The Best Cities to Spend Christmas in 2023


In most cities, Christmas is more than a holiday; it’s an event that draws everyone together beneath one gorgeously decorated tree. Some people choose to spend the holiday with family and friends at home, while others enjoy traveling to far-flung locations. 

Regardless of their background or where they live, everyone gets into the holiday spirit and joins in the celebrations. There’s not much time left until Christmas, but maybe you’ve already started planning your unique traditions to honor the season.

If you’re unsure which city to spend Christmas in this year, we would like to highly recommend Prague, one of the most idyllic locations in the world. Prague is lovely during the Christmas season. We’ve thoroughly researched and can confidently suggest more alternative cities to spend Christmas in 2023 based on what we know you value most. Find the best cities in the world to celebrate Christmas in 2023 in the most spectacular way.

Best cities to spend Christmas and why you should visit them

Here are six reasons why you should plan a Christmas vacation ahead of time.

Reduced  rates

When you travel in the winter, you may see more of the world for less money. Because travel businesses are desperate for customers in the off-season, discounts may be found all over the place. It’s best to begin your hunt for deals in the months of September and October, when businesses typically announce their most attractive offers of the year.

Fewer individuals

During the off-season, you may find yourself nearly alone at a popular attraction like a beach or museum. Winter travel is ideal for anyone looking to unwind and get away from it all, and the reduced crowds that come with it are just one of the many perks.

Christmas markets

Without a doubt, Europe’s Christmas markets are the most well-known in the world. Spending several days and nights shopping for one-of-a-kind presents for friends and family would be easy.

Learn from other cultures

It’s easier to take time and explore the city’s cultural landmarks during winter. The lack of sunshine and the resulting chill make spending the day inside at a museum or gallery more enticing.

Top 5 Cities to spend Christmas in 2023

Do you want to experience a classic Christmas by seeing Santa Claus or shopping at an old-fashioned market, or would you rather bask in the sunny weather on the beaches or the islands of the Caribbean? If you’re looking for some holiday inspiration, here are a few suggestions.

1. Christmas in Berlin, Germany

Berlin Christmas market
Berlin Christmas market

Germany goes all out for the holiday season, with mulled wine and twinkling lights at the country’s renowned Christmas markets. Berlin is a great place to experience both the holiday spirit and a pulsating nightlife scene. This beautiful modern city features a massive amusement park, and a Christmas performance at Alexanderplatz will have you in the holiday spirit in no time.

 Historians who wish to celebrate Christmas in the opulent old castle of Colditz, which was anything but Christmassy during the war period, may want to travel further away. A lot of snow is possible because December temperatures often drop into the single digits, with an average of -1 degrees Celsius.

However, the city’s party scene rarely winds down for the Christmas season and, in many cases, picks up steam.

2. Christmas in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague in December
Prague in December

While Prague’s enchantment is always present, it truly shines during the Christmas season. Different customs? Dishes that make you want to eat them again and again? Winter wonderland because of Prague’s weather in December

Everyone who has been to the Czech Republic in December can agree that Prague is one of the world’s most stunning cities during Christmas, with many fun activities. Take a stroll down Nerudova Street at Mala Strana to take in Prague’s Baroque and Gothic buildings. 

Go to the City Opera or the popular National Theater and take in a ballet performance. You shouldn’t miss the festive markets at Old Town and Wenceslas Squares, ideal day getaways, cherished customs, festive cuisine, Unique and breathtaking views, or seasonal shows either. 

Here, Christmas is nothing but a good time.

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai holidays
Dubai holidays

With its water slides, indoor ski slope, and massive trampoline park, Bounces, this Middle Eastern amusement park is sure to bring out the inner child in visitors of all ages. While Christmas isn’t celebrated officially in Dubai, the city’s residents still take advantage of the holiday season by decking out their hotels and shopping centers in lights and gigantic trees. 

When you factor in the pleasant climate, the abundance of beaches, and the availability of enjoyable activities for people of all ages, you may find that the idea is not so far-fetched after all.

4. Christmas in New York, USA

New York in Christmas

This town has become synonymous with the holiday season thanks to its many movie appearances. The famed Rockefeller tree, the window decorations at Macy’s, and the Plaza Hotel steps shouldn’t be missed. Temperatures can drop to a brisk -10 degrees Celsius, so snow is conceivable but not as likely as in perpetually snowy movies. 

During the holiday season, New York City stores put on huge window displays, giving away free art to the public in the process. See the glitz and glamour of Bergdorf Goodman along Fifth Avenue, then walk past Tiffany & Co. and into Saks. Follow that up with a trip to Rockefeller Center, where you can warm up with some mulled wine and gawk at the tree. 

Popular Bryant Park becomes a Winter Village during the holiday season, with shops selling unique, reasonably priced items like scarves and soaps. The rink is also open for free use.

5. Christmas in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland

There’s more to wintry Edinburgh than just gingerbread-scented marketplaces and rowdy Hogmanay celebrations. Under cloudy skies, you can still enjoy the city’s world-class museums and eateries, and the brisk winds off the North Sea provide the perfect occasion to seek shelter in one of the many cozy pubs and bars.

Go on in early December, when the Holidays are operational, but the town is still quiet, and you can get some great deals. Experience the city from a new perspective on the panoramic wheel high above Princes Street, party it up in the bars on George Street, and wander the Scottish National Gallery to think about the season. The Royal Botanic Garden is lit up for the holidays, so bring some spiced cider and visit after dark to take it all in.

Visit Prague this Christmas season!

Without any doubt, Prague is a fantastic city to spend Christmas. Prague also has some of the best shopping malls and Christmas markets, with historic squares covered with lights and trees dripping with decorations and wooden stalls selling regional specialties. They can be found in the Old Town and Wenceslas Square, which are known for their Gothic architecture. 

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