The Reduta Jazz Club: A Timeless Melody of Jazz in Prague 🎵🎺🎹

The Reduta Jazz Club

Going to a jazz club like the Reduta Jazz Club in Prague is an experience that offers a delightful blend of musical artistry, cultural immersion, and historical significance.

It’s no secret that the jazz scene in Prague is home to some highly gifted players. You can expect world-class performances from resident bands and guest musicians, showcasing a wide spectrum of jazz styles from classic Dixieland to cutting-edge improvisation. The artists’ dedication and talent are on full display during their concerts. 

To say that entering the Reduta Jazz Club is like entering a time capsule would be an understatement. The compact space, vintage furnishings, and lighting create an atmosphere reminiscent of jazz’s golden age. The club’s mellow vibe makes it easy for the band to generate an exciting performance that keeps people on the edge of their seats.

The Reduta Jazz Club
The Reduta Jazz Club

Immerse Yourself in a Timeless Appeal at the Reduta Jazz Club

Visit the Reduta Jazz Club, an iconic venue located at Národní 20 Nové Město (New town), Czech Republic. It opened in 1958, making it not just one of the oldest jazz clubs in Prague but one of the oldest in Europe. The Reduta Jazz Club has been a symbol of artistic expression, freedom and a hub for jazz enthusiasts and musicians.

Going to the Reduta jazz club in Prague is also a great way to learn more about the genre’s fascinating past and feel the music’s continuing spirit.

We were so intrigued by this idea that we immediately sought an interview with management to learn more.

Interview- The Reduta Jazz Club

Reduta Jazz Club
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If you were to encapsulate the spirit of the Reduta Jazz Club in just three words, what would they be?

Genius loci 1958 //  LEGENDARY JAZZ CLUB     

What makes the Reduta Jazz Club distinct from other music venues in Prague and beyond?

Because only a few jazz clubs can claim to have had a US president perform, Reduta proudly lists Bill Clinton alongside stellar names such as Wynton Marsalis, Cecil Taylor and Ronnie Scott among its alumni. 

Interesting to learn, too, that this club, just off Wenceslas Square, opened in 1957 at a time when Czechoslovakia wasn’t exactly enjoying the warm, creative breeze of a liberal renaissance. But a commitment to jazz every night of the week (kicking off at around 9.30 pm) and a wide programming policy with big bands, tributes to the legends, Dixieland, Latin and fusion have ensured that tourists and locals alike have stoked up a buzzing atmosphere.

 It’s a decent size (capacity 100) and has a genuine jazz club vibe and good acoustics. The bar serves pilsner straight from a “saxophone” pump.

Could you share some key moments or events that have helped shape the Reduta Jazz Club throughout its history?

On January 11, 1994, then US President Bill Clinton met with then Czech President Václav Havel in Prague. Havel had only recently become the first democratically elected president of the Czech Republic after the Czech-Slovak split, so this visit was a pretty important victory for foreign relations between newly-allied democracies. The visit culminated in a social trip to the Reduta Jazz Club to see one of the country’s national icon jazz bands perform a set filled with American standards and traditional Czech marches.

Havel presents Clinton with a custom engraved tenor saxophone as a gift, hilariously referring to it as a “Czech-made product” (yeah, that’s on the album), and encourages him to jam with the band. They then jammed out renditions of “Summertime” and “My Funny Valentine” and the whole evening was caught on tape by Czech Radio for a programmed radio segment. Somehow, New York-based Stash Records founder Bernard Brightman hears a tape of the performance and decides to release it through his mail-order jazz catalog.

Can you share a surprising or captivating story from the annals of the Club’s illustrious past?

Under the authority of Pragokoncert, the first and leading Czech art agency, the club has also hosted the prestigious International Jazz Festival Praha, one of the oldest and greatest in Europe. Stars like Louis Armstrong, Ronnie Scott, Acker Bilk, Chris Barber, Aki Takase, Cecil Taylor, Wynton Marsalis or B. B. King have all performed in Prague during the festival, and after their shows, all of them headed for Reduta. Their jam sessions and informal meetings with Czech artists were legendary from the very beginning of the festival.

The club that has been announced to be one of the TOP 10 European jazz clubs, according to The Guardian magazine, has many other hidden miracles. Perfect acoustic, VIP clientele, best artists of many genres, from blues, Dixieland or Latin to traditional jazz. You can simply enjoy the concert in a place of delightful atmosphere, drink a beer in our bar right from the saxophone, or speak with one of the many eminent persons that visit Reduta regularly.

And remember – Reduta is not only a club. It’s a lifestyle!

How does the Reduta Jazz Club support and promote the local jazz scene in Prague?

Since its foundation, REDUTA has also been a jazz club, for a long time the only one in Prague. It has become legendary over the thirty years of its existence as the venue of concerts of leading Czechoslovak and foreign jazzmen.

The jam sessions in particular provided an opportunity for a free expression of the participants’ will; their nonconformity was as feared by the régime as the „text-appeal“ cabarets at REDUTA theatre. Thanks to them, REDUTA became a place sought-after by artists and intellectuals and, for a long time, played an integrative role in Prague’s rather restricted cultural life.

Various tendencies and trends of jazz music, ranging from traditional jazz, through dixieland, jazz rock and soul to modern jazz, were played at REDUTA. Velebný, Konopásek, Dominák, Kratochvíl, Ackermann, Viklický, Stivín, Růžička, Vitouš, Koubková are some of the names of people who played and many of whom still play there.

Reduta Jazz Club has hosted a myriad of renowned artists and personalities. Could you shed some light on some of the most notable appearances?

  • Ella Fitzgerald – First lady of Jazz, one of the most prominent jazz singers of all time – first tíme presented by PRAGOKONCERT in 1969
  • Brandford Marsalis – Groundbreaking American saxophonist and composer, co-player of Herbie Hancock and Art Blakey presented by PRAGOCONCERT in 1986
  • Oscar Peterson – Eight time Grammy award-winning. – one of the greatest jazz pianists – first tíme presented by PRAGOKONCERT in 1969
  • Tony Bennett – One of the greatest singers of all times. – singing with Paul McCartney, Bono, or Elton John – first time presented by PRAGOKONCERT in 1997
  • Boris Kozlov – one of the most famous Russian double-bass players. – first time presented by PRAGOKONCERT in 2013
  • Benny Goodman – king of swing, clarinetist – composer of dozens of swing hits – first time presented by PRAGOKONCERT in 1976
  • Emil Viklický – Czech pianist and composer – first time presented by PRAGOKONCERT in 1986
  • Count Basie – one of the most famous jazz pianists, organists and composers  – first time presented by PRAGOKONCERT in 1974
  • Bill Clinton – American president and jazzman, has visited Reduta and played there – first time presented by PRAGOKONCERT in 1994
  • Chick Corea – pioneer of jazz rock and jazz fusion, pianist and composer, co-player of Miles Davis – first time presented by PRAGOKONCERT in 1991
  • Wynton Marsalis – American trumpeter, composer, band leader and the most influential contemporary jazzman presented by PRAGOKONCERT in 1991
  • Ray Charles – genuine legend of soul and jazz pianist, composer and singer – first time presented by PRAGOKONCERT in 1982
  • Laco Déczi – Slovak trumpeter, founder of famous American band Celula New York – first time presented by PRAGOKONCERT in 1991


  1. Brad Pitt
  2. Kevin Costner
  3. Roger Moore
  4. Umberto Eco
  5. Kofi Annan
  6. Morgan Freeman
  7. Václav Havel
  8. Alain Delon
  9. Tony Baldry
  10. Tom Cruise

and many others

Could you tell us more about the Saxophone Bar and its unique offerings?

The Saxophone bar was established during the last reconstruction on the turn of the 70’s and 80’s by having access to the basement and cellar near the jazz hall. Instead of the old bar a separated cloakroom was created with a spacious entrance foyer, which is used today even as a suitable place for banquets.

This decision was made because of the effort to maintain the maximum purity of the musical production, without the interference of noise. There are several tables with seating for guests in the bar, which didn’t come only for good music. Contact with the jazz hall is provided by a TV.

The bar is opened as needed, usually at least half an hour before the start of the production. In the bar you can choose from a wide menu of alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages or taste the delicious beer draught right from the saxophone.

Does the Reduta Jazz Club see a lot of international guests? If so, how do you ensure they feel welcomed and engaged during their visit?

Reduta is regularly visited by diplomats and politicians, together with tourists from around the world. We always make sure their stay is hassle-free and memorable!

What does the future look like for the Reduta Jazz Club? Any exciting plans or events on the horizon?

According to The Guardian newspaper, Club Reduta was one of the top ten jazz places in Europe and ranked among the elite clubs of its kind anywhere. It gradually became more than a building, a term and a part of history, a cultural monument mentioned in professional publications and shown in foreign films.

Maintaining high-quality jazz concerts and satisfying guests is our top priority!

Finally, what would you like to say to first-time visitors and those planning to visit the Reduta Jazz Club?

Accept an invitation to the club, a sought-after cultural monument that has kept its unique spirit throughout its existence. Have a drink in the traditional Saxophone Bar, which offers a variety of drinks, including beer tapped into a golden saxophone.

After the lights go out, the hall is immersed in intimate darkness, and all the senses are fixed on the musician whose tones, thanks to the system of resonance bars, sound out of this world and let you forget about time, fatigue and stress.

Welcome to Reduta.

The Reduta Jazz Club has attracted jazz enthusiasts, musicians, and even celebrities from around the world.

Experience the Best of Jazz at Reduta Jazz Club

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton visiting the Reduta Jazz Club

The Reduta Jazz Club in Prague is a monument to the everlasting appeal of jazz and its lasting effect on culture and society. This small club has been a safe haven for musicians and music fans worldwide through decades of political and social upheaval. In addition to its historical value, the club’s wonderful atmosphere and superb live performances make it an absolute must-see for any jazz fan visiting the city’s old centre. 

Visitors can choose from various ticket options, including a standard ticket for entry, a VIP ticket with front-row seating and a welcome drink, and a Super VIP ticket with additional perks like a bottle of sparkling wine and a dedicated song. Before you go, keep in mind that children must be accompanied by an adult, and the venue is not wheelchair accessible. However, the friendly staff at Reduta are always ready to assist.

So whether you’re a seasoned jazz fan or just curious about the genre, a night at The Reduta Jazz Club will surely be a magical adventure into the world of soulful music. Complement this experience with the grandeur of the Prague Spring Music Festival, an iconic event celebrating classical music, or be captivated by the timeless elegance of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” at the Prague National Theatre for a diverse cultural journey.

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