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There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Prague as a potential vacation spot if you’re a frequent traveler, but do you know Prague is the capital of which country?

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. As ranked by population, it’s the EU’s fourteenth biggest metropolis. As the former capital of Bohemia, it additionally has a rich history. Located on the Vltava River’s banks in the nation’s northwest, Prague is the residence of 1.24 million inhabitants. The populace of the city center is believed to be close to 2 million.

Following World War One, Czechs proclaimed the capital of Czechoslovakia, Prague, but before that, it was a significant city for the Habsburg Dynasty as well as its Austro-Hungarian Kingdom. Notable events in the history of the capital transpired during the Protestant Reformation, the Three Decades War, World Wars I & II, and the Communist period of the twentieth century.

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Why Prague is the capital of Czech Republic

In October 1918, when World War I had ended, the newly independent nation of Czechoslovakia chose Prague as its capital. The President’s official residence moved to Prague Castle. The formation of the modern Czech Republic in 1993 did not put an end to this custom, which continued throughout the entire century.

The Czech Republic is divided into two regions, both of which have their capital in Prague: the Prague area and the Central Bohemian Region.

The Climate and Physical Location

 Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge

The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague which, lies in the geographic center of Europe, although it has no access to the sea. The capital, Prague, is situated on the beautiful Vltava River in the nation’s northwestern corner. Prague is located at an elevation of 177–399 meters, and it has a total area of above 5,000 km2 (c. 50,000 acres).

Because of its position in the northern hemisphere, Prague enjoys a warm climate, with somewhat higher temperatures than most other sites with a comparable geographical latitude due to its placement in the hemisphere’s temperate climatic zone. You can learn more about the weather in Prague here.

The Significance And Preeminence of The Capital of Czech

  • Prague wasn’t just the home of two Holy Rulers; it was also the Roman Empire’s capital; it was built in the Romanesque period and flourished during the Medieval and Renaissance periods. 
  • The ruin and violence that characterized Europe in the twentieth century and remain thriving today spared several of Prague’s world-famous cultural landmarks. 
  • The Prague Castle, the medieval Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, the renowned Jewish Quarter, the iconic Lennon Wall, and Petrin hill are just a few famous landmarks of the city. Prague’s vast historic center has been on the World Heritage List of UNESCO from 1992.
  • Over the top ten museums can be found in the city, not to mention numerous other cultural institutions like theaters, art galleries, movie theaters, and more. 
  • The city has an advanced network of public transit options connecting it. 
  • The city also has numerous public and private educational institutions, notably Charles University. 
  • Due to its significant historical significance, the city attracts around 4.4 million foreign tourists per year as of 2011. 
  • Prague is a popular tourist destination in Europe, ranking among the likes of Rome, London, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, Bucharest, Istanbul, and Amsterdam.

3-Hour Guided Walking Tour of Prague in German

This 3-hour guided walking tour will take you through the heart of Prague, from the Old Town Square to the Jewish Quarter and Prague Castle. Along the way, you will learn about the history and legends of the city from your expert guide.


  • Visit the Old Town Square, home to the Church of Our Lady before Týn and the Old Town Hall with its astronomical clock.
  • Explore the Jewish Quarter and see the Maisel Synagogue and Pinkas Synagogue.
  • Walk across Charles Bridge and admire the views of the city.
  • Ascend Prague Castle and see the St. Vitus Cathedral and the Golden Lane.


  • Licensed guide
  • Tram ticket

See The Sights in Prague, The Czech Republic’s Capital

Czech Republic

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The Globalization and World Cities Research Network ranks Prague as an “Alpha” world-class city, placing it in the same league as Vienna, Seoul, and Washington, DC; if you haven’t seen it for yourself yet, what are you waiting for?

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