What is the weather like in December in Prague ?

weather December in Prague

Weather in December in Prague

If your holiday spirits are so high that not even the freezing weather can dampen them, then you must visit Prague in December. Despite the cold weather in Prague in December, the city’s captivating sceneries will keep you warm. In this article, we will give you tips on how you can make your holiday worthwhile under the snowflakes despite the Prague weather in December.

After summer, December is among the busiest and great times to tour the Czech capital, as snowfall in this beautiful city is a highly spectacular event.

Every year, tourists from across the globe come to Prague t for the popular Christmas markets and parties.

Weather in Prague in Winter

Prague in Winter
Prague in Winter

As you get ready to visit Prague in December, be prepared to pack your bags.

Average rainfall in winter is lower than 25 mm, either light rain or snow. Prague’s December temperatures can be pretty chilly, and you’ll be happy to wear gloves, a warm scarf, and a hat. It helps to dress in layers. Ensure your feet are always warm in solid winter boots with a water-resistant sole.

Avoid high heels by all means, especially if you will walk a lot in Prague.

Daytime in December is relatively short, and darkness sets in around 4:30 p.m.

How cold is Prague in December? 

The average maximum is 2°C/36°F, and the average minimum is 2°C/28°F, comparable to the temperatures of the interior south of Detroit, Canada, or Chicago in the United States and Zurich in Swiss.

Prague’s winter season is frigid, with temperatures usually reaching the freezing point. The possibility of experiencing snow is pretty high, which is perfect if having a white Christmas is something you’ve always desired.

The probability of snow goes up by 42% as December progresses, meaning there are about 11 days of snow as the month ends. The hours of sunshine are at least four, while the daylight hours are eight throughout December. Rainfall decreases to 20mm in 12 days, and the average humidity is 81%.

What to do in Prague during this magical month?

Although there is no better time to tour Prague, one could say that a December trip organized around Christmas, with the chances of a splash of snow is perhaps the most magical season to visit. Don’t miss out the 8 things to do in Prague in December!

Visit the Christmas market

Across the capital of the Czech Republic, you can enjoy the festive Christmas markets, which take place throughout December to the beginning of January, serving seasonal favorites like mulled wine and Prague ham. Of course, the jewel up for grabs is a giant Christmas tree positioned in Old Town Square.

Christmas market Prague
Christmas market Prague

Relax in tea room/coffee house

Prague’s most popular cafés were writers’, artists’, and intellectuals’ favorite places, and by the start of the 20th century, they encouraged a culture that propelled their name into the global sphere. Everyone has their vibe. These ancient premises have appetizing desserts, decadent decorations, and lengthy drink menus. Prague’s present-day cafes offer great coffee, fantastic views, and takeaway convenience.

Try Ice Rink

One of the activities you will enjoy in Prague in winter is ice skating. Ice hockey is probably one of the Czechs’ favorites, so ice skating is also quite popular with locals. It’s great fun, and nothing compares to ice skating in the evenings among Prague’s historic buildings.

Book a guided tour

Although once known primarily as a party city frequented by bachelor and student parties, Prague has become a vibrant destination for all types of travelers and tourists.

This ancient city has art galleries, a National museum and other museums, and extraordinary architecture, and subcultures thrive in Prague and create a diverse atmosphere.

To discover all the facets of this dynamic city, it may be a great idea to book a guided tour .

The month of December rarely snows, but Prague weather in December is below zero for most of the winter season. Although it may seem unattractive to some, the fact is that touring Prague in December has numerous advantages, as discussed above. 

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