Prague Bike Tour: Discover the City in a Different Way

Prague bike tour

Prague Bike Tour

If  exploring Prague, Czech Republic’s hidden gem is on your bucket list, it’s important you know nothing beats experiencing this beautiful town and its scenery on your two wheels.  For an adrenaline rush, that feeling of freedom, better mental health, and the chances of coming across places you never knew existed, book a Prague bike tour.

Prague is famous for its well-kept castles, cathedrals, old squares, nightlife, elegant bridges, and vibrant art scene. This article offers a Prague bike tour, A memorable city experience with something beautiful for everyone.

Why take a bike ride in Prague ?

bike ride in Prague
Bike ride in Prague

●     Biking in Plaque is relatively easy and keeps you in good shape, with a combination of a few low hills now and then and steeper climbs.

●     With less traffic to encounter, this area is a great place for cycling. The many roads and landscapes that you pass by are breathtaking. Everyone crosses the Czech Republic by bicycle because biking here is awesome!

●     The towns are charming, full of European local festivals and tourists.

●     Znojmo, Jindrichuv Hradec, and Trebon are sophisticated; The square of Telč is such a pleasure to walk around. Cesky Krumlov will blow your mind away.

●     There are some great places to visit, as one of the first breweries in the country because people here love beer.

●     There is a wide variety of dishes in this country, with fish dishes, meat, soups and sides of potatoes or bread dumplings. Traditionally, a meal begins with a soup or a salad.

●     A tour to places to the unknown will give you a whole new  perspective

●     The roads are marked ensuring you don’t get lost on your way.

The best cycling tours in 2023 and their routes

The exquisite Prague castle gardens

Our bike ride will take you round  the Prague Castle gardens situated in the Prague’s  Hradcany district and earlier where the rulers of Bohemia resided, currently the head of state stays there. This exquisite garden is among the most explored cities by both domestic and international tourists. This massive fortress takes a long time to wholly tour but it’s worth it.

Highlights are similar to the  former palace’s major chamber, so imposing it can accommodate contests and ladders for knights on horseback to use. Also, ensure you spend some of your time within the Royal Garden which has various magnificent ancient structures. This ancient garden dates  from 1534.

The splendid square of Wenceslas

bike ride The splendid square of Wenceslas
Bike ride in The splendid square of Wenceslas

Experience with us the new beautiful parts of the city that arose from the need to grow and prosper in a spectacular way, the wonderful Wenceslas Square which is worth your time.

It was built in the time of Charles IV’s reign as a place where horses were traded and from then it has grown into an essential space open to the public in the city. Today many use it for occasions and also  parties.

Charles Bridge

Popular for being Europe’s old bridge. On this bike tour, you will see the most attributes of the ancient bridges of Europe; the magnificent Charles Bridge has 32 remarkable centers of interest along its 621 meters stretch. The bridge is most famous for its many beautiful ancient statues. Visit the bridge at dusk to watch the beautiful sunset.

The National Plague Museum

This tour will allow you to get an opportunity to visit the great Prague’s National Museum. It has numerous essential collections that represent a variety of sectors, with multiple millions of artifacts, such as mineralogy, anthropology, archeology, zoology, music, and art.

The extraordinary Prague Zoo

Created in 1931, the extraordinary Prague Zoo is among the world’s best zoos and a major attraction site in the city  is a great enjoyable getaway, mainly for families traveling with their little ones.

Places your little ones can have fun is like the zoo and an expansive adventure playground. This zoo contains 4,200 animals and has around 650 species, most considered endangered, the Prague zoo is best known for its major efforts in trying to save the  Przewalski,a native stallion that is endangered.

Where to book a Prague bike tour ?

Prague by Ebike

They offer history, architecture, and breathtaking views of Prague. They offer two 3 hour bike tours. Tours are private and unique experiences. With their professional guides and fleet of eco-friendly electric bicycles, you’ll cycle through Prague’s beautiful city without breaking a sweat.

City Bike Prague

They will allow you to discover this city in a pleasant and safe environment. They won’t let you down. Enjoy cycling with their guide to learn about the incredible history that made Prague so amazing.

Prague bike tour isn’t for the timid. On the way you will encounter a wreckless drivers, sharp hills and corners, rocks, tramways that will make the cycling scary at first but the experience you will get overrides all the bad experiences and the challenges on the way.

Our website will provide you with information on what to see in Prague and advise you on whether you should stay a few days or a week. We offer a step-by-step guide and help you in getting the most out of your trip and plan it before you leave your destination. You will have access to useful and detailed information, and you will also get lots of Prague trips.

Make sure you don’t miss a bike tour the next time you’re in Prague !

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