The Prague Metro Map

Prague Metro Map

The subway lines and their connections to the city’s daytime tram network are depicted on the most basic Prague metro map system. The Prague metro station map also details the metro stops where you may get a tram to the Praha airport or to the cities of Zlicin and Veleslavin.

Additionally, this map of the Prague metro system in the Czech Republic details the subway’s zones.

It is Quick, effective, spotless, and simple to use. The subway’s three lines total over 62 kilometers of tracks, the vast majority of which are built underground. More stations keep getting added.

This Prague metro map with attractions is among Europe’s busiest and the only fully operational system in the Czech Republic. The capital’s most popular attractions, including the famous Prague Castle and the ancient Charles Bridge, are all easily accessible via one of the capital’s three metro lines. When the country launched Prague’s Metro system in 1974, it was 84 years since London had launched an underground.

All You Need to Know About The Prague Metro Map

How Speedy is the Prague Metro?

The Prague subway is the city’s mainstay of public transportation and the best and quickest method to get about. Stations on the metro map in Prague are conveniently located near one another and serve all of the city’s major neighborhoods and points of interest. 

The maximum speed on the Prague subway is 90 kilometers per hour (56 miles per hour); in practice, this is lowered to 80 kilometers per hour (50 mph)

Why was the Prague Subway Built Deep?

During development, communists were concerned that the West would see Prague as a prime nuclear bombing target. The nation built the metro so deep below to protect its riders from nuclear attacks. 

So, a number of the escalators leading to the subway are the largest you will ever see. Because it passes beneath historic structures and a river, the subway had to be constructed at a very low level.

How Often Does the Prague Metro Run?

The Prague Metro runs between 5 a.m. and midnight every day. Trains run as frequently as every one to three minutes during the early morning and afternoon rush hours and as infrequently as every every four to ten minutes in the evening. On the weekends, there are trains every 7.5 minutes along all routes.

The passengers must switch to trams and buses whenever the metro closes for the night. 

Ahead of the rails is a clock that displays the amount of time it has taken since the last train departed the station.

Almost two-thirds of Subway stations are accessible to those with disabilities, and all terminals have escalators.

How Much is the Prague Metro Map Ticket Price?

More than 500 million people use the mapa metro Praga each year, which is why it includes 61 stations over its 65-kilometer stretch. Each subway station in Prague does have a vending machine where you can buy tickets, which cost anywhere between 24 CZK ($1.00) for a thirty-minute trip and 110 CZK ($4.50) for an unlimited day pass.

The ticket vending machine in the center allows smart credit and debit cards for purchases. Once boarding the tram, passengers are obligated to buy their tickets at the vending machine. A ticket purchased via a ticket machine must not be verified because it is valid instantly.

Download a Prague Metro Map to Plan Your Trip!

If you’re traveling to the Czech capital of Prague, this metro map in Prague Czech Republic, will come in handy. You may get a free Prague metro map pdf download of the Prague subway system right here.

Prague metro map
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