Accommodation : the best places to stay in Prague

Accommodation Prague

Are you planning on spending the holiday in Prague? That’s a great decision seeing as the City of a Hundred Spires has more than enough wonders to share with you. The relaxation spots, local cuisines, and cultural centers are perfect for unwinding.

As with all vacation or travel plans, you have to figure out a place to lay your head each night. If you’re keen on having a fun time in Prague, it’s only normal that you wrap it up in a warm bed and friendly neighborhood. Here’s the catch; in Prague, there are dozens of options for accommodation, and each comes with unique perks.

What a tourist should know before arriving in Prague

The beauty of Prague is that it has an abundance of fascinating sights to keep you engaged all through your stay. Usually, tourists are excited about touring an entire city in one day, but that often leads to burning out. While it’s possible to tour the whole city in a day, you’ll hardly enjoy the tour. Thanks to the excellent road and rail network, you can easily tour the whole of Prague with speed. But then, the sights to see may require you to spend enough time to really enjoy them. Imagine that you’re on a train speeding past, there’s no way you’d see or capture the beautiful castles, gardens, and sculptures. But if you take your time to really tour the city, you’ll enjoy it. Summarily, if you’re planning a vacation in Prague, ensure that you’ve mapped out the places you wish to visit. This way, you’ll be able to move from one place to the other without rushing.

Prague skyline

Oftentimes tourists leave the task of booking accommodation until they’ve arrived in Prague. But that’s not the best option as you might arrive late and too exhausted to make proper decisions on accommodation. Often, hotels and rental apartments tend to exploit tourists who’re booking late. Why? Hotels and private apartments tend to get sold out per time, and slotting in a late booking is nearly impossible. What’s more, is that there’s often a higher charge for late booking. To avoid getting scammed or charged excessively, it’s better to book your accommodation early.

What are the accommodation options in Prague?

Finding a place to stay in Prague is easy compared to the ’90s. There are different kinds of hotels to choose from depending on your budget and your taste. However, there’s another thing to consider when looking for accommodation in Prague accessibility. Depending on your travel plan, you might need accommodation that allows you to easily connect with the rest of the city, or at least the areas you plan on sightseeing.

Some accommodation options you’ll find in Prague are:

Accommodation for one night

Depending on the nature of your schedule in Prague, you might have to opt for single-night accommodation. This usually comes at an average cost of $10 per night, depending on the hotel. In case you couldn’t book proper accommodation before your arrival or you face some accommodation trouble, there are hotels that offer single night accommodation. It’s a great option for late booking as you’ll get to rest for the night. By morning you can book better accommodation to last you the duration of your stay in Prague.

Airbnb accommodation

Thanks to Airbnb you can find accommodation anywhere in the world. You can easily book an Airbnb accommodation in Prague on the website. There are different price packages depending on your budget, the size of your vacation group, and your personal preference. The Airbnb accommodation packages are suited for single travelers, couples, and families with kids. You’ll find accommodation as low as $30 with special consideration for children.

Accommodation in the center

If you wish to explore the entirety of Prague easily, finding suitable accommodation somewhere in central Prague is quite advisable. For example, securing accommodation somewhere in the Old Town will guarantee you easy access to some of the major historical and cultural landmarks in Prague. It is the best place for first-time visitors to the city of Prague to seek accommodation. Securing accommodation somewhere in the old city allows them to easily access historical monuments like the Powder Tower, Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square without having to go through so much stress.

Therefore, try as much as possible to secure accommodation in the Old Town. Although owing to the fact that it’s a popular tourist attraction, prices of commodities here are a bit higher. Nevertheless, there are still lots of cheaper options you can consider. On average, you will spend about $80 per night in the less costly hotels in the Old Town.

Private accommodation

Staying in Prague largely depends on your budget and taste. While some are comfortable with hotel accommodations, you may prefer private luxury accommodations. These are available in Prague and offer you a greater sense of privacy, comfort, and luxury. Private apartments are usually costlier than hotel rooms, but the freedom they offer is worth it. You can either book private accommodation online via verified booking platforms, or get a local to plan your private accommodation.

Accommodation with children

There are several hotels and apartments in Prague that offer family-sized packages. Some even offer a discount on children. To get the best accommodation packages for your family and kids, make your booking in Lesser Town. The Lesser Town is close to the Prague Castle District and allows you to easily access other areas of the city.

Where to find the best places for your stay in Prague?

Finding the right place to stay in Prague is an important part of your vacation plans. Thanks to the excellent road network, you can stay anywhere in Prague and still access the rest of the city with ease. However, to get the best places to stay in Prague you should check out areas like;

Old Town if it’s your first time in Prague and for accessibility. It’s the major hub of tourists and is often busy with activities.

Prague Castle District if you’re keen on luxury, cool sights, and accessibility.

Accommodation: The best places to stay in Prague
Accommodation: The best places to stay in Prague

New Town if you’re looking for luxury, privacy, and a quieter environment.

Lesser Town if you’re traveling with family or kids. It’s within the central area and has easy access to cultural spots in Prague.

Karlin if you’re traveling on a tight budget. It’s just 10 minutes away from the central area and has excellent accommodation options at low prices.

Zizkov is the perfect place for you if you prefer the nightlife buzz. It’s a little distance away from the central area and has great pubs you can check out.

Planning your accommodation is an important part of going on vacation. It’s usually tricky as there are often many options to choose from. Prague is a major tourist city that draws in millions of tourists all year round, as such the hotel and accommodation industry is massive. In order not to drain your pocket on accommodation plans alone, you need to streamline your decision. Factors such as accessibility, vacation budget, personal preference, and environment should determine what place you should book for accommodation.
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