Prague for Dog Owners: A Complete Guide

Prague for Dog Owners

Is Prague dog-friendly? If you adore dogs and want to visit Prague, but are concerned about their accessibility? Don’t worry! This delightful city in the centre of Europe is known not just for its stunning architecture and rich history, but also for its dog-friendly atmosphere. For those travelling with canine friends, the question becomes: Is Prague dog-friendly? The answer is a resounding yes.

Also, Prague’s dog-friendly restaurants, cafes, and stores are a highlight. Dogs often lounge under tables at outdoor cafes or shop in boutiques with their owners. This makes it easy to take your dog sightseeing and shopping without leaving them.

In addition, Prague has several green spots where your dog may run about and relax in addition to accompanying you practically everywhere. The city has several large parks, including Petřín Hill and Stromovka Park, ideal for dog walks and fetch games. Many dog parks and fenced spaces allow your pet to run off-leash and mingle with other dogs.

Overall in Prague, you may find pet-friendly accommodations that offer services like dog sitting in Prague. Most hotels, hostels, and holiday homes welcome dogs, so you won’t have to leave your pet in a kennel while exploring the city.

Is Prague a Dog-Friendly City?

Is Prague dog-friendly? Yes, the city of Prague certainly welcomes dogs and their owners with open arms, providing a wide range of services and activities that four-legged friends can enjoy.

While there are a few rules and regulations to keep in mind—for example, some indoor facilities do not allow dogs, and you must follow leash laws and dispose of waste properly—Prague offers plenty of green spaces, parks, and eateries that welcome pets. 

Furthermore, dogs are welcome on the city’s public transit system, which has spaces for both little and big canines. Prague provides a pleasant experience for dog owners who wish to explore the city with their four-legged friends, thanks to its variety of pet-friendly amenities and accepting attitude towards dogs.

Dog-friendly bars and parks 

There are several parks and bars in Prague that welcome dogs, so people from all over can relax and enjoy the city with their four-legged friends. Consider these beautiful parks and gardens in Prague:

Dog bar in Prague

Brewsta Craft Beer Bar: a little bar in the Vinohrady neighbourhood, that serves a large variety of craft brews. The bar welcomes dogs, which helps to create a comfortable environment for both pets and their owners.

Dog Bar: A favourite venue for dog owners, Dog Bar is located in the city centre near Wenceslas Square. In addition to appetizers, beer, and cocktails, this dog-friendly bar also has a great atmosphere for canines to meet new friends.

Bistro Kavárna: The Letná neighbourhood is home to Bistro Kavárna, a popular restaurant with a reputation for tasty cuisine and an outdoor patio that welcomes pets. While guests savour a meal or a cup of coffee, their beloved pets can unwind by their sides.

Dog park friendly in Prague

Letná Park: With its expansive grounds and breathtaking city views, Letná Park is the perfect spot for dogs to run free and play. There are paved walks, grassy spaces, and off-leash zones in Letná Park where dogs can run about and play.

Stromovka Park: A popular spot for dog owners in Prague is Stromovka Park, one of the city’s bigger parks. Stromovka offers a verdant haven for dogs to run around in, with its many paths for walking and ponds for splashing around in.

Stromovka Park

Riegrovy Sady: A well-liked park in the Vinohrady neighbourhood, Riegrovy Sady has a special area where dogs are allowed to run free. Visitors can unwind with a drink in hand in the park’s beer garden as they watch their pets run free in the vicinity.

Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog in Prague

Prague provides dog owners with several activities to enjoy with their pets. Here are some activities with dogs in Prague:

Exploring parks and gardens

Explore Prague’s parks and gardens with your dog for a relaxing stroll or enthusiastic gallop. Letná Park, Stromovka Park, and Riegrovy Sady are popular dog-friendly parks with lots of green space.

Visit pet-friendly cafes and eateries

Many Prague cafés and restaurants offer outdoor seating for pets. Relax with a coffee or meal as your dog watches the city from your feet.

Joining a dog walking group or meetup

Connect with other dog owners and their pups by joining a dog walking club or attending a meetup event. Dogs and owners can socialize and exercise at these events.

Explore dog-friendly destinations

Some tourist destinations may not allow dogs inside, but there are many outside options to enjoy with your pet. Visit Petřín Hill, Vyšehrad Castle, or Prague Zoo, all of which allow dogs in outdoor areas.

Visit dog-friendly festivals

Look for dog-friendly Prague festivals and events year-round. Dog shows, agility contests, pet expos, and adoption fairs offer many chances to bond with your dog and meet other dog lovers.

Going on a scenic hike or nature walk

Try a nice stroll or nature walk with your dog to escape city life. Enjoy a day of outdoor adventure in Prague’s countryside or environmental reserves.

Playing fetch or frisbee in a dog park

Activities in Prague include playing fetch or frisbee at authorized dog parks, where dogs can run off-leash and play freely. Play fetch or other enjoyable games with your dog using a ball or frisbee.

7 dog-friendly hotels in Prague 

Here is a summary of seven dog friendly hotels in Prague that welcome canines, along with their respective addresses:

  • Hotel Pod Věží

Address: Mostecká 58/2, Praha 1 – Malá Strana, 118 00

  • Mamaison Residence Downtown Prague

 Address: Na Rybníčku 1329/5, 120 00, Prague 2

  • Hotel Savoy

Address: Keplerova 6, Prague 1 – Lesser Town (Malá Strana)

  • Grand Hotel Bohemia

Address: Křižovnická 4, Prague 1 – Old Town (Staré Město)

  • Hotel U Prince

Address: Staroměstské náměstí 29, Prague 1 – Old Town (Staré Město)

  • Hotel Julian

Address: Elisky Peskove 11, Prague 5 – Smíchov

  • BoHo Prague Hotel

Address: Senovážná 4, Prague 1 – New Town (Nové Město)

These dog-friendly accommodations in Prague provide pleasant rooms in accessible locations, allowing visitors to explore the city alongside their canine companions. Before reserving your stay, inquire about each hotel’s pet policy, any extra fees, and pet-specific amenities.

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