The best spots to go shopping in Prague

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Prague, one of the best cities for shopping

The empty streets are now a thing of the past. Prague’s shopping culture has evolved with time, making the city a popular shopping destination globally. Follow our guidelines to the best malls to go shopping in Prague as you enjoy the city’s vibrant culture.

Shopping in the Czech Republic’s capital is every shopaholic’s treat, as the stores efficiently pamper their clients with various surprises, from trendy clothes and fabulous urban attires to organic foodstuffs and aesthetic vintage goods.

Prague has a lot to offer tourists. Stroll through the bustling streets, and it will be hard to miss different shops in the streets of Prague.

Moreover, Prague has farmers’ markets and antique stores with pocket-friendly vintages, unusual treasures, and quirky Bohemian glass and porcelain pieces.

Explore the diverse shopping scene in Prague, from assessing the affordability of clothes, discovering high-end luxury stores, to browsing unique finds in the city’s charming vintage shops. In search of a unique souvenir or something new? Below are the best places to shop in Prague.

Designer & clothes shopping in Prague

Shopping in Prague is a delight not only because of the city’s numerous shopping centers, in which a wide variety of stores sell a wide variety of goods under one roof, but also due to the city’s countless specialized shops, like its numerous fashion boutiques, design stores, streetwear stores, and more.

In terms of high-end fashion, Prague can hold its own against cities like Paris, Milan, and London. Shops from all over the world may be found on Parizska Avenue, not far from Old Town Square. Shops with renowned Czech designers such as Klara Nademlynska, Hana Havelkova, and Jaraslova Prochazkova can be found down less traveled alleyways.

Many multinational chain stores and high-end boutiques stocked with cutting-edge clothing can be found dispersed across the Josefov neighborhood of Prague. Make sure to stop by the Fashion Arena Store to find name brand clothing at discounted prices.

Fashion Arena

Fashion Arena
©Fashion Arena

Are you more interested in your brands? Hop on the Fashion Arena, around 25 minutes away from town. Home to 200 international brands including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Adidas, this outlet mall offers more duty-free shopping space than Prague city center malls.

Free shuttle services depart daily from 11 am to 3 pm, and return at either 4 pm or 7 pm to Prague.

Deelive Designs and SmetanaQ Showroom

SmetanaQ Showroom
©SmetanaQ Showroom

This structure next to the Vltava River banks houses galleries, studios, and the SmetanaQ Showroom, where buyers can meet up with the designers. Deelive’s glass accessories and housewares is next to a cafe named the SmetanaQ, well-known for having digital nomads and learners from the nearby Film and TV Academy



Pragtique’s outstanding prints on apparel are awesome. Rest assured that this small designer boutique is putting money into the pockets of native creatives every time you purchase their designs.

Thus, in conclusion, there are actually quite a few designer shopping spots in Prague to choose from. 

Best coffee shops in Prague

Prague is a cultural and historical center that is frequently named among the world’s most beautiful cities. Few people are aware of the numerous coffee shops sprinkled throughout the Eastern European city that serve great espresso. Here are our top four picks.

Friends Coffee House

Friends Coffee House
©Friends Coffee House

Coffee and conversation are made for each other at FCH, as the names imply. The cafe, which can be found in the New Town district, is big and vibrant. It is equipped with a library and a small fountain, and its the inside is decorated with many images, candles, pots, and plants. Friends Coffee House provides delicious sandwiches and baked goods alongside locally roasted coffee.

Café Lounge

Café Lounge
©Café Lounge

This cafe near the Vltava River is famous for serving the finest coffee in the area, so coffee connoisseurs should definitely pay it a visit. It also provides a brief but appealing wine list for those who would like to enjoy a glass with their healthy meal. The cafe’s courtyard features a tranquil terrace garden, perfect for a relaxing brunch with loved ones.

Muj Salek Kavy

Muj Salek Kavy
©Muj Salek Kavy

This cafe is approximately 10 minutes from the city center via tram and is so popular that reservations are required on weekends. They have delicious breakfasts and brunches in addition to their great coffee, for that you can pick the beans yourself. One of the highlights is the English breakfast, which consists of a selection of hot dishes like bacon and eggs, sausage, and toast. This place is in a great spot, with outdoor seating available in the summer on a lovely street surrounded with trees.

EMA Espresso Bar

EMA Espresso Bar
©EMA Espresso Bar

Just one other café in all of Prague employs the same world-class espresso machine as the chic EMA Espresso Bar, which is decorated in a minimalistic Scandinavian manner. It serves a variety of sandwiches, an unique soup every day, and a wide variety of Czech kolachees, which are sweet treats made with yeast dough and available in a wide variety of flavors. It is renowned for its excellent coffee and has regular public tastings.

Cheap shopping in Prague

Prague’s retail pricing can be terrifying. In particular for some types of goods. Here are a few tips on how to save money while shopping, as well as the greatest cashback program I’ve found in Prague.

Prague shopping outlets

If you’re in the market shopping in Prague for new clothes or household items like appliances, cookware, or linens, outlet malls are a fantastic place to start. Many people prefer shopping at outlets, especially for name-brand clothing. Like  Fashion Arena is a well-liked shopping destination in Prague. There are almost two hundred shops to choose from. Actually, the prices here are lower than those at the majority of stores.

Out-of-town shopping centers 

Thees are another viable alternative. Galerie Harfa is a great example. Since many people are unaware that it exists, it is not a particularly busy shopping center. Since this is the case, it’s not uncommon for establishments in the area to offer large discounts on their merchandise.

Secondhand Shops

If you’re still in the market for new clothes, secondhand shops are another viable choice. Those shops stock an abundance of high-quality apparel. One of the larger Prague thrift stores is Bellitex fashion, and it’s right in the middle of town on Stepanska street. A new selection of products is made available each week.

Shop in Prague!

You’ve probably heard of Palladium shops in Prague. However, other shopping centers or streets where you can find many shops at once are worth checking as well.

After going through our list of the best shopping in Prague, we are sure you will make a more informed decision. As you explore Prague, you might come across the ideal jewelry piece or one of your favorite attire, but a stroll among shops on a pretty street or a walk across the lively market will leave you with the best memories.

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