthest reaches of the metropolis Prague
The Metropolis Prague

Discover the cycle paths created from the former railway lines

A newly found cycling path following an old railway line route has opened the middle of the Nový Jičín and Hostašovicetowns in the Czech Republic’s east.

This cycle path begins from Podbaba. You can access from line A2 via a ferry from P2 Podhoří to V Podbabě. Follow the 6 km cycling path below the railway line and take the A17 road, climbing gently into the Šárka valley. The route has a mixture of low-traffic asphalt roads and forestland roads and comes to a close in Nebušice village.

Experiencing Prague like a local and engaging in non-touristy things comes with so many benefits, plus this is the only way you will see the capital of the Czech Republic from a totally different perspective. Also, you can enjoy the scenery and the amazing historical architecture in the city.

Prague is indeed a charming paradise with intoxicating vibes and lively uptown culture. Immerse yourself in a peaceful atmosphere and indulge in the unforgettable non-touristy activities in Prague that we have provided above for an unforgettable experience in this beautiful city.

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