Top 8 bars in Prague you have to try

Bars in Prague, Czechia

Bars in Prague

Are you worried about going out at night because you’re unsure about the safety of the Czech Republic capital? Not only is Prague safe, but it’s famous for its fantastic nightlife, so if you don’t explore a few bars while you’re there, that would be extremely rude. In this article we will provide you with a list of the best 8 bars in Prague.

In Prague, you will discover that beer is more affordable than even mineral water, and all visitors and locals unquestionably appreciate it. You can go for months here without the nightlife tiring you.

Prague has a variety of sports bars to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect spot to watch your favorite teams and enjoy a fun night out.

Prague has numerous traditional pubs, and if you want a more western drink, you will get it. Thanks to the constant increase in the number of tourists flocking this city throughout the years, Prague is now a cosmopolitan city offering services to a steady stream of cosmopolitans. There are plenty of good bars, well-stocked ready to be sampled.

The nightlife in Prague

Nightlife in Prague
Nightlife in Prague

From clubs and bars to leisurely river cruises, Prague’s nightlife is one of the most active and exciting in Europe.

Around 6 p.m. is the usual time for going out, and when it’s a warm season, people go to local beer terraces and gardens, and when it’s a cold season to covered pubs. As the night goes on, they head to the pubs that typically come alive from 10 p.m. to midnight. After around 10 p.mIt’s time to head to nightclubs that stay open till 5 a.m.

How much does it cost to go out to a bar in Prague

Europe’s cheapest city for alcohol is Prague, with beer going for an average of only £1.26. Although the most affordable of all time, Prague was nevertheless considered the most expensive place in Europe to purchase a champagne bottle, with an average bottle going for £55.

If you’re searching for something extremely affordable, go for bars that charge pints at 20 czk and also avoid the touristy bars. Also, monasteries are making and serving beer.

8 best rated bars in Prague

Here are our picks for the 8 best rated bars in Prague and if you don’t feel confident enough to go out alone, you can always consider Prague bar tour:

Bar No 7

This little centrally located bar is cool and cozy yet off the ever-busy tourist trail. They serve you delicious beer, and also, you will have a great selection of spirits, plus local must-haves; Slivovice, Tatratea, Becherovka, and Absinthe.

Google Reviews: 4.6


This versatile café, restaurant and night bar has something special for everyone: great tea and coffee, microbrews and well-prepared cocktails. Also, there is an open scullery serving daily soup and the main lunch. The menu is full of vegan options.

Google Reviews: 4.5

Bio Biko

This is a cinema located in the capital of the Czech Republic’s Holešovice district. Josef Šolc and Jaroslav Stockar-Bernkopf built part of a complex of seven buildings between Heřmanová streets and Milada Horáková in the district from 1937 to 1940.

The movie theater is famous for its seats; in addition to the standard seats, people who visit Bio Oko are allowed to sit on deckchairs, sofas, or poufs

Google Reviews: 4.6

Pivovar Narodni

Pivovar Narodni Prague
Pivovar Narodni in Prague

This big Restaurant has its own brasserie, mostly pilsner and dark ale., a colossal garden, and local cuisine close to the National Theater. The food is quite good, and their weekly specials are of good value.

Google Reviews: 4.2

Klub Újezd

This club is Prague’s part of an inseparable culture and nightlife. Currently, it has three floors: In the basement, you will find Pivnice Újezd, on the ground floor is a bar, and on the upper floor there is a cafe. the club has an authentic and unmistakable atmosphere with a uniquely built space

Google Reviews: 4.5

James Joyce Irish Pub

This traditional Irish pub is only a five-minute walk from Prague’s Old Town Square. They take beer seriously here and proudly serve some of the best Guinness in Prague and international beers and Czech lagers like Gambrinus and Pilsner Urquell.

There’s also cider, wine by the glass, and one of the largest selections of Irish whiskey in town.

Google Reviews: 4.6

Chapeau Rouge

Musical productions mostly take place on all three floors simultaneously, and it is not rare to hear funk in the bar, contemporary house on the lower floor, and indie rock 7 way underground.

Shows usually end in the wee morning hours.

Google Reviews: 4.1

U Sudu

This wine bar stands out from the numerous Prague and is an excellent place for locals and foreigners. The underground space in this wine bar is referred to as “hell” and has four interconnected basements.

Since this is a wine bar, high-quality barrel wines and vintage wines are offered. Also, all the bars have draught pilsner. In the summer season, the outdoor brewery is open in the historic courtyard of the inner house’s courtyard.

Google Reviews:4.2

Now that you’ve gone through our best 8 bars in Prague list, you can now agree that the capital of the Czech Republic is an ancient, traditional and beautiful city with great food, drinks and affordable accomodation. Even more from the top and one of the best ways to blend the enchanting city sceneries with great snacks and drinks is to go to a bar in Prague.

Don’t forget to stop by the Absinthe Prague Museum for an authentic taste of the Czech Republic’s famous spirit, and while you’re at it, explore the hidden gems of Prague’s vibrant lesbian bar scene with our curated list.

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