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Protestant churches in Prague now make up less than one percent of the population. 

However, historically speaking, most churches in Prague were Protestant, making the Czechs among the earliest Protestants in the entire world. Mr. Jan Huss, the reformer of the Catholic Church in the Republic of Czech and an admirer of John Wycliff’s works, sparked the movement for reform at the beginning of the fifteenth century.

It is widely agreed that the religion we now call Protestantism originated in the Czech Republic in the fifteenth century. Hussites, a violent religious sect that promised to uproot the Catholic Church in Prague, deserve the credit.

However, what is the largest Protestant denomination in the Czech Republic? If you’re looking for the largest Czech Protestant church, go no further than the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren.

Discover the three best Protestant churches in Prague and learn about the fascinating history of the protestant churches in the capital.

The History of the Protestant Churches in Prague

Jan Hus, an academic and priest from the Czech Republic, is often credited as the founder of the Protestant movement. Hus was condemned to be executed by burning for his efforts to bring about change in the Christian church in Prague. What the hierarchy of the Catholic Church viewed as merely expelling a dissident priest sparked a rift that would influence the development of Europe over the coming centuries.

In the fourteenth century, Jean Hus brought the Reform Movement to what today constitutes the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Protestant churches in Prague were the majority in the XVI century, but their lives were miserable after the defeat at the Battle of White Mountain in 1620. They were required to hide their faith for the subsequent 150 years. Following the end of World War I and the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic, Jean Hus was elevated to the status of a national religious hero.

Huss was executed for heresy in the year 1415, and the movement grew into large and successful Hussite wars. The first of many enduring Hussite Protestant churches of Prague was established not long before the Hussites were decisively defeated near the settlement of Lipany in 1434.

Following the Czech Protestant aristocracy and their allies being soundly defeated at the conflict of the White Mountain in the year 1620, most of their supporters began to be eliminated or sent into exile. The re-Catholic movement was in full swing.

There are 96% Catholics and 4% Protestants among these Christians.

Top 3 Protestant Churches in Prague

The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren

In the year 1918, the Lutheran and Calvinist Protestant churches in the Czech united to form the largest protestant church in Prague.

As Prague’s biggest Protestant church and the country’s second-biggest church overall, the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren is an influential political and social institution.

There are 120 000 followers and 230 ministers (55 of them are women), all of whom receive compensation from the government and obtain their theological education at Prague University’s Theology School. The role of the diaconate is crucial in the life of the Church.

Operating hours: Service starts every Sunday at 10:30 am

Physical Address: Donovalská 2331, 149 00 Praha 11-Chodov, Czechia

Lutheran Church of Prague

The church next to the Prague national theatre is a national cultural treasure safeguarded by the Czech government.

The current structure of the church was constructed on the same spot where a church had stood since the twelfth century. In the fourteenth century, it was reconstructed in the Gothic architectural style. The church had Renaissance- and Baroque-era renovations from 1717 to 1722 before being disbanded in 1787 and revived as an evangelical sanctuary the following year. 

There are 30.000 followers and 37 ministers in the Lutheran Church of Prague.

Operating hours: Service starts on Sundays, 9:30 am and 11:00 am

Physical Address: V Jirchářích 13, Praha 1, Czechia

The Baptist Church in Prague

In 1993, the International Baptist Church of Prague was established. There has been a congregation of Baptists in the English language in  Czech for quite some time. In the US, it is connected to the Southern Baptist Convention and works closely with the International Mission Board. This means it is among the earliest churches in the Republic of Czech. 

The Baptist Church in Prague grew in the nineteenth century, while Pentecostal churches blossomed in the twentieth.

Operating hours: Service starts at 11:00 am on every Sunday

Physical Address: Vinohradská 68, 130 00 Praha 6-Žižkov, Czechia

Explore the Beauty and Architecture of Churches in Prague

Visit this beautiful city and learn more about Prague by visiting this stunning city. Also, discover the churches in Prague as you learn about the history of protestant churches in Prague and figure out what is the largest Protestant denomination in the Czech Republic.

The beauty and architecture of Protestant churches in Prague are another appealing aspect of the city for tourists on a spiritual trip. Although today, only about a third of people identify as Christians, and that percentage is falling, the legacy of Protestantism is still felt today. 

Embark on a cultural journey in Prague as you visit iconic religious sites such as the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, explore various Catholic churches across the city, and experience the spiritual ambiance of the Church of the Holy Spirit.

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