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Amusement Park

Looking for an amusement Park near Prague to visit with your family especially with your kids on a visit to Prague? The amusement park is located at the Prague Fairground, also known as Lunapark Praga, stands out among others. It is one of the most popular attractions in Prague for young and old alike. It’s an annual temporary mobile adventure park that hosts attractions like rollercoasters, a shooting range, and an observation wheel. 

Let’s take a quick look at what you can find and do when you visit Lunapark Praha.

A Short History of the Amusement Park at Prague Fairground 

Lunapark Praha can be found within the Výstaviště exhibition ground. Having been around since 1914, it’s still a popular venue for fairs, such as the St. Matthew’s Fair and the Wenceslas Autumn Fair, during spring and autumn. 

Prague Lunapark Attractions 

Prague Lunapark
Prague Lunapark

The Prague Lunapark hosts more than 135 attractions. It has two pavilions where you can find attractions, including an inflatable playground, a water roller, and a bowling alley. It also houses the following:

House of Mirrors

Also known as the Palace of Laughter, the Lunapark Praga’s House of Mirrors has 10 crooked mirrors that you can explore. It’s great for enjoying a few laughs.

Indoor Playground

The indoor playground at Prague Fairground houses a swimming pool that’s filled with thousands of colorful balls. This is an ideal spot for kids aged 3 to 13.


The Autodrom at the at Prague Fairground has 14 electric cars that you can drive around an area measuring 230 m2. It’s a great attraction that the whole family can enjoy.

Jungle Mania

As its name suggests, Jungle Mania at Lunapark Praga is a colorful, inflatable slide that adopts a jungle theme. It measures 7 meters high.

Wilde Maus

The Wilde Maus is a 12-meter-high rollercoaster that’s geared toward thrill-seekers. 

Kings Circus

If you want to experience more variety during your visit, you can check out Kings Circus, located at the Prague Fairground, a circus-themed attraction that features a slide.

Break Dance

Break Dance is a colorful carousel that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Avengers Thor

Want to take your carousel-riding experience to the extreme? Then try the Avengers Thor attraction. This extreme carousel at Lunapark Praga is recommended for teenagers (over 140 cm) and adults.

XXL Trampoline

The XXL Trampoline is a trampoline with a harness, letting you jump to a height of up to 4 meters.

Cirkus Afro

Cirkus Afro is a fairytale-themed ride for kids and adults.

Children’s Carousels 

The Karuzela Zabawkowa, at Lunapark Praha, also known as the Toy Carousel, is a fun ride for kids. Another carousel for the little ones is the Chain Carousel.

Latające łabędzie

The Flying Swans at Lunapark Praga is a carousel that both children and adults can ride. The swans can “fly” to a height of 4 meters.

What You Can Do at Lunapark, the amusement park in Prague, Czech Republic 

Lunapark Praga’s regular schedule is from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Monday to Friday and from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Ticket prices range from 30 CZK to 50 CZK. 

Aside from enjoying the attractions we’ve listed above, here are several other things you can do at Lunapark.

Visit the Horror House

Also known as the Dark Castle, this horror house at Lunapark Praga is a go-to for people who like to feel scared while having fun at the same time. 

Enjoy the Treats 

What’s an amusement park without its fair share of treats? Within Lunapark Praga, you’ll find stalls that sell different kinds of sweets and goodies that are perfect for a quick snack break in between attractions.

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