ŽMP The Jewish Museum in Prague

Jewish museum

ŽMP, The Jewish Museum in Prague, is a must-see for any tourist in the Czech Republic’s capital. 

Located in the former Jewish ghetto of Josefov, the museum tells the history of Prague’s Jews from the 10th century to the present day. 

Visitors can see artifacts from everyday life, religious items, and works by world-renowned artists like Franz Kafka. With something for everyone, ŽMP is an essential part of understanding Prague‘s rich history.

Why Tour The Jewish Museum In Prague?

The Jewish Museum in Prague is located in the former Jewish ghetto

The Jewish Museum in Prague is located in what used to be the former Jewish ghetto and features five permanent exhibitions and a few rotating ones. 

You can marvel at the Spanish Synagogue and visit archaeological sites from pre-WWII times. The museum holds a vast collection of Jewish artifacts, manuscripts, artwork, clothing, and more – giving visitors an insight into the rich yet tumultuous world of Jewish life in Prague.

 From its roots as Judaism’s heartland to its turbulent past, this museum is a great learning experience and an homage to all who lived here centuries before us.

Jewish Museum in Prague was founded in 1892 by Rabbi Loew, the creator of the Golem

The Jewish Museum in Prague is an old yet powerful landmark. It was founded by Rabbi Loew in 1892, who also went down in history as the creator of the famous Golem – a magical creature made of clay! 

Today, this museum is a tribute to all that Jewish people and cultures have achieved over centuries of hard work and dedication. 

You can explore artifacts, photos, and documents and learn about the struggles of foreign persecution that Jews faced throughout history.

 The museum is not only educational but also filled with so much culture and tradition to admire worldwide.

The sombre story of the Jewish Museum in Prague

The Jewish Museum in Prague is a sad reminder of the holocaust and its aftermath. 

Originally established as a memorial to the more than 80,000 Czech Jewish victims of Nazi rule, it serves as a powerful place of reflection and education. One particularly moving element of this museum is the Names Wall inside.

The wall holds thousands upon thousands of names written by volunteers in ink and gold leaf -each belonging to someone who suffered under the holocaust and, sadly, was never able to appreciate post-war freedom.

In addition, the Jewish Museum in Prague ultimately serves as a profound reminder to never forget those we have lost and to use that memory for positive change today.

The Jewish Museum in Prague is open to the public and offers tours in English and Czech

For visitors to Prague looking for an exciting way to discover the city’s rich and fascinating Jewish history, a trip to the Jewish Museum is sure to be an educational and rewarding experience.

 Since its opening in 1934, the museum has grown from its small beginnings into one of Prague’s most important tourist attractions, showcasing artifacts and documents that provide insight into centuries’ worth of Jewish communities. 

The exhibits include archaeological findings, religious artifacts, documents, and photographs. 

Additionally, knowledgeable guides lead tours in both English and Czech, so there’s something for everyone, regardless of language.So, whether you’re a student of history or just curious about visiting one of Prague’s oldest museums, the Jewish Museum is one experience you won’t want to miss!

Get the Jewish Museum in Prague Tickets Today!

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the Jewish Museum in Prague is an exciting and memorable experience worth checking out and it’s best to purchase tickets ahead of time to skip long lines. 

The prices of the Jewish Museum in Prague vary depending on your selection;There are tickets for individual museum attractions, combined tickets for different attractions, or Group Ticket prices for parties of 10 or more people. 

Also, admission fees  depend on whether you would like a regular ticket or an audio guide. 

We recommend making the most of your visit with an audio guide ticket! Whatever option you choose, you’ll undoubtedly find the Jewish Museum in Prague an enlightening experience.

If you’re interested in history and art, the Jewish Museum in Prague is well worth a visit. The museum is home to a vast collection of items, including art, books, and documents. 

Kindly note that admission is free for children under six years old, so it’s a great place to take them. And if you want to avoid queuing, book your tickets online ahead of time!

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