Top 6 Truly Vintage Shops in Prague

Vintage shop in Prague

Located in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is one of the best places to visit when it comes to historical architecture. Prague, its capital, features narrow streets and small taverns in almost every corner of the city. If you also enjoy culture and discovering the rich history of Prague, we recommend you visiting the historic gem, Prague Castle or the Prague State Opera.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a leading shopping tourist destination. It’s not only breathtaking but also affordable. You can also find wonderful interesting furniture stores.

Some of the best souvenirs to take home are items unique to the country you visited. These can be anything like keychains, magnets, and even clothing. However, for something truly unique, try vintage shopping in Prague

In this article, we’ve compiled five of the best vintage shops in Prague for elegantly retro finds. Whatever your shopping preference may be, you’re sure to find something that will suit your style.

Vintage Shopping in Prague

Vintage shopping is on the rise in Prague, people now want to purchase retro materials to achieve that classic look that comes with blending old and new styles together. In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best vintage stores in Prague, so you can know exactly where to shop when in need of certain vintage furniture in Prague.

Antique Ahasver

Located near the Vltava River, Antique Ahasver is one of the best best antique stores in Prague. It sells traditional Czech clothing, dining room accessories, and a plethora of antique knick-knacks like jewelry, toys and glass to appeal to any collector of fancy treasures.

Antique Ahasver is majorly renowned for being a vintage clothes shops in Prague Entering the store feels like stepping into the past, with shelves stocked with vintage linens and embroidered cloths. There’s also an art gallery and a restaurant nearby where you can rest after perusing Antique Ahasver’s wares.

Ahasver Antique Shop in Prague, source: Official Facebook Page of Ahasver
Ahasver Antique Shop in Prague

Address: 3/625 Prokopská, Malá Strana, Praha 1 Hlavní město Praha

Terminál Žižkov

Terminál Žižkov is one of the best vintage shops in Prague. There’s no better way to find unique souvenirs from a foreign country than by going through a flea market. Located on the old Žižkov Freight Station depot, Terminál Žižkov is an open-air market where you’ll find many different stalls selling various vintage items like furniture, clothing, house accessories, and more! You’ll surely find something that makes you happy—whether it be antique porcelain, collector’s stamps, or a pair of retro earrings. It only costs 10 CZK to enter the premises and haggle for the whole day.

Flea Market in Terminál Žižkov
Flea Market in Terminál Žižkov

Address: Jana Želivského 2385/11, Praha 3, areál Terminálu Žižkov, Nákladové nádraží Žižkov

Bric a Brac Antiques

In business for more than 16 years, Bric a Brac Antiques in Old Town has been known for its cornucopia of vintage finds and curios, which now adorn nearly every inch of its cramped but charmingly nostalgic space. When talking about the best antique store in Prague, talk about Bric a Brac Antiques!

Entering the store feels like going back in time, with shelves and walls lined with old paintings, glassware, clocks, jewelry boxes, pots, pans, and so much more. This vintage store in Prague is without doubt one of the The store itself is only a few steps from the Old Town Square, and has an interesting origin story. The owner, who loved collecting items since he was young, had moved to Prague with his wife to escape the war in Yugoslavia in 1991. The store began as a dress shop where his wife made clothes, but her husband noticed that the men who accompanied their wives to the shop were bored. He shared toys from his personal collection to amuse them, and though there were offers to buy the toys, the owner refused to part with them. In time the couple expanded their shop to include beautiful pearl jewelry, unfortunately attracting thieves. They took both the jewelry and all the toys one night, leading the regretful owner to the decision to start selling after he resumed collecting. 

This eventually turned into the fascinating world of Bric a Brac, so full of trinkets that it’s impossible to see everything in just one go.

Bric a Brac antique shop
Bric a Brac antique shop in Prague

Address: 627/7 Týnská, Staré Město, Praha 1

Best Vintage Shops in Prague

Bazar P&J

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you’re looking for an antique store in Prague but aren’t sure what to get, then Bazar P&J can provide plenty of options. Having been around for 26 years, this small consignment shop near the Riegrovy Sady Park has a huge variety of special finds, from kitchen utensils, old banknotes, and vintage toys to collectible stamps, postcards, ceramics and paintings. They also replenish their goods every day, so you’re bound to find something new at every visit. The prices are reasonable, though it’s not the cheapest vintage store in Prague. It’s also a little hidden but you’ll love the ambiance once you step inside. Bazar P&J is another of the best vintage shops in Prague

Bazar P&J
Bazar P&J, Prague

Address: 2, Anny Letenské 1240, Vinohrady

Nový Antik Bazar

Located at the end of the Nákladové nádraží Žižkov’s terminal, this store made of shipping containers is one of the biggest vintage furniture stores in Prague, with 15 years in the business. It features antique and second-hand furniture like bookshelves and chests, as well as a whole variety of lamps, clocks and sculptures to decorate your apartment, house or even a guesthouse or cafe. Nový Antik Bazar specializes in Functionalism and Art Deco pieces, though you can also find items in classic styles such as Art Noveau, Baroque and Biedermeier. If you’re looking for a statement art piece, this shop also offers a rich selection of paintings and lithographs at an affordable price.

Nový Antik Bazar furniture hall
Nový Antik Bazar furniture hall in Prague

Address: Jana Želivského 2712/2, 130 00 Praha 3- Žižkov

Lula Vintage

Lula Vintage is a major vintage clothes shop in Prague. If vintage fashion is your objective, then Lula Vintage, which specializes in clothing older than 25 years for both men and women, may be the best choice for you. Their seasonal clothing and accessory collection may be small but each piece is carefully selected and curated to cover several styles. All their items are also thoroughly cleaned and ready to wear, catering to lovers of fashion and being trendy. You’ll absolutely fall in love with collections from different eras, and this vintage store in Prague constantly adds high quality items to make return visits fruitful. Because they’re located in a shopping area in St. Paul, you can easily find a place to eat in the neighborhood after browsing their products.

Lula Vintage shop in Vinohrady
Lula Vintage shop in Vinohrady, Prague

Address: Řipská 11, 130 00 Vinohrady

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