Discover Easter Brunch in Prague: A Culinary Journey

Easter Brunch in Prague

Easter brunch in Prague is more than a meal; it’s a cultural event that combines tradition, creativity, and the bright flavors of Czech cuisine. As the city blossoms with the approach of spring, locals and visitors throng to eateries, cafes, and hotels to participate in this celebratory gastronomic custom. From traditional Czech delicacies to foreign pleasures, Prague’s Easter brunch provides a variety of flavors and culinary delights that commemorate the season’s spirit.

Traditional Czech cuisine is a highlight of Easter brunch in Prague. These dishes honor centuries-old culinary traditions and represent Czech cuisine.

Easter breakfast in Prague combines international flavors with traditional food. Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and French toast with caramelized bananas are among the international meals served.

Beyond the cuisine, Prague Easter brunch is a social event where family and close friends celebrate elegantly. Exquisite and festive eateries and hotels in the city make delicious Czech Easter food options for your brunch. 

Top Picks for Easter Brunch in Prague: Where to Go

Easter is approaching, so start thinking about where to have a nice Prague breakfast. This dynamic city has several options for traditional Czech food and trendy cuisine for your Easter brunch in Prague. They include:

Augustine Restaurant

In the heart of Prague’s Lesser Town, Augustine Restaurant provides a classy Easter brunch experience in a historical setting.

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Café Savoy

Housed in a magnificently renovated Art Nouveau structure, Café Savoy is known for its classic European elegance and excellent cuisine. 

La Rotonde

Located in the renowned Hotel President, La Rotonde is a trendy brasserie recognized for its innovative takes on classic dishes. 

Café Imperial

Located in a gorgeous Art Deco edifice, Café Imperial is known for its lavish décor and delicious cuisine. 

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Grand Café Orient

Located in the historic House of the Black Madonna, Grand Café Orient is a true architectural marvel and a favorite destination for coffee lovers. 

Exploring the 5 Best Easter Brunch Menus in Prague

The best Easter brunches in Prague combine traditional Czech flavors with international inspirations. Here are five top choices for your brunch in Prague.

Feast of roasted lamb at U Modré Kachničky

U Modré Kachničky is known for its roasted duck but also serves roasted lamb at Easter. Enjoy delicious lamb with seasonal veggies, potatoes, and rich gravy for Easter dinner.

Easter buffet at restaurant Augustine

Augustine restaurant serves a lavish Easter brunch with exquisite foods. This beautiful buffet has sliced meats, fresh fish, vegetables, cheeses, and sumptuous desserts.

La Bottega Bistroteka Mediterranean brunch

La Bottega Bistroteka serves Mediterranean food in a sophisticated setting. Easter breakfast features Mediterranean-inspired avocado toast, smoked salmon bagels, and shakshuka with artisanal bread and pastries.

Easter vegan brunch at Etnosvět

Prague-based vegan-friendly eatery Etnosvět offers a special Easter brunch menu with plant-based spins on traditional meals. Tofu scramble, chickpea omelets, vegan pancakes with fruit compote, and raw desserts provide healthful Easter meals.

Traditional Czech Easter breakfast at Café Savoy

Prague’s Café Savoy is famous for its Art Nouveau decor and sweets. The Czech Easter brunch at Café Savoy includes mazanec (sweet Easter bread), kielbasa, eggs, homemade spreads, and freshly baked bread and pastries.

A Guide to Booking Your Easter Brunch in Prague

Having Easter brunch in Prague is a fun way to celebrate the holiday and eat wonderful food. A guide to the booking process:

Step 1: Search Prague restaurants for Easter brunch menus. Take into account location, menu variety, and customer evaluations.

Step 2: After finding restaurants, check Easter brunch availability. Contact them personally or visit their websites to check booking availability for your selected date and time.

Step 3: Review restaurant Easter brunch menus.

Step 4: Make a reservation after choosing a restaurant and reviewing its menu.

Step 5: After booking, confirm with the restaurant. To ensure accuracy, verify the date, time, and guests.

Step 6: Be punctual for your Easter brunch reservation.

Step 7: Relax and enjoy Easter brunch in Prague once seated.

Following the steps above, you can book your Prague Easter brunch and enjoy a festive meal with seasonal enthusiasm.

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