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The empty streets are now a thing of the past. Prague’s shopping culture has evolved with time, making the city a popular shopping destination globally. Follow our guidelines to the best spots to go shopping in Prague as you enjoy the city’s vibrant culture.

Shopping in the Czech Republic’s capital is every shopaholic’s treat, as the stores efficiently pamper their clients with various surprises, from trendy clothes and fabulous urban attires to organic foodstuffs and aesthetic vintage goods.

Prague has a lot to offer tourists. Stroll through the bustling streets, and it will be hard to miss different shops in the streets of Prague.

Moreover, Prague has farmers’ markets and antique stores with pocket-friendly vintages, unusual treasures, and quirky Bohemian glass and porcelain pieces.

The Best spots to do Shopping in Prague

In search of a unique souvenir or something new? Below are the best spots to shop in Prague

Fashion Arena

Are you more interested in your brands? Hop on the Fashion Arena, around 25 minutes away from town. Home to 200 international brands including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Adidas, this outlet mall offers more duty-free shopping space than Prague city center malls.

Free shuttle services depart daily from 11 am to 3 pm, and return at either 4 pm or 7 pm to Prague.

Deelive Designs and SmetanaQ Showroom

This structure next to the Vltava River banks houses galleries, studios, and the SmetanaQ Showroom, where buyers can meet up with the designers. Deelive’s glass accessories and housewares is next to a cafe named the SmetanaQ, well-known for having digital nomads and learners from the nearby Film and TV Academy


Pragtique’s outstanding prints on apparel are awesome. Rest assured that this small designer boutique is putting money into the pockets of native creatives every time you purchase their designs.

After going through our list of the best spots to go shopping in Prague, we are sure you will make a more informed decision. As you explore Prague, you might come across the ideal jewelry piece or one of your favorite attire, but a stroll among shops on a pretty street or a walk across the lively market will leave you with the best memories.

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