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Known as the Golden City, Prague—the capital of the Czech Republic—is a popular tourist destination that’s well-loved for its gorgeous architecture and vibrant culture. Prague is incredibly picturesque. It was left intact during the wars, and strolling through the city can feel like stepping into another time in history.

Where to Stay in Prague, Czech Republic

One of the best things about traveling in Prague is that it has something for every tourist. There are many places in city where you can stay. Visitors would be able to find several options for accommodations that fit their budget and preferences. Moreover, Prague is relatively small and has an excellent public transportation system. All of its landmarks and must-see spots are easily accessible by either metro, tram, or foot.

Here, you will learn about where to stay in Prague, Czech Republic, the different types of lodging you can choose from, and how much you could expect to spend during your trip to the city.

Where is Best to Stay in Prague?

The Best Prague Neighborhoods to Stay In 

Hotels in Prague are picturesque
Hotel Clementin in Prague

Best for first-time visitors: Old Town

Staying in Old Town might be ideal for first-timers to this city. The area is also known as StarĂ© MÄ›sto in Czech, and it’s considered as Prague’s heart and soul, as several of the city’s important landmarks are found here. At Old Town, you can visit the Astronomical Clock, the Old Town Square, and the Jewish Quarter. You’ll also be a stone’s throw away from the banks of the Vltava River.

Curious as to where is the best neighborhood to stay in Prague? The Old Town is the most popular neighborhood in Prague, so you can expect that prices for accommodations and attractions would be a little bit higher than in other areas in the city. For excellent Prague 1 accommodation expect to spend anywhere from under 70€ to over 160€ a night for a room in one of the hotels in the neighborhood. 

Best for seasoned travelers: New Town

If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of Prague minus the hustle and bustle of being in a tourist district, New Town or NovĂ© MÄ›sto might be the best choice for you. In New Town, you’ll find the Dancing House, the Wenceslas Square, the National Museum, the National Theatre, and the Museum of Communism. 

As a bonus, staying in this area brings you closer to Prague’s main train station. This is perfect for going on day trips. Additionally, because New Town isn’t as busy as Old Town, prices for attractions and accommodations aren’t as high. Budget-friendly lodging options can cost roughly 40€ a night, while mid-priced options can cost you anywhere between 40€ to 100€. The neighborhood’s luxury accommodations go for an estimate of 100€ a night.

Hotels in Prague
Grand Hotel Europa, Prague

Where to Stay in Prague with Family

Best for families: Lesser Town

Searching for where to stay in Prague with family, Lesser Town or Malá Strana might be the best fit for you. The neighborhood is situated between StarĂ© MÄ›sto and the Castle district, and it has family-friendly activities fit for visitors of all ages. Additionally, the atmosphere in this area is quieter and more relaxed than in Old Town and New Town.

Lesser Town has a handful of hotels and apartment-hotels that are considerably spacious and comfortable for groups. If you’re traveling with small children, obtaining extra space may come in handy. Budget-friendly accommodations are priced at 60€, while mid-range options range from 60€ to 110€. Luxury accommodations go for roughly 110€ a night.

Best for a modern Prague experience: Karlin

Unlike the rest of the city, Karlin doesn’t have as much of Prague’s old infrastructure. The neighborhood is relatively new, and most places in the area look modernized. The landmarks you’ll find here are the City of Prague Museum, Vitkov Hill, and several churches.

If you travel using public transport, you can find yourself at the city center within 10 minutes. The area is relatively quiet and laid-back, which is recommended if you prefer a more relaxed visit to the city. Accommodations range from under 70€ to roughly 120€ a night.

Types of Accommodations in Prague

Now that you know about the best neighborhoods you can stay in when you visit Prague, check out various accommodations within each area to find one that suits your needs. These are the different types of accommodations you can choose from across the city:

Standard hotels

Budget hotels

Boutique hotels




Hotels are the most popular types of lodging in Prague. Most hotels are built around old buildings, so you can best enjoy their historic charm. However, those that were built more recently showcase a modernized look and feel. 

Families and bigger parties might benefit more from renting apartments, which often come with built-in kitchenettes and laundry areas. They are often also more spacious than hotels and guesthouses.

For the best experience, it’s recommended that you book your accommodation through an accredited travel and tours organization. They can help you find the best place to stay according to your travel style and budget.

Luxury Accommodation in Prague

The best luxury accommodations in Prague are majorly standard and luxurious hotels, and you can choose to stay in one among the many 5 star hotels scattered around the city. You could also decide to get a shortlet luxurious apartment to house you during your stay in Prague. However, the area where you should lodge depends on whether you’re a new visitor to Prague, or you’ve been to the city on a number of occasions.Prices of luxury accommodations in Prague are also a bit on the high side, as you may have to cough up an amount north of 120€ for just a night’s stay.

Prague Accommodation Airbnb

For visitors who may prefer to stay in apartments rather than hotels, Prague accommodation airbnb may be the answer. You could easily shop for an apartment that suits your needs before you even step foot in the city at all. Airbnb apartments in Prague can be rented for as little as 20€. All you need to do is to simply head to the airbnb website and search for an apartment that suits your needs. 

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