Prague’s “Miraculous” Statue of Infant Jesus


Statue of Infant Jesus

Millions of local and international tourists tour the Hundred Spires city for its stunning architecture and hidden gems. With its picturesque river, prehistoric bridges, grotesque cathedrals, and impressive castles, there is always something to appreciate in this Bohemian capital. Of all its wondrous gifts, perhaps none stands out like Prague’s “miraculous” statue of Infant Jesus.

The wax-covered monument made of wood depicts Christ as a baby. The historic monument holds a sphere-like object on its left hand, and its other hand is up as an indication of blessing. Situated in Malá Strana, or the Lesser Town, Prague’s Infant Jesus image has attracted visitors globally and not just for its wondrous beauty but also its great and rich history.

A Brief History of the Infant Jesus of Prague 

The Infant Jesus of Prague, also referred to as Il Bambino di Praga, was brought to Prague from Spain in 1556. Maria Manriques de Lara, a Spanish princess, came with the monument to the city when she married Vratislav von Pernstyn, the Czech nobleman. 

According to legend, Saint Teresa from Avila gave Princess Maria’s matriarch the effigy. Later, Doña Elena passed down the monument to her child on her wedding day. Princess Maria passed it down to her child when she married Zdenek von Lobkovice. The widowed daughter of Princess Maria gave the image as a donation to the Carmelites and the Our Lady of Victory Church in Prague.

When handing over the statue, she said the words: “I at this moment hand over to you my most precious possession. As long as you honor it, you will lack nothing.”

The Princess’s words proved prophetic since many miraculous cases were seen and acknowledged as baby Jesus’s ways of protecting people. One such case is the alleged healing of the Czech noble family’s daughter in 1788. The family presented two beautiful rings as a thank you, which is still visible today on the child’s raised fingers.

Visit Prague’s Infant Jesus Statue 

The statue is well preserved inside a golden altar in Our Lady Victorious church. It has become a world-famous place of pilgrimage because of baby Jesus’ reputation.

The church is a true marvel with its architecture combining baroque styles and renaissance, and it came into completion in 1613. Inside there are souvenir stores to purchase something to help remember your trip. Also, a small museum inside shows the different robes given as donations by other nations for Prague’s Infant Jesus.

Nativity scene with Holy family of Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus Christ and sheep
Nativity scene with Holy family of Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus Christ and sheep

The church is only a few steps from the well-known Charles Bridge. After your tour, you may need to fully explore the neighborhood for nearby museums or visit other prominent cathedrals and churches like St Nicholas and St Thomas churches and the St. Vitus Cathedral.

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