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Praha airport

How to get to hotel from Prague airport

Prague acts as a hub for Czech Airlines, being the country’s capital. The Václav Havel airport, located in Ruzyně and was founded in 1937, is Prague’s principal airport. This airport receives all foreign flights. The airport is roughly 11 miles northwest of Prague’s city centre. Because of its accessible location, some of the best ways to get from the Prague airport to your hotel are with taxis and public transit readily available at the airport. A cab trip from the airport to the city centre should take roughly half an hour, whereas public transportation will take an hour or more.

What are the transport options in Prague?


Taxi in Prague

Taxi airport in Prague
Taxi Airport in Prague

In general, cabs in Prague are pretty inexpensive compared to other major European cities. Getting a taxi is one of the best ways to get from the Prague airport to your hotel.  Most local drivers speak English at least rudimentarily. As a result, a cab is a quickest and most convenient alternative to getting about Prague from the airport. Taking a taxi from the Prague airport to the city centre isn’t cheap. However, a taximeter will calculate your fare depending on the distance travelled. The majority of airport cabs accept international credit or debit cards.

Prague Airport Transportation: Private Pickup at Václav Havel

Leave the hassle of figuring out your way around the city behind you. When you reserve a private transfer from the Airport in Prague, you can relax on the 30-minute drive into the capital in an air-conditioned vehicle with a free map and travel guide.

Find your driver in the Arrivals Hall. No need to stress over delayed flights; your driver will be there to greet you at the terminal. Someone will bring your bags to the vehicle and give you a personalized orange placard. So unwind and enjoy the ride; you will arrive at the hotel before you know it.

  • Relax on your way from Prague’s Václav Havel Airport into the city’s historic centre with a chauffeur-driven private transfer.
  • Avoid dealing with the stress of public transportation or waiting in long taxi lines with a seasoned English-speaking driver.
  • Get a free map and a travel guide for your vacation to begin exploring your new home immediately.
  • Easily spot your driver waiting in the Arrivals Hall with an orange placard bearing your name.
  • The price starts at €38.95 for a group of 2 or more.
  • Cancellation is free
  • Make a reservation and pay for it later.
What is Included
  • The ride takes 30 minutes
  • Transport by car, one way
  • Car service with an English-speaking driver
  • Maps
  • Travel guide

Mobility as a service provider

Prague has a diverse range of transportation options. It is known for having one of the best public transportation systems in Europe. Funiculars, metro, buses, and trams are the main modes of transportation. All of this is accessible through a Mobility as a Service app. For expats and newcomers, this is a convenient mode of transportation. Simply enter your target destination and pick your preferred method of transportation. You should be able to move about Prague faster and easier now that you don’t waste time parking or traffic. In Prague, there are several mobilities as service companies. On the other hand, Bolt and Uber are the most popular options for foreigners.


The Vltava River runs through Prague. As a result, it should not surprise that water transportation is a component of Prague’s urban transportation system. Ferries are a fun method for visitors to see the capital from a fresh viewpoint while using Vltava’s banks. On the Vltava River in Prague and its surroundings, many shipping companies operate both passenger and water transport. They might be used for parties, cruises, conferences, and even weddings and engagements. A ticket may be purchased at the usual places, such as ticket vending machines at metro stations, newsstands, or directly from a ferryman.

Boats Vltava River runs in Prague
Boats Vltava River runs in Prague

Public Transportation

Prague’s public transportation is both inexpensive and efficient. Of course, you should get to know the city a bit better before attempting to use them; otherwise, you may find it stressful. In Prague, public transportation comprises the metro, buses, and trams. Despite the fantastic range of options, the metro is the backbone of Prague’s public transit. The metro is a popular mode of transportation, particularly among locals. However, because there is no metro station at Prague’s airport, you will have to take the bus to a metro station before using the metro.

Travel Officially Around Prague with Your City Pass

You can explore the city of Prague with the help of the Prague Visitor Pass and its innovative hour-based activation system rather than the more conventional daily system. 

You can choose a time frame of 48, 72, or 120 hours.

  • Take advantage of free, limitless rides on Prague’s public transportation, including to and from the airport. 
  • Totally no fees if you need to cancel
  • Book now, and pay for it later
  • Pricing starts at €75/individual.
  • Enjoy free entry or reduced prices at more than 60 attractions. 
  • See fascinating art exhibits and learn about the past at historic sites without spending too much time or money and with minimum fuss. 
  • Enjoy a cruise down the Vltava River and a walking tour of Prague.
  • Get into each attraction for free with your activated pass. 
  • Take in all the charm, history, and beauty that Prague has to offer.
What is Included
  • A selection of over 60 unique activities in the Czech capital
  • Subway, bus, and other public transport
  • A Shuttle Round-trip  to the Airport
  • Prices reduced for visits to tourist destinations
  • Online guide
  • City’s map
  • Tours on riverboats
  • Two to five days in duration

The best ways to get from the airport to your hotel in Prague

As we said earlier, Prague has a lot to boast about regarding transportation. It provides you with many fast and convenient transportation options that it’s tough to choose the best. Hence, it all comes down to personal preference and what works best for you. So what exactly are your options? First, the taxi is quite handy in general. It can be ordered via websites, apps, or a customer service line. However, Prague taxis are notorious for being shady and charging exorbitant fees, so it’s far preferable to use a mobility service provider. Pickups by private vehicles are also a viable alternative. All of the drivers are hand-picked Czech locals who speak good English and have a deep knowledge of Prague, so you can begin learning about the city straight away. You may also take an airport shuttle to your hotel or apartment, which would transport you directly there. There are numerous solid choices to pick from, as we said.

Unfortunately, many tourists do not have a pleasant experience when they step off the plane. Reasons being, they fell into the hands of scammers and thieves posing as taxi drivers, etc. So our advice is to take taxis affiliated with trusted companies.

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