Vystaviste – Prague Exhibition Grounds

Vystaviste – Prague

Vystaviste – Prague

At the heart of Prague Holešovice lies the Výstaviště Praha, also known as the Prague Exhibition Grounds. It’s a popular venue for hosting many Czech and international events, such as funfairs, trade fairs, and concerts. Every year, it houses over 50 exhibition projects, trade fairs, and an array of cultural and entertainment events. 

Výstaviště Praha undeniably plays a huge role in the advancement of culture and entertainment in Prague. Planning to visit the city soon? Here’s why you should visit Výstaviště on your next trip to Prague.

A Short History of Výstaviště, Prague

Vystaviste Prague
Vystaviste Prague

Built in 1891 for the Jubilee Exhibition, Výstaviště Prague has since become an important cultural and entertainment landmark for the locals, as well as tourists who visit Prague. Aside from the Jubilee Exhibition, which opened in May 1891, the industrial palace and Prague exhibition grounds
was also the venue for other major exhibitions, such as:

  • The Slavic Ethnographic Exhibition (1895)
  • The Exhibition of Architecture and Engineering (1898)
  • Battle of Lipany (1898)
  • Commerce and Trade Exhibition (1908)
  • Prague Trade Fair (1918)

What Are the Events Being Held at Výstaviště, Prague?

The 36-hectare area hosts a variety of events throughout the year. One of the most popular events at Výstaviště is the Matthew Fair, which takes place in spring. Other cultural, social, and entertainment events being held at Výstaviště include the Metronome Music Festival, Signal Festival, Prague Harley Days, and the Prague Ice Cream Festival. 

What You Can Find at Výstaviště

Výstaviště is an expansive, multifunctional space that has a lot in store for locals and tourists alike. Here are some of the go-to spots when visiting Výstaviště.

For Children

Stromovka is perfect place for spending time with children or with pets
Stromovka is perfect place for spending time with children or with pets

Výstaviště Prague’s large outdoor area makes it easy for children to play to their heart’s content. Here, families can have a picnic and enjoy the fresh air. Other things children will love at Výstaviště include:

  • Expansive playground 

The large playground at Výstaviště Prague provides tons of adventures for the little ones. It has large wooden towers, manholes, bridges, obstacles, and a 10-meter water slide. For younger children, there’s an area with a safer slide, a small sandpit, and an informative animal board. 

You can also find the Artyčok Bistro nearby, which is handy if you forget to pack your snacks. Public toilets are also close by. 

  • Rope playground

Aside from the previously mentioned playground, this Prague exhibition ground also houses a rope playground with a total of 11 rope obstacles. The rope playground offers two difficulty levels, allowing both pros and beginners to enjoy the obstacle course. Attractions include a climbing and crawling platform and a balance rail.

  • Bike park

Teach little ones how to ride a bike in Výstaviště’s bike park. It’s a safe venue for learning, given that cars don’t pass through the area. It features a winding 1,100-meter-long track that offers exciting challenges for beginners and more advanced cyclists.

  • Indoor swimming pool

You can also find an indoor pool within the Prague Exhibition Grounds. It houses a 25-meter pool that has six swimming lanes. Fees apply for 60-minute and 90-minute swimming sessions. 

  • Suburban camps

Every year, you can find a variety of thematic suburban camps for children at the Exhibition Grounds. These include sports camps, art camps, and astronomical camps. Check the schedules and corresponding camp fees here. 

The Industrial Palace And Prague Exhibition Grounds

The Industrial Palace is an Art Nouveau-style building that was built in 1891 for the Jubilee Exhibition. It was designed by Czech architect Bedřich Münzberger and is considered a symbol of modern Prague. It boasts a 51-meter-high clock tower that’s flanked by two smaller towers. 

The Pyramid Theater 

Aside from being used for exhibitions, the Pyramid Theater is also a popular venue for theater performances.

Krizik’s Light Fountain

Four Krizik’s pavilions enclose Krizik’s Light Fountain, which is a monument that showcases waterworks accompanied by music and light effects.


The Lunapark is one of the most well-known amusement parks in Prague and houses a variety of attractions, such as rollercoasters, carousels, and trampolines. 

HC Sparta

Výstaviště Praha also houses the Tipsport Arena, which is the home hall of HC Sparta.

What to Expect When Visiting Výstaviště Prague

Výstaviště Prague is an expansive area with a lot of amenities that fulfil every visitor’s needs. From fitness and workout facilities to rentable barbecue grills, Výstaviště Prague has everything for everyone, so you can expect to see a lot of people doing a variety of activities. 

Other amenities you can find at Výstaviště include:

  • Badminton and tennis tables
  • A boulder wall 
  • A parkour playground
  • An ice rink
  • Bistros and restaurants 
  • A picnic barbecue area 

How to Get To Výstaviště Prague

Výstaviště Prague is easily accessible for visitors who opt to go there by public transport. If you choose to go there by car, it also has several parking facilities. Parking in Výstaviště Prague car park is free for the first 45 minutes for all vehicles, after which a corresponding fee will be charged depending on the size and type of vehicle. 

To get there using public transportations, you can take a number of tram lines (nos. 5, 12, 14, 15, and 17) that stop at Výstaviště Holešovice. 

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