Prague Main Station

prague main station

New visitors to the city of Prague often want to know what is the main train station in Prague? And where is its location. Known as the largest and most important railway station in the Czech Republic, the main train station in Prague czech, or Praha hlavní nádraží, is also the country’s busiest. Being the only central station in Prague, the Hlavni (or Main) station has had a long history. Today, the main train station in Prague czech is still considered an important travel hub for both locals and tourists.

There is no direct train from Prague to London as they are located in different countries and there is a sea in between, so a combination of train and ferry or plane travel is usually required.

The Prague Main Station, Czech Republic

Prague Main Train Station, Hlavni nadrazi
Prague Main Train Station, Hlavni nadrazi

Built in 1871, it has since seen improvements that reflect the spirit of the times. The station building and the station hall, which were built in 1901 and 1909, respectively, are considered among the most significant Art Nouveau monuments in the country. While the station has undergone a major renovation, many of its original features were retained, including the lofty dome and stained glass windows. 

The Prague Main Station in Prague, Czech Republic is a popular avenue for people who want to take day trips from Prague. It serves many routes around the Czech Republic (major cities), as well as to other European countries, such as Germany, Austria, and Italy. Since it’s not a terminus station, trains bound for Berlin, Munich, Vienna, and Budapest pass through it. Other international train routes include Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

The Prague main railway station’s ticke offices accept the Czech koruna, Euros, and major credit cards.  

At the station, you can find a number of features and services. These include:

  • Currency exchange offices
  • ATMs
  • A waiting room that operates daily from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm
  • Toilets and showers
  • Storage facilities
  • Restaurants and other retail establishments
  • Wheelchair-accessible parking

You can also find Airport Express buses that ferry you directly to the Vaclav Havel Prague Airport, which takes approximately 30 minutes.

How to Get To the Prague Main Railway Station

Travelling by train
Travelling by train

The Prague railway station is strategically located in the middle of Prague, making it easily accessible to locals and travelers alike. 

If you’re in Wenceslas Square, then the station is just a five-minute walk away. If you’re in the Old Town Square, then it will take you around 15 minutes to get to the station—20 minutes if you’re walking from the Charles Bridge

Wherever you may be in Prague, the Prague main railway station is directly accessible from metro line C (Hlavni nádraží, red line), which stops at the station, and tram numbers 9, 26, and 5. When going to the station, it’s best to use public transportation to save on costs, as taxis or Ubers tend to ask for a lot of money. 

If you’re taking metro line A (green line), then you can change to metro line C when you get to the Museum station. If you’re on metro line B (yellow line), change to the C line when you get to Florenc station. Also, make sure you study the Prague main train station’s departure time in order to be able to plan your schedule properly, or to avoid getting stranded.

If you also wish to lodge at an excellent hotel with easy access as well as a close proximity to the train station, you can check out the different hotels near Prague main train station. The location boasts of several 5 star as well as 4 star hotels, which includes; The Grandium Hotel Prague, The Gold Bank Hotel, The Grand Hotel Bohemia, amongst other top quality options.

Activities You Can Do at The Prague Main Station, Czech Republic

Hungry? Tired of just sitting down while waiting for your train? Here are some of the things you can do when you’re at the Hlavni station, Prague main railway station:

Grab a bite at the Fanta Café (Fantova kavarna)

While at the Prague main railway station, you can easily transport yourself to a bygone era while enjoying a hearty meal at the Fanta Café. It’s located at the original entrance of the Art Nouveau station and named after the architect, Josef Fanta. The place has a great ambience, and it will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the station’s other areas. While you’re there, enjoy a delicious meal paired with high-quality coffee while waiting for your train.

To get there, you can take an escalator going up from the modern retail level 1. From there, you can go to the old station entrance hall located on level 0. If you’re coming from platform 1, you can simply walk into the old station entrance hall. 

Take a look at the statue of Sir Nicholas Winton

Located on platform 1 at the Prague main railway station, the statue of Sir Nicholas Winton is a monument commemorating his heroic act. In 1939, he was able to save the lives of 669 children, most of whom were Jewish, by arranging for their safe passage from Czechoslovakia to England to prevent them from being transported to concentration camps.

Check out the supermarkets

Doing some last-minute shopping, or want to stock up for your trip? Head on over at the Billa supermarket on level 2. 

Visit the check-in hall

The Prague main railway station’s check-in hall occasionally houses themed exhibitions, so it’s worth checking out if you have time to spare. 

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