Buying the Best Souvenirs in Prague: Spots and Prices to Know

Best Souvenirs in Prague

Souvenir hunters will find the best souvenirs in Prague, because the city offers a broad choice of souvenirs that reflect its rich legacy. In this piece, we will show you where to find the best souvenirs in Prague and what to look for in terms of price so that your mementos capture the magic of this magical place.

Visitors can’t help but want to take home a souvenir of Prague’s enchantment as they stroll the cobblestone streets and gawk at the buildings that date back centuries. 

But whether you’re checking handcrafted goods in vintage shops in Prague, negotiating in Old Town Square, or splurging on luxury on Pařížská Street, every location in Prague presents a distinct aspect of the lively souvenir scene. While you set out on your quest to collect best souvenirs to buy in Prague, keep in mind that what really matters are the tales they hold and the memories they bring back, not the things themselves. 

Prague’s Treasure Trove: Your Ultimate Destination for the Best Souvenirs to Buy


We reveal Prague’s greatest souvenir shops in this guide to ensure your mementos capture the city’s timeless charm.

Old Town Square: Prague’s Souvenir Hub

The Old Town Square bazaar is the best place to buy souvenirs in prague. Walk among vendors selling Czech crafts, jewelry, and elaborate puppets. Here, tradition meets marketplace flare, allowing you to interact with local craftspeople and experience Prague’s dynamic energy. Bargaining is an art, so ask for the best bargains.

Charles Bridge: Handcrafted Elegance on a Lovely Setting

Artisanal elegance and magnificent views await you across the Charles Bridge. Artisans sell paintings, sculptures, and jewelry on the bridge. Although more expensive, these mementos are made by talented craftsmen and are worth the money. Visiting Charles Bridge makes souvenir purchasing a beautiful experience.

Havelská Market: Authentic Pieces at Prague’s Oldest Market

The 13th-century Havelská Market in Prague is a charming spot for original and reasonable gifts. Appreciate wooden toys, embroidered fabrics, and Czech handicrafts. The market’s cobblestone alleys and lively vendors evoke Prague’s history. Each item here has a story, making shopping a unique experience.

Wenceslas Square: Fashionable Boutiques and Keepsakes 

Tradition and modernity coexist at Wenceslas Square, a busy avenue with stores and cultural landmarks. Contemporary Czech clothes, crystal jewelry, and trendy accessories are available in square boutiques. Though expensive, sleek and modern souvenirs lend refinement to your buying trip.

Pařížská Street: Opulent Design for Luxury Souvenirs

In Prague’s shopping scene, Pařížská Street is the height of luxury. The dazzling street of international brands and Czech luxury retailers encourages you to buy excellent mementos. The city’s taste for luxury, from crystal glassware to designer couture, is evident here.

Tailor-Made Memories: What Are the Best Souvenirs to Buy in Prague?

What are the best souvenirs to buy in Prague? This guide shows you the best Prague souvenirs—customized memories that represent this magical city.

Traditional Czech marionettes: Artistic Expression

Prague’s puppetry is famous, and traditional Czech marionettes are its icons. These puppets are finely made and dressed in rich costumes, making them meaningful mementos. From fairy tale characters to historical figures, each marionette represents Prague’s cultural legacy.

Bohemian Crystal: A Shining Craftsmanship Legacy

Elegance and craftsmanship define Bohemian crystal. From elaborately carved glassware to sparkling crystal jewelry, Prague has several ways to bring home this brilliant legacy. Bohemian crystal gifts include exquisite vases, glittering earrings, and timeless decanters that showcase Prague’s artistic talent.

Traditional Czech Garnet Jewelry: Red Treasures

For generations, Prague jewelry has included rich red garnets. These red jewels make beautiful keepsakes, from earrings to necklaces to rings. Czech garnet jewelry is more than just an accessory—it’s a statement of lasting beauty due to its craftsmanship and cultural significance.

Hand-painted Easter Eggs: Miniature Art

Prague’s hand-painted Easter eggs make a wonderful souvenir. These little pieces of art represent the city’s culture with detailed designs and brilliant colors. Prague’s artistic flair is captured in hand-painted Easter eggs, which can be displayed or gifted.

Czech wooden toys: All-Ages Whimsical Nostalgia

Prague’s wooden toys show its dedication to traditional workmanship. These hand-carved gems stir nostalgia with funny puppets and difficult riddles. Czech wooden toys are timeless souvenirs for kids and adults.

Becherovka Liqueur: Czech Tradition

Indulge in Czech culture with Becherovka liquor. Praguens have enjoyed this herbal liquor with a special spice blend for years. A wonderfully made Becherovka bottle is a tasty and culturally significant keepsake.

Prague’s Handcrafted Chocolate: Sweet Treats

Prague’s exquisite chocolates satisfy your sweet taste. These sweet delights showcase the city’s culinary brilliance, from exquisite truffles to local-flavored chocolate bars. Artisanal chocolates in beautiful boxes are tasty souvenirs.

Unique Treasures Await: the Ultimate Best Place to Buy souvenirs in Prague

You will find some of the world’s most famous souvenir shops and unique flea markets in Prague. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite spots with the best souvenirs in Prague:


Address: Different locations in Prague, including Old Town and Malá Strana.

Old Town Square Market

Address: Old Town Square.

Charles Bridge Artisan Stalls

Address: Charles Bridge.

Havelská Market

Address: Havelská Street, Old Town.

Wenceslas Square Boutiques

Address: Wenceslas Square.

Pařížská Street Luxury Boutiques

Address: Pařížská Street, Old Town.

Prague Christmas Markets

Address: Various locations during the Christmas season.

Moser Glass Shop

Address:Na Příkopě Street.

Dům U Černé Matky Boží – Czech Cubism Museum Shop

Address: Ovocný trh 19, Old Town.

PALLADIUM Shopping Mall

Address: Náměstí Republiky.

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