All you need to know about nightlife in Prague

Nightlife in Prague

Nightlife in Prague

Diverse nightlife entertainment in Prague

It’s no secret that the capital of Bohemia is rich in architectural gems and awe-inspiring sightseeing spots to fill up your days with. But what happens in Prague when the sun goes down? The answer is a lot!

Prague’s reputed nightlife attracts thousands of visitors from every part of the world eager to have some fun and enjoy the numerous nighttime activities available all year round.

Whether you’re looking for incredible pubs to try the best national and foreign beers, trendy cocktail bars to enjoy a signature drink, or legendary clubs to dance yourself away until the wee hours, Prague’s nightlife offers all of that and more.

Enjoying a night out at any of Prague’s impressive theaters, cinemas, ballets or operas, or even taking one of the many mythical ghost tours, are other great options to enjoy the city at night and a special way to breathe in Prague’s historic and cultural heritage. Showpark Prague is a dynamic entertainment and market hub, making it an integral part of all you need to know about nightlife in Prague.

Jam-packed with options for every taste and age, Prague during the night is equally as impressive as during the day. So if you’re curious to discover some of the city’s best options of night entertainment, as well as some tips on how to stay safe during your outings, keep reading below!

Nightlife tourist guide

We’ve prepared this complete nightlife tourist guide to help you plan the best experiences for you to enjoy a night out in beautiful Prague. Keep reading below to discover the most popular options available.

Nightlife Tourist Guide
Nightlife Tourist Guide

Ways to enjoy a night out in Prague

Sip beer in the city with the most bars per capita in the world

Yes, you read correctly. Prague has the highest density of bars per capita in the world! This comes as no surprise considering Czechs’ love for beer. You will find an astonishing number of pubs to enjoy some of the best local and foreign beers in, especially throughout Old Town.

Visit a trendy cocktail bar to enjoy a signature drink

It’s not just quality beer and amusing bars you should look forward to, Prague is home to some of the trendiest and most impressive cocktail bars to enjoy a nice nightcap (or several) prepared by talented bartenders who master the art of cocktails.

Not sure where to go? Check out our guide on The 8 Best Rated bars in Prague.

Go dancing at Prague’s famous clubs

Prague’s famous clubs
Prague’s famous clubs

If you’re into clubbing and dancing, your trip won’t be complete until you have a taste of some of Prague’s most notorious nightclubs! From rock music to disco, RNB, jazz, or electronic music, there are clubs in Prague for every musical taste. There’s a reason Prague is famous for its club scene, and we suggest you go and find it out.

Looking for the best clubs in Prague? Find them all on our guide Best Clubs in Prague: Updated list.

Spend an evening at the opera, theater or cinema

If you’re looking for something other than great drinks and parties, be sure to delight yourself with the city’s vast offer of operas, acclaimed theaters and cinemas.

Go on a night tour

Looking for a unique way to breathe in the city at night? Ghost tours and river cruises offer precisely that. Wander through the streets of Prague while learning about its mysteries or kick back and relax on a smooth boat ride while admiring the city’s landmarks from afar.

Safety in Prague

Is Prague safe?

The short answer is yes. Prague has consistently ranked as one of the top travel destinations for years. The Czech capital is known to be among the safest in the world and is generally perceived as such by most locals and travelers. This perception of course varies per person and will depend on where you come from and how accustomed you are to walking through big cities. As with most large cosmopolitan capitals of Europe, the biggest risks are related to petty crime and scams.

As a traveler, you can feel safe when visiting Prague as there is no major cause for concern, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful and take certain precautions, especially when spending time in crowded areas.

Have a look at these safety recommendations below and incorporate them into your visit:

Pay attention and take care of your personal belongings

Especially when out in crowded areas like Old Town or on the tram. Pickpockets are swift and very discrete. They are able to snatch personal belongings without you noticing them, especially when there is an affluence of people to serve as a distraction. The safest way to avoid being pickpocketed is to keep your valuables safe:

  • Wear your backpack in the front
  • Place your wallet in your front pocket and try to place your hand on it when walking through crowds
  • If you are carrying a purse, wear it tilted to your front or side while grasping it close to your body
  • If you go to a club, avoid open bags and opt for bags with zippers instead

Don’t carry your passport with you if not needed.

Opt for carrying copies and keep your passport secured in your accommodation

Stay alert when taking money out of ATMs

Stay away from, and do not engage in, drunken behavior

Don’t carry large sums of cash

You are able to pay by card in most places, so carrying large sums of cash is unnecessary. Carry smaller amounts for emergencies only or those rare places that only accept cash.

Be safe, not paranoid.

Prague’s crime rates are very low and the Czech capital is currently considered one of the safest cities in the world. There is no real reason to worry, but following these recommendations is always a great practice, no matter where you are traveling to!

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