Prague From Above: A Sky-High Exploration of the City’s Beauty

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The view of Prague from above is breathtaking, providing a new angle from which to appreciate the city’s ageless charm. From the ground up, Prague is a beautiful city, but getting a bird’s-eye view from above is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Seeing Prague from above reveals a stunning vista that encapsulates the city’s enduring charm, from its iconic spires to the flowing Vltava River.

The magical city of Prague is so much more than what you could expect! The mesmerizing allure of the Czech capital goes far beyond its medieval buildings and cobblestone lanes. See Prague from above to feel the magnitude of the city.

The aerial views of Prague are a sight to behold, whether viewed from vantage points atop castles or in parks; they let tourists to experience the city’s timeless allure from a vantage point that is just as magical as the location itself.

Discover the charm of Prague from Above

A view of Prague
A view of Prague

Prague’s Old Town and Charles Bridge are charming, but exploring from above reveals a mystery. From the majestic Prague Castle to the beautiful Vltava River, the city changes into a stunning and distinctive landscape.

Seeing Prague from above is like entering a timeless city’s spirit. Every angle, from ancient sites to hidden parks, contributes to Prague’s attractiveness. The city invites visitors to discover the enchantment of each spire, cobblestone street, and Vltava River meander. The past, nature, and architecture fuse. 

The allure of Prague from above stays with you long after the trip!

What are the most famous places in Prague to see from above?

Looking for where to see Prague from above? Prague has many famous sites and vantage spots with panoramic views. These places give tourists a unique view of the city’s architecture and history. Here are Prague’s most famous sights from above:

Prague Castle

  • Visit the castle’s high points to see Prague’s historic districts, the Vltava River, and red rooftops.
  • The towers of St. Vitus Cathedral amid the castle grounds give stunning views.

Charles Bridge

  • Charles Bridge is a beautiful viewpoint and ancient bridge with Baroque sculptures.
  • Climb the bridge towers for panoramic views of the Vltava River, Prague Castle, Old Town, and Malá Strana.

Petřín Lookout Tower

  • Walk up the Petrin lookout tower or catch the funicular to the top to see Prague’s Old Town, Castle, and Vltava River.

Astronomical Clock with Old Town Hall Tower

  • The Old Town Hall Tower overlooks the Old Town Square and its neighboring surroundings.
  • Climb the tower to see the Astronomical Clock in action and see Old Town from above.


  • Visit Vyšehrad, a historic fortification on a hill above the Vltava River, with stunning views of Prague.
  • From Vyšehrad, visitors can see the capital’s skyline, Prague Castle, and the Vltava River amidst lush greenery.

Letná Park

  • Letná Park on the Vltava’s west bank offers tranquility and stunning vistas.
  • Take a stroll around the park to see Prague’s bridges, Old Town, and castle without obstruction.

Strahov Monastery

  • The Strahov Monastery on Petřín Hill offers incredible views of the city.
  • The monastery’s terrace offers peaceful views of Prague and its monuments.

Dancing House (Tančící dům)

  • The stylish and unique Dancing House offers city vistas and is an architectural wonder.
  • Hit the rooftop terrace or one of the best hotels with balconies in Prague for a unique skyline view.
  • From above, visitors can see Prague’s many attractions, from historic sites to modern architecture.

Finding the Best Places in Prague to See the City from Above

It takes a combination of online research, walking around the city, and word of mouth to determine the top spots in Prague to take aerial photos. Find the most breathtaking vantage points into Prague with our handy guide:

  • Look things up online
  • Turn to online maps
  • Read up on vacation guides
  • Peruse the interwebs
  • Talk to the locals.
  • Make use of travel apps
  • Join travel forums
  • Discover websites for photography
  • Go to events in the area
  • Look at travel websites.

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