O2 Arena Prague: Concerts, Capacity, Hotels, Dining 

O2 Arena Prague: Concerts

The O2 Arena in Prague has quickly become one of the most popular places in the city to see a concert, a sporting event, or any other type of performance. Tourists and residents may enjoy a full night of entertainment thanks to the venue’s tremendous capacity, adjacent hotels, and culinary options.

Concerts like the Björk Concert in Prague are a staple at the O2 Arena in Prague, but it also hosts other types of events. Fans of both big-name international acts and up-and-coming local acts will find something to enjoy at this popular music venue. The arena features not just musical performances but also sporting events, stand-up comedy shows, and other forms of entertainment. 

There are shops, lounges, eateries, and bars in the arena, as well as spaces for press conferences and conventions.

O2 Arena Prague Capacity: Hosting Spectacular Events 

The O2 Arena in Prague capacity is 18,000, making it one of the largest multi-purpose venues in Europe. Over 600,000 people visit it every year since it debuted in 2004 for the Ice Hockey World Championships. World-famous musicians and athletes routinely perform there, and the venue itself plays host to major cultural events. 

The performance surface and auditorium of the O2 Arena can be configured in over forty different spatial, functional, and technical configurations. The O2 venue in Prague can hold up to 18,000 people for a huge rock concert. The O2 Arena features cutting-edge technology such as a gigantic television cube, integrated TV circuit, display facades, a separate TV studio, sliding stands, superb acoustics, a light park, and sophisticated telecommunication equipment.

Best Seats in the House: O2 Arena Prague Seating Views


Getting the ideal seats at the O2 Arena in Prague could enhance your concert, sports game, or other event experience. The venue’s large seating capacity and outstanding layout give several alternatives, so choose seats that meet your needs. This guide will help you locate the best O2 Arena seats for various events.

For concerts in Prague

Floor seating in the front rows : These seats gets you near to the stage. They put you in the middle of it in a unique and intimate way.

Lower-Tier Seats: Lower-tier seats near the stage offer closeness and an unobstructed view. People who wish to see performers up close minus the intensity of seats in the front select these seats.

Side View Seats: Lower-tier side view seats allow unique stage and crowd views. You won’t be directly in front of the artists, but you may get a better view.

Events in sports

Middle Court/Ice Seats: For ice hockey, basketball, and tennis, the best seats are in the middle of the arena for a clear view of the action and a wonderful view.

For sports events: The lower-tier midfield seats are ideal. You can see the athletes up close and the field or court.

Luxury boxes and suites: These seats offer some of the best sporting event seats. These offer luxury, seclusion, and special amenities, making them elite sports accommodations.

All-around views

Upper-Tier Center tickets: For a full arena perspective, upper-tier center tickets are ideal. A bird’s-eye view of the event is great for major concerts or sports games.

O2 Arena balcony seats: Some performances employ a stage that extends onto the arena floor. Balcony seats near the back of the arena offer a stunning view of the stage and floor.

Loge seats: Depending on the event design, loge seats along the arena edges can provide a well-rounded perspective, especially if you choose to avoid the crowds in the lower sections.

Upcoming Thrills: O2 Arena Prague Events and Concerts Calendar

The O2 Arena is a bustling center of activity, hosting a wide variety of events, Prague concerts, and shows every single day of the year. We suggest checking out the O2 Arena Prague’s official website to learn more about the venue, organize your trip, and find out about upcoming events. 

Dining Delights: Restaurants Near O2 Arena Prague 

There are a number of restaurants in the area around the O2 Arena in Prague that are worth checking out before or after an event. There is a wide variety of restaurants and cafes to satisfy any hunger, whether it be for traditional Czech food, exotic cuisines, or a fast bite. Some great restaurants close to the O2 Arena are as follows:


Among the highlights of this burger joint’s menu are the many creative burgers that have made Belzepub famous. Burger lovers will love this place.

Bistrøt 104

Bistrøt 104 features a varied cuisine that includes both Czech and international fare. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, perfect for enjoying a delicious dinner.

Alriso Ristorante

Pasta, pizza, and delectable desserts are just some of the highlights of the Italian cuisine served at Alriso Ristorante.


Ferdinand’s, situated in the Clarion Hotel, is known for its unique fusion of Czech and international cuisine. The eatery has a soothing vibe.

Mezzanine Restaurant

The Clarion Congress Hotel’s Mezzanine Restaurant, which features Czech and international cuisine, is known for its broad buffet and à la carte menu.

Bar & Books Ristorante Tosca

Pasta, pizza, and a great wine list are just a few of the highlights of this Italian restaurant that is part of the Bar & Books group.

Hany Bany

Hany Bany, a Czech pub-style eatery, is a great place to enjoy authentic Czech cuisine and beer in a casual setting.

Staying in Style: Hotels Near O2 Arena Prague


Staying at a hotel near O2 Arena in Prague is a practical option for those attending events there. Here is a list of some hotels, ranging in price, that are conveniently located near the O2 Arena:

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

The Clarion Congress Hotel is one of the most accessible options for accommodation due to its proximity to the O2 Arena on foot. It has high-tech conveniences, roomy accommodations, and a convenient on-site eatery. The hotel’s proximity to the venue makes it a popular choice for visitors.

Courtyard by Marriott Prague City

This Marriott hotel is a great option because of its trendy rooms, on-site gym, and proximity to public transportation. The O2 Arena is a quick tram ride away.

Hotel Aida

The Hotel Aida is an affordable alternative with nice, clean accommodations. It’s in a peaceful neighborhood but not too far from the O2 Arena.

Hotel Carlton

In addition to its pleasant rooms and on-site restaurant, the Hotel Carlton features a blend of contemporary and traditional design elements. The arena is a quick tram ride away.

Hostel Florenc

Hostel Florenc is a great option for those on a tight budget, as it provides both shared and private accommodations. It’s convenient for getting to the O2 Arena because it’s close to the Florenc bus station and metro station.

Hotel Adeba

The Hotel Adeba The Hotel Adeba is a pleasant, mid-priced choice. Its proximity to several modes of public transportation makes the venue convenient to visit.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting spectacle of the Prague Signal Festival of Lights, where the cityscape transforms into a mesmerizing canvas of artistic illuminations.

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