Enjoy the Prague Easter Festival: A Celebration of Music and Culture


The Prague Easter Festival, held in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic, celebrates traditional and contemporary music and the Czech people’s rich cultural legacy. This bustling festival offers something for everyone, from classical concerts to folk music performances.

One of the attractions of the Prague Easter Festival is the yearly Easter Parade, a colorful procession through Prague’s streets that includes traditional costumes, dancing, and music. This unique experience fully immerses guests in Czech culture and traditions.

In addition to music and cultural events, the Prague Easter Festival provides tourists with a range of culinary pleasures. Enjoy classic Czech cuisine like a roasted pig with dumplings and sauerkraut, or indulge in sweet delicacies like the famed Trdelník pastry.

Whether you enjoy music, and food, or simply want to immerse yourself in another culture, the Prague Easter Festival provides something for everyone. 

Prague Easter Festival: Origin and history 

Prague holds an annual Easter festival commemorating spring and Easter in the Czech Republic. Starting decades ago in Prague’s rich musical and cultural traditions, this festival has a rich history.

The Prague Easter Festival originated in the mid-20th century when Prague began presenting Easter-themed concerts and performances. Local singers and performers were included in these early events, which were held in old churches and concert halls.

The Prague Easter Festival gained popularity and international praise. Organizers began inviting world-renowned orchestras, choirs, and soloists to the festival, transforming it into a global cultural event.

The Prague Easter Festival has always celebrated the Czech Republic’s rich musical legacy and different musical genres. The festival features classical symphonies, choral works, contemporary chamber music, and experimental performances for all musical tastes.

Your Guide to Attending the Prague Easter Festival: Dates and Venues

How does Prague celebrate Easter? Prague celebrates Easter with a variety of religious traditions, cultural activities, and seasonal rituals that represent the city’s rich history and legacy, including the Prague Easter Festival, which is a fantastic experience filled with classical music and a festive atmosphere. This comprehensive guide covers this esteemed cultural festival, with dates and venues to mark on your calendar. 


The Prague Easter Festival normally spans several days before and after Easter. Scheduled for April 5th to April 21st in 2024, the celebration will take place in the weeks before Easter Sunday, giving tourists plenty of time to enjoy its extensive attractions.


The Rudolfinum: As a renowned music hall in Prague, it is the main location for the Prague Easter Festival. This historic edifice overlooks the Vltava River and hosts orchestral, chamber, and choral events.

Municipal House: An iconic location in Prague’s Old Town, the Municipal House holds Easter celebration events. Known for its Art Nouveau architecture and luxurious interiors, this vast structure hosts legendary musical performances by ensembles and singers.

The Church of St. Simon and St. Jude: These churches provide a unique venue for sacred music concerts and vocal performances, with a rich history and architectural grandeur. This centuries-old church in Prague’s Lesser Town district offers an intimate and reverent setting for Easter’s spiritual and cultural significance.

Other Venues: Besides the main venues, the Prague Easter Festival may feature performances at churches, concert halls, and cultural institutes throughout the city. Check the festival program for all venues and events.

Attendee Tips

  • Popular Prague Easter Festival performances sell out rapidly. Pre-purchase tickets through official ticketing channels or approved merchants to secure your spot.
  • Get there early to allow time for parking, ticket collecting, and seating. This eliminates stress and lets you visit the venue before the show.
  • Festivities have no dress code, but many patrons dress semi-formal to appreciate the occasion and artists. Dress comfortably but elegantly to match the event.

Following this guide and enjoying the Prague Easter Festival’s extensive cultural activities will help you make memories and experience this beloved holiday custom.

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